• 26 and turning 27 this year and started playing muds at around 13, wasted 8-9 years on achaea if not more. If I could go back in time and change that, would do.
  • Raem, interestingly you probably are a generation late (but still tell your wee baby friends, maybe MUDs can become hip!), but your starting age of 13 is probably quite similar to the age that a huge portion of the player base was when they started.  Still a young man's game from my point of view (40), as most of those people are probably about mid to late 20s now (and that's probably a good thing).  We need to get you guys hooked when you have free time, and then have you come back when you're all grown up and have more money than time (which was always the case for some of us), so I can be an old lady playing MUDs in my nursing home someday.  
  • Turning 18 in two months, myself, started playing a month ago. I don't even remember how I even found this game but I'm glad I did.
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  • I think I'm 10. Or I'm maybe just happy.
  • 34 here! Been playing since 2003
  • Started off at tele-arena gold at 12
  • Klendathu said:
    I won't say how old I am, but I just switched over to BBC4 and gave an audible sigh because I realised I'd missed an episode of a documentary series on the Plantagenets.
    It was awesome!
    As a fellow oldie.. I also watched the one about castles tonight

  • Turned 17 a few months ago, been playing since that 11-13 range too. Thought I was the only one, but apparently not! Looks like we have a few, which is nice.
  • ElazarElazar NC/Mhaldor
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    28 right now, made first character ab 11 yrs ago, so i started at 17 but only played a few months, came back with this character.  I played first mud sometime in middleschool - Gemstone III.  I remember having to search AOL 3.0 for it. Ohhhh dialup...

  • I first made a character on Achaea when I was ... 15 or 16 I think. I'm 32 in two weeks. Has it really been that long? Maybe I was 17. I think 16. It was around there. Memory loss and all, fun fun :P (okay, it's not like that, but I like to joke about it). ... Ironically, I started going bald around that time... Achaea causes baldness? D: ... I'm not actually kidding, I started losing hair around 15-16.
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  • CarmellCarmell Eastern Washington
    I'm an Oldie I admit it.  Been playing for about 13 years started playing when I was around 29?  Don't worry most people don't pay attention to your age unless you really do act young.  There are many players I've played with over the years that I didn't realize were a decade or more younger than me.
  • 27 now. started when I was 14 I think.. 2002. Maybe 4 years of inactivity in that stretch but can't say I regret much. Probably would be a pretty different human being without it!
  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    I started around 2003 and after my first two years, went dormant for about five, before returning to Achaea.

    I started mudding around 14 years old but came to Achaea when I was 17-18, and I'm almost 32 now.

    My only regret is probably spending so much cash on Achaea instead of saving it - a few people know just how much I've spent on Achaea and it's mindblowing. However, absolutely no regrets on anything I've done. I've helped a lot of people out along the way and that always made me really happy.
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  • RaemRaem Los Angeles
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    Reif said:
    Turned 17 a few months ago, been playing since that 11-13 range too. Thought I was the only one, but apparently not! Looks like we have a few, which is nice.
    Ayyy same age. Glad to see I'm not the only one.

    @Snapplepan too I missed yours somehow sorry
  • LannahLannah Rome, NY
    Turned 32 last month, started playing September 1998 when I was 15. I feel old now. :tongue: 
  • 26 years old. Been playing since 2006. Pretty sure I'm addicted because I can't quit and I've tried many times.

  • ValentinusValentinus Los Angeles, CA
    I'm 28 aaaand I started playing Achaea last year.  Lol.

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  • Im in my mid thirties now. I don't know when I made my first character but it was when you could choose between running through a maze for a dragon orb or killing the monster in the tutorial. I had my little graph paper for that tiny little maze and all.
    It was the dawn of Vadi nexus and when I realized what scripting was and the caliber that it was being used  I was blown away. I only played briefly before having to stop due to not having a whole lot of time for gaming then. I was about 17 when Achaea first came out and I wish I knew text gaming was thing back then. I would have probably lived and breathed this stuff back in high school. My attention span has grown weak with time unfortunately.
  • Athelas said:
    Ok, so where are my fellow 35+ players?
    I am 37, feel like 107! Does that help?
  • I started at 15 too, 26 now. I have friends IRL from 18 to 65 though, so I think it's fair to say I don't really give much of a toss about age. I've made friends in games who were as young as 15 when I've been in my mid 20's, doesn't bother me as long as they aren't too immature. Some are fine!

  • JamethielJamethiel Adelaide
    I've been playing multi user games since 2400 baud modems were fast; I was about 23 when I started playing Achaea some 17 years ago.

    Sadly, I've been playing long enough now for characters to depart because they're no longer living. I actually have found these "deaths" and the departure of my IC mother somewhat difficult.

    I've never had to RP Jamethiel and apparently I'm not too different URL but alas I can't stormhammer you or have a pet bird tell you what I really think.

    IG I don't worry how old the person is behind their character. I know many old cgaracterscare RL younger than me me and I'm a lot older than many.

    It is amusing to watch those obviously inexperienced in leadership learn to lead. It's a blessing to watch many actually mature because if the game.

    Sure, I'm older and somewhat nuts - in game and out - but the great thing about Achaea is that one's RL age isn't a barrier to great fun, leadership or social interaction.

    I hope in 17 years time it'll be your turn to write what I'm writing.

  • 27, started playing when I was around 14. My first character was when I was 13, but I had no freaking clue what was going on. Ended up on another MUD my friend played, Imagica. Much simpler, CircleMUD, and I actually knew people in it, so it was easier to get into. Eventually I got bored and came back to Achaea about a year later, MUCH easier then.
  • Yeah. I started a little after I was 15 and I am 27 now. I am happy with that. It is good to see new blood as it means someone will be around when circumstances tear me away one day maybe. 
  • UtianimaUtianima Norway and Austria
    According to the IG date converter I started paying when I was 14. I am 30 now. Been active on and off, but don't think I'll ever stop playing the game permanently.

    The game has definitely had a great impact on my life, both for good and for worse. For example: the fact that my current character is a follower of Lord Thoth (and has been so for IG centuries), and having as a result researched and meditated on the subject, has definitely helped me better cope with RL death of family members and friends. 

    Awesome thread, and great to hear what age you all are (and how long you've played)! :pleased: 

  • Started the game with Lauria last year while I was 17... I'm still 17. But will be older in a few weeks! :proud:

    Glad to know there's other youngins out there who use the forums! <3
  • not to mention that you write awesome parodies @Zuko. But stop setting such a high bar for the rest of us (said with love <3)

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    I've been here for a while, but not on this character. I started dabbling in Achaea back in 2007 when I was 13 or 14 and I saw it on Kongregate. I think I went through some breaks and three characters before Erasariel, and I actively played as her until around 2012 or so - haven't played since. I turn 21 this year.

    It has been a while, and I've had a good number of people I consider to be close with that I really can't just leave - not that I plan to or that I mind at all. :)

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  • i'm 30 in a few days and started my first character when I was 15. A druid I believe, or maybe a priest. I can't remember.
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