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  • I'm drinking beer now. I can't handle whiskey/scotch. I have a bottle of Elijah 12 and Evan Williams Single Barrel if I wanted it. Maybe a stiff vodka drink would be nice.

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    Cooper said:
    Oh yeah, instant travel to grove/self rezz nifty like donuts too. Everyone else has to pray for 5 minutes.

    God I have a limited vocabulary.

    Except Ashtan, those guys were reasonable and shit.
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  • wow that's awesome. and people complain about this forum software

                   Party right, party hard,

                                            Sing and dance, perfect bard.

                                                                     Prefarar loop, accentato whore,

                                                                                             Buy a new rapier, get nerfed some more.

  • Cooper said:
    Flow being usable was beyond broken and pretty much ruined the event for me. Conceal being usable was fun like doughnuts.

    I hit 62 noose traps and 48 nairat (or 38, can't remember which it was) which was also fun like punching me in the face is.
    Traps were probably mine. <3 I had  a bit too much fun with those.

  • Eleusis had a pretty good crew of people collecting fruits and a decent gank group. I think everyone on our side did loose their fruits at some point in the game, even though conceal and grove flow was available. 

    Grove rezz gave us a pretty sweet advantage, eye sigils from @dunn locked out most our groves though.

    The most unfair thing in the game was the size of that ashtan group!
  • Yeah... the most unfair. Says the guy with grove flow and a common skill equivalent to a level 3 veil. How high are you on a scale of 1 to kite?

  • Plz @Dunn, 30 citizens playing beats grove conceal and flow.
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    Get 30 citizens, bro! That or bully Jhui so he's less popular. I like that option.

  • Rangor said:
    Plz @Dunn, 30 citizens playing beats grove conceal and flow.
    Would Iakimen have been alive at the end of the bandersnatch without grove rezz? Just wondering because I'm not sure if you guys used the tree instead.
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    We had his corpse, so could have rezzed him at the tree yeah.

    Or with alchemist rezz or devo rezz if we had other class skills.
  • XerXer Langley
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    Whattttt, I thought we had his corpse and speared it. Fuuuuu, need to teach our necros to pick up bodies and spear them more quickly! Who cares if we lose a few allies that way, particularly that scrub @Hasar.

    That was what I was trying to do after killing Yae at the end at least - pick up all the fruits, make sure Iakimen dies and gets speared and keep the fight going long enough so that it ends before he gets fruit T_T
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  • Gonna start up that petition for sentinel to be made a neutral ranger class that everyone but Mhaldor can take because they hate plants.

  • XerXer Langley
    What, we'll take Sentinels. Shhhhhhh
    e^(iπ) + 1 = 0
  • No convolution pls. Though, we might trade for access to Cadmus/Hecate with mind batter spam.

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  • You can't Cadmus off mental afflictions, bro.

  • Yah, the stun and three mental afflictions should slow curing down enough to stack other afflictions though.

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  • So you'd take two classes over one? Says a lot about that one, eh?


  • Leave my sentinels alone ok. 

    I'll take occies and LoS from different elevation plz.
  • You can do that with monks, champ.

  • Ain't the same thing man, everyone got monks.
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    Yeah and you have more monks than we have raiding Occies. :)

    I'll take area trapping, sip bonus, utility of meta, out of room axing, ignite and in room stupid fast axing instead. Thanks.

  • Pretty sure we had his body at the end and destroyed it

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    Groves OP in that case. Event is skewed towards the trees and we still won!

  • Yus, your factional advantage with occultists clearly overcame our tree factional advantage. #occiesforeveryone


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  • So what were everyone's overall thoughts about the event? Should it be team-based in the future? Tailor it to be more of an individual event?

    To me this just seems like a smaller-scale CTF.
  • smaller-scale CTF seems fine for one event.

    quiz, tumble races, and to a lesser extent xp are already individual competitions.

    It's nice for the entirety of Achaea to be able to participate in a points event by rallying behind someone and helping their chances of winning.

    Wouldn't want a Jaizsur alt'ing up every 50 years and winning the same 3 events and staff because it became so individualized.

  • Fine the way it is for the general idea behind the event. Some things need tweaked.

    1. No more instant indoors losing your fruit. Small delay so if you accidentally walk into a room you can walk out quickly without losing all your points.

    2. Remove grove conceal

    3. Remove grove flow

    4. Punish people who are "participating" in the event but don't actually join it.

    5. Remove effects like icewalls, frozen ground, banana peels, gravehands, piety, tower tarot, etc. go away very quickly. Like 10% duration if you aren't in the room with it. (Mostly to prevent Targossas from putting piety in 50 rooms and having the person who laid them go sit in Targossas so they are there the whole time)

    6. Remove soul rezz (devotion/alch fine, they require a body).

    7. Make traps/ground runes either not work or put some sort of limit on how many you can have out during the event. One person focusing on one person with any of those can pretty much nullify any chance they have at participating.

    I could probably think of others, but those are the major things I noticed this time.

  • Who was participating without joining? People keep bringing that up but nobody has a true example.
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