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    Halios said:
    Even with a clear head I don't understand that policy at all.
    The 'bloodfeud' policy (which I think you are referring to) has allot of historical president. It was a method used in pre-Mhaldor Ashtan to sort out disputes between citizens. My memory is hazy (these events did happen a decade ago), but I believe the practice was banned in Ashtan during the politically tempestuous times that lead to Mhaldor's formation. The controversy surrounding its banning was a key event along the road to the Infernal's latter rebellion. For a number of Mhaldor's founding figureheads, the inclusion of the 'bloodfeud' within our legal cannon was of the utmost importance.

    To clarify: I'm not taking anyone's side in this current dispute. I just thought people would be interested in a much forgotten bit of lore. :)

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  • This is Achaea, @Lodi...no one cares about lore.
  • Somehow this thread sums up all that's wonderful about the Achaean community.
  • I've no clue about the incident that spawned this (highly entertaining, so please don't stop!) epeen duel.  What I do wonder is why it's come to the forums.
    Tvistor: If that was a troll, it was masterful.
    I take my hat off to you.
  • Sir Cooper Ravenwind was struck by a terrible desire to rub salt in open wounds.

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