I've been playing Achaea since I was 13. I've always felt fairly supported and respected, but let's face it, it sucks to be the only teenager in a game where everyone is old enough to be your dad. I'm turning 18 in two months but that's still way way younger than the majority of you, I'm sure. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong generation for text-based games, hah. Anyway, I'm hoping to meet other players through here that aren't, you know, twice my age. Anyone?


  • I started when I was 15. And that was ten years ago!

    I'm sure there's a few young'ns about, it's good to see younger people playing.

    If you don't mind my asking, what brought you to Achaea to begin with, at 13?
  • KayeilKayeil Washington State
    There are definitely people around your age in Achaea, but I think a lot of them aren't frequent visitors of the forums.
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  • I don't know that many young players nowadays. Off the top of my head all I can think of are myself, Vaehl and Zuko
  • Everyone I am good friends with is 18-25....I'm 25 with the mentality of a 5 year old. Maybe that is why, idk.
  • JinsunJinsun TN, USA
    I started playing when I was 15. Now I'm 26. So old :disappointed: 
  • I'm 22, started less less than... two months ago, I think, and quite honestly, I wish I'd started a fair bit sooner as I've obviously been missing out up till this point.
  • Turning 20 as of next month.
  • Oh yes, how could I forgot my dear Alcinae. :(
  • Also 25 and I also started around 14/15.
  • I'm 26. Made first character at like 13 or something 

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    23 years old, started in Imperian at 13

  • JeslynJeslyn United States
    ...I'm guessing 27 isn't young....  :'(
  • Jeslyn said:
    ...I'm guessing 27 isn't young....  :'(
    To me, young extends up to about 30. Then you've entered 'prime' territory, which goes until about 60-70 (middle age is hit in this stage) after which you've entered the Elder territory. At this point, you can just tell everyone what to do.

    This doesn't include all the subcategories within each of these categories, but that's a whole chart to deal with.

  • RuthRuth Singapore
    Xer and Hasar are both around ~20.

    I'm 24 and I started at 13 too! Hope you continue playing for a long while yet!
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  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
    I began pretty early, somewhere towards the end of 15. 26 now and still playing!
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  • 24 now and started playing when I was 17.
    You know, that one thing at that one place, with that one person.

    Yea, that one!
  • I'm 28, started when I was 12 or 13, with a few large breaks inbetween.

  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    I am 23 now, and I started playing while being 19-20 or something, not entirely sure.

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  • 25, started at around 14. Most folks seem to have been playing for a similar range of years. Kinda cool.

    And I'm still lame and under level 80. :/ Wasn't on the same character the whole time though, but still.
  • 27 started at 13
    Okk tells you, "You 'woof'ed on a house channel in a conversation with the Lord Bard."

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    27, started playing at 15 on my first character.
    My grasp of English was tenuous at best.
    You guess the rest.

  • Sounding off with the young(ish) crowd. I'm 24 and started playing around 11 or 12 (though I was dormant for over a decade between now and then).
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