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  • You have my blessings to continue on without me! I was just the guy to press record first. I do plan on coming back to the project in time, but if I attempted to do a podcast now it'd just turn into my current negative mind frame taking over. I always wanted the podcast to have some integrity to it (which sort of failed on my part due to the long gaps between episodes and now my hiatus) and I just don't think I can separate this winter of my spirit from the podcast. I know myself well enough to know that I just can't devote myself to proper artistic endeavors right now, but I also know that this will pass and my excitement for this project will return. @Tahquil has been everything I could have hoped for in a co-host and more, and if she decides to carry on for now without me I have every confidence in her ability!    
  • Aww shucks @Vithincus.

    This is a project I would love to keep working on. At the moment it is impossible for me to do any editing as the sound card of my laptop only half works. I may have a new computer soon (so I can play Fallout4) and if that happens I'll be able to download some editting stuff and give it a crack.
  • @tahquil haven't done it in years but probably like riding the town bike, you never forget!
  • I have been pondering about the possibility of doing an episode about being burnt out on Achaea. Maybe why you stopped, what changed, and what eventually made you come back. I know that @Aepas made a comment about being excited to return. What do you all think? Does anybody else have a similar experience they'd like to share?
  • Well I'd say that it's a common thing that happens when you've been playing the same game for over ten years. What's hard is when your "crew" dissapears and you have to come back to a bunch of new shmucks that you don't know. Or your house/order reqs all changed and you're pretty much a newbie again and you don't want to do all the tasks. But sometimes it's about finding that right person or drive to get you back in, or a good day where you're actually involved in everything again to get your blood pumping agian. Achaea is like a muscle, if you don't work at it you forget it. When you keep going, you get better.
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  • Hey! So I've got my head back on right and we'll be resuming work on the podcast! The first episode we'll be doing is one about feeling burnt out on Achaea. If you've ever been burned out on playing and would like to join the episode feel free to either shoot me a message here, and my skype is just: Vithincus. @Aepas @Skye any interest in joining us? After that we'll be going back to the original plan, episodes focused on each city. Also it may because my belly is full of booze and endless appetizers from Fridays (whoever came up with boneless wings deserves a medal) but I was thinking maybe sometime we could do a drunkchaea episode. I haven't run that idea passed @Tahquil though and I know the Australian people are a historically sober people... 
  • holy crap burnout? That's me to a tea! But I came back after a burnout 10 years ago if that accounts for anything :)
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