• It is true that when you have something and it is taken away there is some measurement of pain involved. I was not around before these things existed.

    The recent changes to seafaring has dramatically decreased my enjoyment of the game and my desire to wake up has diminished greatly.

    I am glad to know that classleads is a good way to give feedback, because I've been using IDEA for years and seen little results.

    Homeport is relatively useless to me now, and I disagree with Krypton, you can 'return' to safe port if you're at a port. It may be that the port you're at is unsafe.  For example, the port in Tapoa where Jinsun's fleet is known to park. Or another port in which the hull is damaged at a higher rate of speed.  To me the there was a lot of room for interpretation in the homeport skill description and none of it indicated the skill was being abused.

    In fact it was very comparable to other such skills like raido and portal, where consumables are used to transport people.  It seemed perfectly logical.

    What seems more illogical is the expectation that we would spend an hour of time to sail to and from remote places like Orilla and Suliel, when it doesn't take that long to travel anywhere else in game. (You can WALK from ISTAR to Meropis in minutes, not hours).

    Logically, there is a strong argument that homeport was always intended to behave that way.  (and with the other changes) sailing has moved from the most important part of my life, to the most disappointing, overnight.  I am giving strong consideration to selling my ships and withdrawing from it entirely.

  • further destroying a non-decay item is ridiculous. Resetting is intended to conquer theft. Who is going to steal a ship figurehead? I often choose to non-decay expensive items, but figureheads are not that expensive.  The only reason to non-decay one is because you like how it looks.

    now that I know one can be destroyed that is non-decay I don't get the point at all of this upgrade and really want my 50cr back.
  • The main advantage (to me) of non-decaying a figurehead is that you do not need to replace it with an uncharged and unconsecrated figurehead. 
  • Greys said:
    The main advantage (to me) of non-decaying a figurehead is that you do not need to replace it with an uncharged and unconsecrated figurehead. 
    If this was the case, then you would -still- need to non-decay and reset as the figurehead would -still- blow in that instance so it is a waste of 50 cr.
  • ZahanZahan Valhalla
    Maybe because I've been around so long (before item decay even), it seems very clear to me.  

    Non-decay means it won't have X months of usefulness before disappearing.  That is all it means.  If you feed a non-decay item to a humgii, hypothetically, it'll sit in his belly forever.

    Resetting means it will come back to you.  If it is stolen, it will reset to you.  If it is destroyed, it will come back.  If you feed it to a humgii, he'll be hungry again in an hour.

    Non-decay is not resetting.  There are things that you want non-decay that you don't want to have reset.

    When a figurehead is homeported, it is destroyed.  It's gone, forever.  Imagine it like feeding it to a humgii.  So if that figurehead has resetting on it, he'll be hungry again in an hour because the item is moving back to your inventory.  If not, and only non-decay, then it sits in his belly (the bottom of the ocean, or the figurative achaea trash_bin) forever.
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  • @Evastiana I am aware. I was simply sharing the main reason I non-decayed my figureheads.
  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.
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    Figureheads not having to be resetting was the most confusing thing I've ever had to deal with. Non-decay is to keep things from naturally decaying. That is literally its only purpose. If it's destroyed, it's destroyed forever. No taksies backsies. Resetting is what has literally always been the get out of jail free card if you accidentally destroyed something.

    I will admit that I'm going off of older information from when I sailed every day, but I still don't understand the complaint for fast travel. It takes like 4 minutes to get from Tapoa to the Tears and another 5 to get through the Tears unless movement mechanics were changed drastically recently, and another 5 to get to Shastaan.  If it takes you longer, you should probably get better at not hitting chops.
    I am retired and log into the forums maybe once every 2 months. It was a good 20 years, live your best lives, friends.
  • @Jonathin Tasur'ke to Suliel in a cutter with an elite crew takes me 30 minutes each way. Shastaan to Orilla is about the same. I'm sure there are some people who are faster than that, but cutting half an hour off a round trip to the most remote ports is a pretty decent benefit for the the trans ability, especially since it's costly. 
  • Greys said:
    The main advantage (to me) of non-decaying a figurehead is that you do not need to replace it with an uncharged and unconsecrated figurehead. 
    I made mine non-decay because even though I own a ship, I really do not enjoy sailing all that much and I didn't want to have to buy one and sail to get it consecrated.

    When my SPPs reverted to not having been used, I only did the Command ones.

    I am probably not a typical Sailor, but there is a large swatch of Achaeans who are here just for the things they like doing, and do not necessarily have an in depth knowledge of anything beyond their personal form(s) of enjoyment. 

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  • JonathinJonathin Retired in a hole.
    Laedha said:
    @Jonathin Tasur'ke to Suliel in a cutter with an elite crew takes me 30 minutes each way. Shastaan to Orilla is about the same. I'm sure there are some people who are faster than that, but cutting half an hour off a round trip to the most remote ports is a pretty decent benefit for the the trans ability, especially since it's costly. 
    Bolded: If you can just fast travel around, it entirely defeats the purpose of a port feeling remote. 

    Of course it's going to take time. It's a commitment. You shouldn't be preparing to sail out to a far-flung island without that understanding. If sailing was meant to be a quick 5 minute jaunt, the island's physical locations wouldn't be so far out there. They are absolutely supposed to be far away and it should take an hour for a round trip. Hence the feeling of remoteness.
    I am retired and log into the forums maybe once every 2 months. It was a good 20 years, live your best lives, friends.
  • All you guys talking about an hour round trip to Suliel. It normally takes me three hours :(

  • With these weird new chops that you can just sail through with wavecall you can make it through the tears in like 2 minutes without turning at all. The northern ports still have the old stuff but if you don't go up their it is understandable that the times you do will take you much longer if you aren't used to tight chops.
  • Or you could just fly to Illyrean and Suliel...
  • KlendathuKlendathu Eye of the Storm
    I have recently beaten an equivalent ship between Taut'ke and Karbaz and back in both directions travelling through the northern chops when they went south. It's not that hard to row through the chops, just avoid the seamonster spawns near Valho

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    Laedha says "cutting half an hour off a round trip to the most remote ports is a pretty decent benefit for the the trans ability, especially since it's costly."

    I agree with Laedha. Frankly, had it been clear what homeport's true intention was, I would have NEVER spent the lessons to go trans in seafaring, because that skill would be useless to me.

    In essence my perspective is, the garden introduced something that made sense, was in line with other existing spells and was useful and fair.

    Then they realized it was a bug and took it away.  Which essentially, since credits cost a significant sum these days, is the equivalent of 'bait and switch'.

    I think they should give everyone with the homeport skill, the option to get all of their seafaring lessons back, much like they did when they reworked the traits and reset everyone's traits.

    Or otherwise do something to indicate some concern for how this affects well meaning customers who have been supremely impacted by this recent decision.

    I am not over exaggerating when I say these changes have had a profound effect on my ability to enjoy the game.

    Not so much the mechanics, as those will come and go, but the swift, harsh punishment and rapid changes to a part of the world I enjoy greatly, making it much less enjoyable.

    Imagine if they decided that hunting would no longer yield gold? Sorta renders that artefact sword a little less useful, and robs a little more joy out of the world. 

    Now I can explore just a little bit less because the time commitment is greater. Sailing TO a place is one thing. It can be exciting.  Sailing back is often mundane. Been there, done that.

    It's like the ride BACK from Disneyland. After the vacation is over, the same trip sort of loses its luster. 

    That's why I liked homeport. 

    Yeah it may sound like whining, but people tend to whine when you take something they love away from them.


    on the matter of timing: (without using wavecall)
    in a strider with elite crew:
    Tasurke to Suliel  - 30mins
    Tasurke to Thraasi - 30 mins
    Tasurke to Orilla - 45 mins
    Zaphar to Orilla - 30 mins
    Thraasi to Suliel - 45 mins

    So the trade routes add up to a heft amount of time. Becoming dragon, gaining the PIERCE the VEIL ability reduces the time it takes to travel.

    Learning the RAIDO skill as a runewarden - reduces the time to travel
    Buying Eagle's wings - reduces the time to travel
    learning certain tattoos - reduces the time to travel

    transcending seafaring to homeport - reduces the time.... no it doesn't now, it is a ship rescue.  But wavecall sort of does that already... see the logical progression? it made sense.

  • Nope. You're wrong. 
  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    Transcendent Seafaring is still 7 SPPs, and Sealegs no balance loss.
  • So tell me when a trans ability needs a credit investment to use the way you think is intended.
  • Every single one? Lessons aren't free, certainly not enough to Tri-Trans.

    That said, you dont have to nondecay/reset your figurehead. Doing so just makes it more convenient than having to get a new one everytime you use the skill. That's not a credit requirement, that's a credit expenditure for a convenience. Pretty standard stuff.

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  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    The "no Gare/Xenophage/wings from harbour" discussion going on in the other thread pretty much displays consistency with Homeport instant travel out of harbour not being allowed, either.
  • KayeilKayeil Washington State
    I really don't understand this complaint that Homeport needs to be allowed for cutting sailing times. Achaea is a massive world, and in a game where quick travel in other forms has become more common... seafaring is the last place where you really feel the actual size of the world we're playing in. I think this was reinforced by the fact that dragons can no longer gare from islands. They were made remote, and you really have to plan your island trips and consider an investment in the bronze token from the shop of wonders as a way of getting back to the mainland if you wish to keep your ship docked at one of these remote islands.

    This isn't bait and switch. A large amount of the playerbase never played a part in this bug stuff because we understood the intent of Homeport (emergencies) and the ship trades. I feel for the people who are newer and were taught the wrong way about seafaring, but just because it's all they've known doesn't make it right.

    Comparing it to hunting is wrong, as denizens dropping gold is not a bug, so if the admins took it away it wouldn't be for the same reason. None of us would get in trouble for having hunted denizens for gold for years. It's just not a comparable scenario at all.

    I know the time commitment sucks, but this is how seafaring has been forever now. Technically that has never changed, it's just that people were using homeport for what it wasn't meant for, and unfortunately it just took a long time for this to come to the admin's attention.

    I don't know if you're new or not, but if you are and this is how you thought seafaring was meant to be and someone taught you this incorrectly it might be just worth contacting the admins to see if they'll work with you on your lessons invested. I don't know if anything will come of it, but it's worth asking and finding out.
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  • Did you just pull those times from your ass? You did, because they are bullshit.  Course 5, going around all of Sapience, takes 20 minutes or less.

    Tasur'ke to Thraasi is 7 minutes, Thraasi to Tasur'ke is quicker.
  • I feel like a lot of these reactions I'm reading are over-reactions. What they're doing is fixing bugs and shit. If you don't like the way something functions in its un-bugged form...submit a classlead for it or something.

  • KlendathuKlendathu Eye of the Storm
    @Kinilan: 7 minutes? Are those Microsoft minutes?

    @Rane: Homeport is to allow you to get back quickly to a port when you're out at sea so you don't have to leave your ship drifting. It's not rendered useless because you can no longer exploit a bug to move your ship from one port to another. It retains its original, intended functionality.

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  • We are encouraged to learn IN GAME about things. We are encouraged to role play how things work, using mentors, teachers, asking players, etc.

    So, if you've entered the game recently and asked around 'why should I trans to homeport?'  For the last, oh I'd say real life year at least, you would hear:

    -because homeport helps cut down the time of sailing by allowing you back to the last port you left, making your return trip take no time at all.

    Regardless of what was originally intended, this is what it became known as, and taught as in character, and used for. 

    Yes people took advantage of it for trades, and in so doing ruined a good thing.

    I frankly don't care what anything was 'originally' intended for, I only care about what it is actually USED for.

    What I dislike is being made to feel less-than because of a mistake that someone else made, and I don't mean the people who took advantage, I mean the people who allowed the bug to sit there so long that it became part of the world, and then was torn away.

    USUALLY a bug like that, gets caught much much sooner.

    --hijacking the thread for a moment to a different topic.----

    this weekend's impromptu 'great hunt' What is that about? Is the garden sensing a general malaise or low morale after this seafaring snuff and trying to appease us?

    not only are those who got shrubbed out their assets and funds, but now, they have to miss a very rare great hunt?  That's just insult to injury.

    Am I whining? Am I complaining.

    And if you know me, you know I don't complain nor whine.  This situation has really affected my enjoyment of the game, I mean tremendously.
    If you're thinking 'this guy is a huge whiner' consider this,
    I have very low bandwidth and speed. I have tried every portion of the game and found that with slow speed like mine, you just can't get ahead. Mining, nope, can't prospect fast enough because I can't move rooms fast enough, combat? nope...

    Seafaring for me, was something that was much more lag resistant. But without homeport-as-it-was-since-my-birth, sailing takes twice as long which is aggravated by a slow internet connection.  I get not caring if you have a faster connection, but for me, it was the one thing in this game that was tolerable and even fun.

  • edited April 2017
    Homeport was supposed to be destroying your figurehead.  Says in the AB file that it complete drains your figurehead.

    What happens if a figurehead is completely drained? It is destroyed.

    It not doing this was a bug and should be fixed.

    Should the homeport thing still work?  Probably, you're sacrificing your figurehead to do it.  Then again, just changing it's function to being a "homeport" (aka you return with your ship to a specific port unless it is full) and everyone within a 100 metron radius can see it and what port you went to.




  • What? I walk around (manually and unscripted) and manually type "Prospect", have found numerous mines, walked (manually and unscripted) to buy some miners, walked back (yes, you guessed it) and built a mine with no interference at all. None. while using Wifi on Virgin Trains.

    Speed of connection has very little to do with anything anymore, top tier combat aside, especially as the curing times using SS have been tweaked to help normalisation.

    i personally think you're going way over the top with this. Yes, your ability to do something in game has changed, but if a single ability in a single skill set was enough to do that, maybe it's not the game this the problem.

    That said, I've intentionally not done anything with sailing due to the time cost associated with it. If I get an hour a night to log in, I'll be fucked if I've spending 45 minutes of that sailing.

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  • Rane said:
    Lots of stuff

    Next time we'd appreciate your nonsensical whining in the form of a haiku. 
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