What did you get for the Holidays?

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Somebody who loves me handmade a chess board for christmas and somehow kept is a secret for however long they worked on it. Someone can get it tonight. #victoriasecretsanta #looooooooveit #singletear

What did you get?



  • BluefBluef Delos
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    My gifts included a pair of beautiful earrings I wanted so much, a new wallet (because mine has been falling apart since the day we met), a Doctor Who Yahtzee game, two super warm indigo-blue mittens, and lots and lots of Twisted Peppermint stuff from Bath & Body works. It was all topped off with a delicate silver ring with an amazing oval ruby. I was totally missing my family this year and so Kaie totally spoiled me this Christmas. <3 He didn't make out too bad himself. :wink: 
  • My daughter brought me another head cold from her school. So yay! Mother got me the Princess Bride monopoly set (not yet released, but still), a couple gift cards to Amazon and a tattoo parlor some huge towels that aren't fluffy (Hell yeah, down with fluffy towels!).

    Niece went out and bought a chocolate orange for me, and a toy for my daughter with her own money she saved up to buy people things with. Thought it was sweet. She bought something for Lannah, but I don't remember what hehe.

    Lannah got me a few funko pop figures (Lion-o, Panthro, Sloth from Goonies and Killer Croc from Batman), a couple Kotobuyika statues, a Loot Crate subscription, bunch of books, bunch of wintergreen Altoids, some credits, some items in game.

    Amaranda got me some stuff in the game and some games on Steam!

    No idea if I got anything from Lannah's family, didn't go down with her to NJ since my ankle is messed up and I am sick. She is coming home tomorrow morning so we can spend the evening together though.

    Wouldn't argue if my Mother or in-laws didn't give me anything, but if I try to avoid giving them any suggestions I get yelled at. :o
  • Darktalon said:
    My daughter brought me another head cold from her school. So yay!
    ayy I also got sick for xmas. Trying not to infect my last-minute baking. Coughing and sniffing thru family celebrations. Total bummer. Decided I should abstain from alcohol too, despite there being so much on offer. Fortunately my 5 year old niece didn't ask me to make her a treasure hunt, for once, being too distracted with her new scooter and singing Frozen, so that was a relief.

    I received the most recent Laundry Files book, Anathem, some beer, some amazing Brazilian/Sumatran blend coffee, some Brazil nuts, and some cookie cutters where you cut out the pieces of a rocket ship from dough and then bake and assemble them into a 3D rocket ship cookie.
  • I got nothing. I won't see anyone today either as my plans have all fallen apart in a spectacularly horrible way. Just me, the cat and Achaea. 
    So I am going to have to force feed myself cheer via the game I guess. 

  • I got a headache for Christmas... My wife's family is doing Christmas over here because we're the only ones with a working stove....

  • SharaShara Midlands
    Deladan said:
    I got a headache for Christmas... My wife's family is doing Christmas over here because we're the only ones with a working stove....
    Peace (of mind) be with you!
  • MishgulMishgul Trondheim, Norway
    Mishgul said:
    my dogs bought me a book in norwegian and a jumper to keep myself warm when i take them for walks in the snow. My girl bought me a book in a language I can actually read in, though it would be high expectations to think my dogs would do the same. I also got various giftcards and money so that I could go out and buy my own presents because people who get this wrong will die.
    Sybilla sent me food of the highest quality and i also got prison architect which i cannot stop playing


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  • The Guns of August, Barbara Tuchman
    A shirt my girlfriend designed (might put up a picture later)
    Amazon moneys
    Crown Royal Black
    A pile of notebooks
    Total Recall (the old/good one) on Blu-Ray
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  • I got a nice blouse, socks, shoes, and underwear. My daughter bought me a pillow (love pillows) and silverware (mine keeps disappearing).

    Come on, admit it. Who -didn't- get underwear?!

    From work, I got a neck messager that I LOVE, a scarf set, candle holders, and fudge - mmm, fudge!
    Mishgul wanted Jesus to fix my banner. Neither of us could get it right :(

  • Our Christmas celebrations are scattered all over this year; some were yesterday, some will probably be tomorrow (would have been today but my brother is sick), some will be on Sunday, some will probably be early January, maybe late January.

    Part 1 of my presents: candy and PS3 games (Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection and Borderlands 2).
  • RuthRuth Singapore
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    Glazed apple hand cream and a package of anime and little trinkets that will be arriving in the mail for me today (I think), the Banner Saga and Divinity: Original Sin.
    "Mummy, I'm hungry, but there's no one to eat! :C"


  • DaslinDaslin The place with the oxygen
    Fat load of fuckall aside from a migraine. Did however give my mother her present. Was a chocolate malt from UDF. I'm poor, that's pure decadence to us.
  • MelodieMelodie Port Saint Lucie, Florida
    Just a little money from my mother (bless her). I suppose there may be a card or two in the mail, but hard to say.

    Holidays have not been as bright lately. Gaining cheer from Achaea is helpful, though.
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  • Absolutely nothing! I don't celebrate Christmas, and quite honestly this holiday has always befuddled me. I did however watch The Muppet Christmas carol which I have always loved.
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    I got a hangover. Just kidding, I don't get hangovers. I got a Nikon D3200 DSLR camera earlier this month since don't do the holidays thing.

  • An espresso machine.

    I will never again fall asleep waiting for people to log in and get back to me in-game.
  • Very little, mostly a result of my family leaving me alone, which was the best gift I've received in many years.

    Blissful peace and quiet. Best holiday ever.
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  • I got theraflu from my husband. Great gift for being sick.

  • I didn't really get much this christmast... a shirt, a 50$ gift card, a 10$ scratch off and a key rack. My son got 5 K'nex sets, 6 varied lego sets ( Star Wars/Call of Duty/Batman), an airsoft gun, pj's, a new-to-him computer running Edubuntu (He likes it), 2 remote controlled helicopters (so we can "race"), 4 xbox 360 games. I think Santa did good this year. However Santa has informed me he wishes that he could have bought me credits this year, but he was informed that they simply were not in the budget after Christmas for my son and the assorted gifts he left my nieces and nephews..... 

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