House Vendors



  • There isn't too much accomplishment from entering a House estate unless it's Mhaldor, in which case you're getting someone executed.

    (bet you can't get into Congregation Spire AGAIN)
  • :D

    I haven't been back to Mhaldor since the change. I thought it was kind of funny I caused a change to how the House Hall entrances work, since it's basically just as easy now as it was then, just different factors to consider. Honestly, my favorite part after the  fact was Cain saying I couldn't have possibly followed him into the House Hall, and him denying it repeatedly to avoid execution. I had to yell and thank him the last time I got in to make sure he died, was worth it.
    Cascades of quicksilver light streak across the firmament as the celestial voice of Ourania intones, "Oh Jarrod..."

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