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  • Honestly, there are some things in the SoW like the shard vice that should just be artifacts. I would much rather some of the old stock come back occasionally, but I can see why they don't and am fine with it. New players can't get things that old players had access to, that is fine because they will get new things at some point.
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    Nim, the only way I see out of this for now (i.e. how do you define newer player) would be age based.  Like I'd said to Sena, "I'd say start a ticker for them whenever a crown sale starts, that would last through something like 2-3 crown sales (so quite a long time actually, which is the same sort of opportunity I had as someone who was around for all of the initial runs)".  I didn't want to get super specific because I don't really know player purchase behavior like admin would - but in short, it does take a bit before a player is thinking "hrm, yes, I will get some of these Crown things one way or another to get this shiny thing that doesn't really do *that* much, but is kind of neat".

    That said, I like your idea of refluffing even better, if I'm understanding it - although I do still think most of the people responding so far would flip their lids at that too, because it actually *would* do what I'd really love to see, which is essentially just make SoW items a rotational item like I thought they were going to be in the first place.  In short, you could buy a monocle, but it would look different from my soooooooper special first edition monocle.  
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    To clarify my stance on this, I have no strong feelings one way or another about SoW items being available again. My only beef is restricting the recycled ones to "new" characters. You've mentioned fairness a couple of times, and artificially restricting them based on character age is intrinsically unfair.

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  • Klendathu I'm not suggesting it this way because it's ideal, I'm doing it because what you're talking about is very likely a *total* non-starter.  If by some miracle it's not non-starter in admin's view, then awesome.  
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    Yeah, that's my problem with it too.

    Basically, the problem is: things are limited edition, meaning players could only buy them if they did so in time.

    The solution you're arguing for is: make them limited edition per player, allowing players to buy them if they do so in time.

    This is trying to fight fire with fire. A common idiom that has never once really made sense to me.

    I agree that the problem you've raised is worth looking into, and I'll stand by refluffing older shop of wonders items to resell them while keeping some aspect of the cool "limited edition" appeal, and there might be other solutions as well, but

    edit: i forget where i was going with that, and kind of just pressed the submit button because z_z so just pretend i ended on some really witty finish that makes my argument incredibly compelling
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    I was five years dormant when the Shop of Wonders came into existence and when I look back at some of the original items, and those no longer available, I really wish that I'd been around at the time just for the possibility of having the option of buying them.

    Some of the items make a come back in the form of auction items - I recall a sceptre being auctioned off within the last two years, and things like the platinum whistle, ram's horn, and monocle have gone into globes, which is cool because it gives people the option to try and assemble the items if they want bother. It's a pretty big achievement just for some people just to find that last piece and get their item made (ie Triak's most recent rave).

    I really dislike the idea of making these items available again and only to a select few on the basis that they're only available to those under a certain age. At least where auctions and globes are concerned, they're available to anyone at all to participate in. Mayan crowns are also available in game through ship trades for those that want to get them that way (I've heard those trades are not so common but they do exist).

    I, too, would prefer an all or nothing approach. It might seem unfair that novices have missed out on these cool and exciting items, but so have a lot of the existing player base for various reasons. Everyone will at least have the opportunity to access the existing items and the new ones that get implemented in future.

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    ^This is what I mean by admin sort of backing themselves into a corner here.  If admin had just discontinued the items, it would actually be pretty easy to change SoW business model if they wanted (by just rotating stock like I thought they'd planned on doing anyway).  That said, they still can - by not permanently discontinuing any more items in the future (and then selling those "discontinued" items in auctions/as assembly pieces).

    The problem is that they *did* sell them in auctions (and a few people paid obscene amounts of money for a "nifty perk").  Pretty much the same thing has been true of the pieces - it is no easy (or cheap) venture to put one of those horrible things together - which is why I've only done it once during a sale, with an item I knew would have plenty of pieces floating around (a regular, low end artifact).  I saved a few credits in the end, but some random person tried to get me to pay literally more than the full value of one piece... In short, putting those talismans together is not something I would ever consider "fun".  I can only imagine the thrash someone goes through to get my stupid whistle that I was able to walk in and buy in seconds, probably for less than half the price some of these poor bastards are paying.
  • Jules said:
    I can only imagine the thrash someone goes through to get my stupid whistle that I was able to walk in and buy in seconds, probably for less than half the price some of these poor bastards are paying.
    For what crowns go for these days, it actually might be a little less now. They go for between 300-400cr, and iirc it was 7 crowns.

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    Daklore, they've already done something arguably far worse than the situation you describe in terms of "cash-whoring", by doing the auctions and pieces for discontinued items (and pretty much got away with it).  That wasn't even to say "hey, we understand you didn't even know Achaea existed when these little doodads were for sale", it was "you must volunteer your credits as tribute to get this item now, hahahaha" (and yep, still got away with it).  

    Hi Lideron.  So, you know when someone tries to do what they can, given the situation, to make things "fair", or perhaps a better phrasing would be "make things nicer for more people", and kids get all pissed off that it's not TOTALLY fair to everyone?  That's sort of the reaction I'm getting from some people here, and that's what parents usually try to pound into their kids - that you really can't always make things TOTALLY fair.  Instead, you do what you can, given the particulars of the situation.    

    As for the business model, I don't know if you've been around, but you really do have some time to pick up a SoW item.  Like... it seems to be available for at least something like a year or two.  I'm glad for that, because I'd be a bit insulted by a true "act now" model.  Part of this is probably that there are really only so many neat little perks people can think of.  
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    (sorry, I just want that deleted.  Admin, you can delete my comment here too once you get rid of the one directly above mine).  If we had an off-topic button, I'd use that instead, so long as it was taken seriously when someone willfully posts things that really add nothing, and are specifically intended to insult and derail, especially in a Golden Dais topic.  
  • And we all should be able to get trollskin armor and dragonskin plate, or whatever those ancient arties were. 

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    Borran said:
    And we all should be able to get trollskin armor and dragonskin plate, or whatever those ancient arties were. 
    Don't forget quarterstaff with SoA. Grandfathered in classes is unfair too, so I want to be an Ashtani horkval sylvan, so I can feel the tears with my dragonskin armor, SoA-flailed staff, and crazy war veil relic. Do you even tank, bro?
  • No no no no no.  This has been covered multiple times in a thread that is still only two pages long.  Items that were discontinued because they were deemed OP are never going to be offered again, period (and no one with a grain of sense would ask for them to be). 
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    @Jules, how could you even think to ask for oldschool dragon back for newer players only? That's just a terrible idea. Maybe if they let newer players access basic fluff/utility items that don't have grand gamebreaking effects, but you're getting pretty far beyond the line here. I thought it was bad enough when you said everyone should get a free day of demigod, if they were too young to be at the Bal'met finale...
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    Ok, this is getting a little snarky, and not really providing anything of worth.

    Thanks for your suggestion, Jules, but we're not currently considering opening up discontinued wares for general availability!

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