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    It really depends how much time you spend on Facebook. Like Melodie mentioned, it's huge now. I use it constantly for work (part of my job is social media promotion). It really has become a large virtual community (a virtual community is by its definition a network of individuals who interact through a specific social media platform) with smaller subgroups based on region, interest, etc. For example, I have 360 "friends" but I also follow tons of pages, groups, etc. both on my personal and professional pages. Heck, there are even Facebook celebrities (only famous on Facebook). 

    Anyway, I just thought it was amusing given it hasn't been that long since our reactions were taken away. Just like Achaea's forums, Facebook can be incredibly toxic at times (read the comments on any major news story to see what I mean). I'm sure these new options will be used to antagonize and troll people who aren't in a close circle of family and friends in the same way they were here, but Facebook provides a solution: You can completely ignore people and their responses to what you may post. I wonder if the next generation of Achaea forums will integrate a similar feature (and bring back our reactions!). 

    This article also amused me (maybe we need an Achaean version): How to Use Facebook Reactions Without Pissing Everyone Off

    Onward with your stories and other OOC stuff you just wanna share. I have 18 inches of new fallen snow to stare at (waiting for the maintenance crew to dig us out). Have a great day, everyone. 
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    I was in Göktürk language exam at university. The language has wedge writing system and it has inscriptions in Mongolia.  I have never worked on exam. So I went to class 2 hours before the exam and wrote almost all Göktürk inscriptions to the wall. While I wrote things to the wall, I already learned about wedge writings. In the exam, I was keep checking the wall to see if I write things correct. However the prof has caught me, took my papers and looked at the wall. About one minute later he turned to class and shout "Kids! You don't need to go to Mongolia for reading wedge writings now! Your friend has already wedged them all our class walls. We will appreciate his service and in return we will send him, his mom's home for 6 months."

    if you cheat on exams you get 6 months suspension. He forgave me. 
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