Bandersnatch Hunt



  • AktillumAktillum Philippines
    That was my mistake. We jumped Hirst early in the game but he hermited away and I was like "pt Oh, Hirst isn't in the event". Then he was running around killing egg-holders so I assumed he still hadn't joined the event and was abusing hermit/astralform.

  • I wasn't referring to hirst, and I'm not going to name people because it's not productive.

    Let's just say there was a reason we couldn't stop the Grove flowing.

  • AgriasAgrias Wisconsin
    @Cooper‌ I still can't believe I survived that first encounter with you when you were mind traveling and I was running away. The entire time I was screaming AHHHHH! Gunna die gunna die gunna die! And then you got bored and left and I cried happy tears. ...then you came back and I'm like yeah, you earned this buddy. Then I died.
  • What you didn't see was the group of 4 people from Targossas chasing after me at the same time.

    Your invincible mount is what saved you, though, I didn't have the kai to deal with it.

  • AgriasAgrias Wisconsin
    ...I don't have an invincible mount.
  • Oh. I thought you did. I'll remember that for next time.

  • AgriasAgrias Wisconsin
    Yeah, my monkey isn't mountable.  The frog and the bloodsteed are totally killable.  Hirst likes to do it.  It was probably just swiftmount and sticky stirrups trait.
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