Favorite Memory

What's your favorite memory of playing Achaea, and why?
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  • Alas, the thread which contains why, got deleted :(

  • I remember Kherranos getting dragon and the whole Garden, Clem included, brought loads of stuff into the CIJ for a party.

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  • AitoxAitox South Africa
    There's just too many to list a single one, so I chose my four favourites:

    • Releasing Morimbuul (Blood Congregation's demon tutor) from his confines and him subsequently releasing hell (literally, as he summoned lesser demons) upon Mhaldor. The adrenaline.
    • Twilight chastising me for spying on one of his Order members. His way of handling the situation left a lasting mark on my character.
    • The ball I hosted in Shallam, where both Scarlatti and Phaestus pitched up. Phaestus even proposed to accompany Lyndee as her date, since she did not have one. The laughs.
    • Possibly all my interactions with Ourania.
  • @Santar snipped me to death while I was shopping in the main streets of Cyrene while I was totally young. Since then I distrust kola. 
  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    It is really difficult to choose one particular memory because there are a lot that I treasure for different reasons, with different people. But I don't feel like expounding on them, so I'll go with all my interactions with @Scarlatti and His denizens as the default winner. 

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  • RuthRuth Singapore
    My favourite memory has to be the entire process I had to undergo to join Apollyon's Order. Back then, I didn't know that membership was very specifically for Mhaldorians and that it was nigh impossible for those who are non-Mhaldorians to join an Evil-aligned order.

    It was actually pretty fun and very character evolving in Ruth's struggles to hide her pursuit for Adikoi as a Hashani due to Mhaldor and Black Lotus tensions. Being under the charge of then-Tyrannus Sabiru also made the whole experience pretty terrifying because he was the very epitome of a Mhaldorian standing as a favoured servant of the Twin Lords, who had all the authority to shut down her aspirations (which he almost did when she took too long to break off an engagement) if he decided to.

    The few interactions from Asham at random times also made me feel like Ruth's actions were watched at all times, which only made it that much more memorable because it added to the stress of the experience to succeed against all odds and expectations and totally convinced me that I would come to enjoy a Mhaldorian-esque lifestyle.
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  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    ugh, too many to list.

    I guess in no particular order:

    1) repeated Morimbuul possessions

    2) Various interactions with Tenebrus (miss him so much :( )

    3) Being called to serve Neraeos after so long of worshipping from afar. A lot of these were Order things, many interactions from ongoing storylines... I wish I could see their resolution :(

    • Being Knighted by the Templars after who knows how long. As a player and character, it represented the beginning of a new path of character growth.
    • Fighting Bal'met as a Demigod. Besides the nifty access to all the skills, the feeling of overwhelming power was unforgettable, and it gave me, and no doubt the rest of the playerbase in that event, the feeling that 'hey, we're not helpless at all!'
    • Targossas - being part of the founding generation gives you the sense that you truly helped shape the history of your faction.
    • Joining(and leaving) Matsuhama's Order, and the subsequent encounter with @Ruth during a visit to the Temple of Battle - RIP Mats. ;_;

  • Most of my early interactions with @Neraeos. Or rather, it was the small touches during those interactions. A casual "Why aren't you in My order yet?" with a gentle admonishment to talk to Verrucht probably made my week, early on. And one time, while discussing old Cyrenian surnames, he gave her a new outlook on her own surname, Lucoster, and how it had a rich history worth being proud of. That single conversation has had a profound effect on the character, as how she perceives her relationship with her blood has driven many of her later actions.

    Being nominated to the Senate by the Wardens before she was Knighted (which was a big deal at the time, as they never awarded leadership positions to non-Knights). I think Jhaeli was one of the few, if only, to need a substitute Imperiate for her Knighting Ceremony, as she couldn't exactly dub herself. 

    The final battle with Bal'met was particularly memorable for me as it was sort of my last interaction before I left to take care of my baby daughter. She was about a month old at the time and I spent the whole time praying that she wouldn't wake up too early from her nap. It was probably the only time she slept for five hours, and she woke up about ten minutes after Bal'met fell. Was rather exhilarating!

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  • There's a few that I remember that I would like to share

    1. Just going through the old newbie introduction. Having Severian(?) explain the history of the gods with all of the colors felt really awesome and empowering
    2. Leading a really horrible gank vs @Gwawr and getting the kill anyways because of Deliverance
    3. Many of my interactions with the Ashura as both Deshi and Kohai.
    4. My first experience in group combat. Shallam stole the Master Crystal from a magi House (can't remember if it was Ashtan or Hashan) and so we grouped up and portaled in to get it back...only to dive straight into a totem and all die.
    You know, that one thing at that one place, with that one person.

    Yea, that one!
  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
    Definitely could not pick a single favourite, but a few stand out:

    The day I met Neraeos. He literally popped in on me alone, and without any preamble, asked, "Why do you follow a heathen God?" I was Vastarian back then. That conversation left a huge impression on my new (and rightfully terrified) self.

    Some time later, Neraeos encouraged me to run for Senator. He wouldn't let me cop out, so I tried it. And I won, by a huge landslide, and thus have enjoyed Achaean politics and being involved on a grander scale in the world (just Cyrene, at first, but later the fuller world) ever since.

    My first wedding, with Glynn. We were (and still are) dating irl at the time when he brought me to Achaea, and during the wedding itself, I was visiting him, so we were logged online together for the whole of the wedding. It was a simple affair, but I'll always remember it.

    In more recent times, after my first excommunication, the day Garron found me in Cyrene. It taught me that even the most desolate situations, IC and OOC, have the ability to be changed for the better.

    The day of Aerek's proposal and everything surrounding it, and the many things that led up to it.

    The day I got devotion back, after thinking I instead had probably lost it forever. It was one of the most exciting, empowering moments I ever had in Achaea, and it inspired me to really dig into combat, among other things. I'm not sure I'll ever re-live the particular feeling I had during that day.

    The day of the duel-turned-debate with Verily. Despite it not quite going as we were both hoping OOC, it had an amazing turnout and amazing consequences that changed Melodie forever. Phaestus and Sartan being there only made it all the more terrifying.

    There's probably more but I could likely go on forever. So many good memories with this place.
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  • Sobriquet said:
    I remember Kherranos getting dragon and the whole Garden, Clementius included, brought loads of stuff into the CIJ for a party.

  • Antonius said:

    Getting Knighted for the first time is my absolute favourite, back when it was still the Paladin Guild. It took me far longer than it probably should have to get there, but it was worth it when I finally did. I think there were three or four Gods in attendance, though I don't recall exactly which ones, plus pretty much the whole of Shallam and the Church turned up, so it was incredibly crowded. I wish I had a log of it because I'd love to steal certain elements for customisations now, and my memory simply isn't good enough to reproduce it. (On that note, if anybody has logs from back then of the Paladin Knighting ceremony, let me know! In particular looking for the description of the vestments that were worn.)

    Other than that, being inducted into both Pentharian and @Aurora's Orders and being Consecrated by the Church are really close behind.

    1. Landmarking with Goldberry, Latus, and Maevis. Just the whole adventure involved. Sorry but that whole experience can't be topped.

    2. My Knighting Ceremony

    3. Being inducted into Lord Pentharians Order and being one of the ones considered for hand after Slith.
    --Sidepoint to that my first and only Worldburn and catching 4 mhaldorians trying to kill off shrines was amusing--

    4. Every Knighting ceremony and history test I ever did as Templar Historian and Keeper of Traditions. It was always 2 hours I never regretted spending getting ready for it. (even with the buggy ordeal that got them all stuck...). Some of the best times ever among the Knights were spent doing this and we always had fun doing so.

    5. The Templars House in general. Not perfect but we had fun doing our jobs and made good friends doing so. And some of the best stories ever started with random novice aides and a group of novices out for a hunt when Sir Lorderon showed up with his pink bunnies and bunny slippers....

    6. The adventures that Pentharian would send us on from time to time and in general how he looked out for each of us individually.

    Side note I may have your Knighting somewhere @Antonius ... I just unearthed a whole bunch of logs. If not I think I know who does cause they designed them. Though you might get a tongue lashing for being as careless as to lose such logs from them... lol.
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  • Synbios said:
    • Being Knighted by the Templars after who knows how long. As a player and character, it represented the beginning of a new path of character growth.
    • Fighting Bal'met as a Demigod. Besides the nifty access to all the skills, the feeling of overwhelming power was unforgettable, and it gave me, and no doubt the rest of the playerbase in that event, the feeling that 'hey, we're not helpless at all!'
    • Targossas - being part of the founding generation gives you the sense that you truly helped shape the history of your faction.
    • Joining(and leaving) Matsuhama's Order, and the subsequent encounter with @Ruth during a visit to the Temple of Battle - RIP Mats. ;_;
    but you weren't in matsuhama's order
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  • Daeir said:


    After that, the Caefir Rite of Initiation just completely blew my mind. It is unfortunately supposed to be secret, but the narrative contained within it and the places you get to go during it are just brain-explodingly awesome. It is probably the best written ritual/process I have ever seen. It isn't your standard "gather in a room and perform actions" deal either, it is a jaunt throughout the multiverse and a true test of your character's mettle.


    You speak to much! But yes this is my all time favorite too. That and being knighted in the Maldaathi.
  • AustereAustere Tennessee
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    I have a lot of fond memories. Story time with @Kiba is always one of my top five, but for my personal favorite it was somewhere around level 92:

    Khar and Sryn decided to take me to Meropis to help me get dragon. Khar and I had never been.   After the long trip there and realizing the only thing Sryn knew to kill was dead, they both decided they were too tired to take me back to mainland. It was decided between them that I should remain there until I finished dragon. I don't know how many days I spent there before some kind soul rescued me,  but I do know I never made the mistake of going there again until I got Dragon. 

    I am also rather fond of my conversion with @Antidas. I was not exactly sure how it would all play out for the duration of it.  The actual conversations took place over a week or so.   It really could have gone either way.  The fact it took three days before an Ashtani asked me why I left definitely left me feeling that I made the right choice.  I still miss a bunch of people, but the holes left by my departure are slowly being filled. 
  • Jadys said:

    Getting @Ryldagh to agree to drop one spar from my requirement back in the day when I hated combat and wanted zero to do with it. He was one tough nut to crack.

    It's all in the approach, love. Though, I would have made you do an extra one if you had asked me! Spars are by far the easiest requirements, particularly so if you don't actually have to win. 

    Giving away blueberries is one of my least favorite moments. .
  • Austere said:
    Giving away blueberries is one of my least favorite moments. .
    Ha! not as bad as being on the receiving end and then being told you aren't allowed to eat it!  ;) Or being dragged back to Ashtan when @Ryldagh put a 500 gold bounty on my head for tickling him and running away. I would have gotten away with that! Actually, that is both a least favorite and favorite. I might not have gotten away with it, but it was sure fun getting hunted down and caught.  o:)
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    Sneaking into and wandering around the Garden with Khalid, and subsequently getting caught by Apollyon, who killed us and sent our souls to Suliel. It was probably the most relevant time I've stopped and thought, "I probably shouldn't be doing this, but it's too exciting to stop now."

  • TharvisTharvis The Land of Beer and Chocolate!
    Probably one of my most memorable little interactions (and one that still makes me chuckle) was a few years back, during the Sky-Sea war.

    Asmodron and myself were Loremaster and Shrinelord (respectively) in Vastar's Order, and there were these neat little mini-events of Neraeos animating tritons to visit hashan and the Temple of Fluvialis, one time there were two tritons, one I can't remember and the other was something like "Tamer of Krakens" who asked us for an escort (well they asked me, but Asmodron tagged along because he was a bit zealous and wanted to keep an eye on them)
    Then Mordanyconus walks in and starts trying to convert the tritons to Oblivion, Asmodron opened his mouth once and got told by both tritons and Mordanyconus that if he spoke again they'd kill him, and I kept debating against Mordanyconus until one triton nodded to me, Mordy scoffed, and they took their leave.

    Few days later Polynikes walked by us at the crossroads, Asmodron and I figured we'd follow him to see what he was up to.
    Walk up to him in the Temple of Fluvialis, Asmodron says hi, Polynikes goes something along the lines of "Speak to me once more and I will kill you." after which Asmodron left, and then Polynikes and I had some tea (Well, I did, I remember offering it to him and him scoffing) and discussed the war between Phocia and Scyros for an hour.

    Many more good memories, like the time Asmodron badmouthed the occultists (again) and @Amunet decided to duel him on top of the great rock, but those two are definitely the most memorable.
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  • Hmm. Don't know that I'd call it a favourite, but it does stick in my mind. Anyway, way back in the day there was an event, though the details are a bit fuzzy, when there was chaos going on all over the place, world emotes, madness, and various strange events messing up everything. Ashtan was all gathered up at their gates, freaked out because Yudhishthira was apparently at Shallam asking to join them.

    So I decided to wander on down and see what was going on. And what I saw was a giant toad Yudhi proclaiming peace and love. Until said toad was a dragon again, said something rather unflattering to/about Shallam, and flew away.

    Anybody remember that?
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    The Reckoning, was the most epic month of fun. Plus most things that involved annoying @Alrena in general.

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