What do you look like when you fight?



  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States

    More often than not, I'm the guy on the ground.

  • After all that got summoned because I didn't have Cloak  and died like a scrub 

  • Finally found a scythe fight that I felt was like Depthswalker. Though he also uses Tarot so, it's not a perfect fit. 

    The Divine voice of Twilight echoes in your head, "See that it is. I espy a tithe of potential in your mortal soul, Astarod Blackstone. Let us hope that it flourishes and does not falter as so many do."

    Aegis, God of War says, "You are dismissed from My demense, Astarod. Go forth and fight well. Bleed fiercely, and climb the purpose you have sought to chase for."
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