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    I'll post what @Jurixe came up with on the fly with a little inspiration for me! (I like it. If you don't, go suck an egg.)

    Brief: a silver-winged belt with black crystal/a sweeping belt of silver wings

    Dropped: Sweeping wings of bright silver form a sturdy belt discarded here.

    Examined: Fashioned entirely from radiant silver, this unyielding belt wraps around the back of the wearer in a two-inch wide band, the ends widening as they curve over the hips and dip slightly towards the front in the shape of two feathery Atavian wings. The belt bears careful etching throughout to create the illusion of feathery texture, as though it was composed of real wings dipped in molten silver. A large orb of black crystal gleams darkly from a silver setting on the front of the belt - a faint ring of menacing crimson sometimes visible within the unfathomable depths. Discreetly hidden, the presence of a tiny hinge below the orb hints at a capacity for storage. Attached to the setting is a small hook, which the wearer may use to clasp the belt securely by hooking it through a matching hoop on the tip of the other wing.
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    Kyrra said:
    @Jurixe is excellent with designing, better than @Agrias
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    Customisation job I had for someone's fishscale tunic.  I doubt I can ever do better than this.

    SHORT_DESC a duskfin tunic

    LONG_DESC Beige scales glittering forlornly, a duskfin tunic has been
    left behind here.

    EXTENDED_DESC Small glinting scales of pale beige overlap themselves
    upon a fine mesh of braided kelp. Form-fitting, the scales move and flex
    with the wearer, allowing the garment to breathe and stretch. Across the
    neckline, the garment has been cross-stitched with thick corded leather,
    allowing for further adjustments in fitting. Underneath the arms,
    indigo-black fins have been sown onto the braided kelp. The bottom edge
    of the tunic has been tailored to very finely, rolling up and underneath
    the material, effectively hiding the seams from casual observers.
    Finlets have been attached to the shoulders and taper down the sides of
    each arm, giving a serrated appearance to the tunic when viewed from the

    EDIT: All I could find was my html log, which only had the rough draft.  Too lazy to go ask for the finalised description.
  • Kyrra said:
    @Jurixe is excellent with designing, better than @Agrias
    I was about to yell at you, but then remembered that I still haven't finished your shield. I did your weapons and armour though!

  • AgriasAgrias Wisconsin
    Yeah. I designed her falcon.
  • JurixeJurixe Where you least expect it
    So since I have nothing to do again for the third day in a row (at least for the next two hours or so), yup, anyone who wants something designed can let me know via inbox if they want.

    Tomorrow I fly off for a wedding, so this will probably be the last for a while!
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    @Trey is pretty amazing and designs weapons and armour with such amazing detail. My rapiers are fantastic and my fullplate looks sexy, and they all match. I'll post the descriptions when I am not on my phone.
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  • Agrias said:
    Yeah. I designed her falcon.
    Which she does not like as much as her blades and fullplate.

  • Trying to get my staff turned into a guidon. Hopefully it passes 

  • KyrraKyrra Australia
    The following are examples of @Trey's designs.

    a graceful court-style rapier of dark-hued steel

    Gleaming brightly on the ground is a red-handled rapier.

    A weapon fit for the highborn, this rapier bears a balance without peer. The slender blade extends 
    an arm's length from the hand; weighted for thrusting, its point whips effortlessly through the air 
    at the behest of its wielder. Crafted of folded steel, a curiously light pattern of crackling silver 
    graces its surface, dancing lightly along the flat of the blade. The pattern flows seamlessly into 
    an ornate silver basket-hilt, the broad strands shaped to resemble a stylistic spiderweb wrapping 
    protectively around the hand, a small ring jutting above to act as the ricasso. Dangling from the 
    ring is a small silver spider, the diminutive charm graced with a single marquis-cut garnet set in 
    the abdomen. Supple leather, dyed a rich carmine hue, wraps tightly around the fencer's grip, and 
    the handle is capped with a silver bell pommel, providing perfect balance to this elegant weapon. 
    Etched lightly on the throat of the blade is the smith's mark: crossed rapiers over a forge, the 
    initials "T.A." to either side in flowing calligraphy.
    a slender parrying blade of dark-hued steel

    Glinting upon the ground, a fine blade lies discarded here.

    This elegant weapon is meant to serve as a partner to a longer blade. The slender blade extends a 
    mere foot from the wielder's hand, the dark-hued steel crackled with a silver pattern, a jagged 
    series of spiderwebs rippling down the length of steel. Thicker than most weapons of its size, the 
    triangular blade is strengthened to catch and bat aside the blows of an enemy, and serves well to 
    better slip through weaknesses in armour. A polished silver crosspiece extends to either side, the 
    twin spars curling upward like the horns of a bull, and they bear minute scratches from countless 
    blades caught upon their surfaces. Supple El'Jaziran leather provides a comfortable hold around the 
    fencer's grip, dyed a rich carmine hue, a striking contrast to the silver. The pommel is a stylistic 
    heavy silver orb worked to resemble a spider, a trillion-cut garnet adorning its thorax. Etched into 
    the throat of the blade is a minute smith's mark: crossed rapiers over a forge, the initials "T.A." 
    to either side in flowing calligraphy.
    form-fitting armour of Dala'myrr chitin and chain

    A sheen of red and violet graces the plates of the dark armour on the ground here.

    Chitin from a fearsome Dala'myrr, rather than steel, composes the plates of this formidable armour. 
    The smooth, glossy surface of the armour first appears ink-black, mirror-polished obsidian. As light 
    plays over its surface, however, cloudy whorls of crimson and violet winding sinuously around one 
    another are revealed. The impenetrable chitin forms greaves, bracers, spaulders, pauldrons, an 
    armoured spine and a breastplate, the form-fitting feminine curves leaving little mystery as to the 
    owner's gender. The various segments are fastened to a suit of fine chain mesh, blackened to reflect 
    little light and set against a cushioned backing of sable leather. The supple calfskin cushions 
    against hammer blows, and summarily makes the armour feel akin to a full-body glove. Seemingly the 
    only addition of pure embellishment, a lip of silver has been worked around the edges of the plating,
     a stylised ribbon of spiderwebs framing each piece in an attractive border. Etched into the 
    underside of the breastplate is a minute smith's mark: crossed rapiers over a forge, the initials 'T.
    A.' to either side in flowing calligraphy.
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  • I'm planning on customizing my Shield of Absorption and at present, these are the ideas I have.

    DESC : A broad/valiant/tower/colossal/grand shield of reinforced steel
               A massive/mountainous/large/colossal shield of ancient/reinforced oakwood

    The imagery I have is a large, heavy looking shield(pretty much like a tower shield)

    Trying to pick between the adjectives - ideas, criticism and opinions would be awesome.

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  • TharvisTharvis The Land of Beer and Chocolate!

    go for the colossal shield of reinforced oakwood

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    @Exelethril‌ IMO, ancient oakwood sounds really awesome. 'massive' sort of goes naturally with ancient. so, a massive shield of ancient oakwood.

    Ok, so I designed these a while ago for a clan that I am no longer a part of, and personally I don't believe the designs will ever be used by that clan anyway. This is probably because they are awful. Thoughts/comments?

    a black velvet cloak depicting the Dance of the Vault:

    Thick black velvet makes up this luxurious cloak, but the ebon cloth is interrupted by gleaming patterns of silvery-white thread. In sweeping elegance, the emblems of the Dance of the Vault are embroidered on the back of the cloak. Near the bottom-left is sewn the coiled serpent, and at the bottom-right the regal winged lion. Above them both is the thornless rose, its petals stitched with breathtaking skill. Smaller constellations are sewn in silver on the inner portion of the cloak and the hood. A silver clasp near the throat gleams with subtle brilliance.

    a ring of the Morning Star:

    A gleaming silver band contrasts strikingly with the dazzling gemstones set in this ring. Foremost among the gems is a brilliantly blue sapphire, cut in the shape of a teardrop to represent the core of Ethian, the Morning Star. Smaller diamonds form a curve that extends from one side of the sapphire, forming a tail for this jewelled comet.

    I know they're pretty short in comparison to the average Achaean description, but I honestly couldn't think of anything else to say... 

    EDIT: I mean I guess could think of other things to say but that would mean either reusing adjectives or going into the deep dark parts of a thesaurus, and possibly using words with the wrong connotations or something.

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    YAY! I GOTTED IT! I GOTS IT! @Jurixe Did a WONDEROUS job. And I now am the proud owner of...

    Sweeping wings of bright silver form a sturdy belt, which rests upon the ground.

    a sweeping belt of silver wings.

    Fashioned entirely from radiant silver, this unyielding belt wraps around the back of the wearer in 

    a two-inch wide band, the ends widening as they curve over the hips and dip slightly towards the 

    front in the shape of two feathery Atavian wings. The belt bears careful etching throughout to 

    create the illusion of feathery texture, as though it was composed of real wings dipped in molten 

    silver. A large orb of black crystal gleams darkly from a silver setting on the front of the belt: a 

    faint ring of menacing crimson sometimes visible within the unfathomable depths. Discreetly hidden, 

    the presence of a tiny hinge below the orb hints at a capacity for storage. Attached to the setting 

    is a small hook, which the wearer may use to clasp the belt securely by hooking it through a 

    matching hoop on the tip of the other wing.

  • Trey said:

    How silly of me, this isn't gaudy.

    Maefeng said:

    <Complete description of Maefeng's customised peryton, Belias. 

    @Trey, @Mishgul, @Tharvis, @miscellaneous haters, critics, and critters: Extravagance and taste are up to interpretation. Maefeng happens to have very expensive taste and a thing for gemstones, other fine materials, and the elements, hence that peryton's description.

    Here are some designs that those that imply that all of my designs are flashy (... et cetera) have likely never seen. As I have stated before, I do simpler and less flashy designs, too.

    APPEARANCE: fur-cuffed ankle boots of white ennelin hide

    EXAMINED: Fat-tanned and smoked by a master leather worker, the hide of a snow-white ennelin has been converted into the durable leather of these white ankle boots. Dense white fur from the same feline lines the interior of each boot, providing luxurious softness and cushioning to the wearer. Initially reaching the mid-calf, the cuffs have been folded down and sewn into place to convert them into fur-cuffed ankle boots. Each cuff is split and hemmed at an angle in the front to form two sharp peaks. Capped with white ennelin bone aglets, braided ivory laces of ennelin leather are fed through six grommets of the same bone. Supple threading of ennelin sinew melds the boots together and expands when moist, closing the needle holes so that virtually no water can pass through them. Highly puncture-resistant, the outsoles are comprised of several layers of leather toughened beyond the other leather. Neatly branded into the underside of the tongue is a three-dimensional image of a rose bloom cradling a trillion-cut gemstone, a hallmark of the designer.

    APPEARANCE: a white loincloth of gleaming ennelin fur

    EXAMINED: Extending to the upper thigh and covering the buttocks entirely when its wearer is standing, this flawlessly white loincloth has been crafted from the pelt of a snowy ennelin. The barbaric raiment wraps around the hips of the wearer, closed via a braided cord of white hydra leather running the whole way through the pelt within a barely noticeable tube. Composed of a single, rounded strip of pelt, the garment leaves a tasteful glimpse of one of the hips. Without harming the integrity of the luxuriously soft fur, the feline hide has been masterfully treated to not chafe the wearer’s skin. Cleanly branded into the hide is a three-dimensional image of a rose bloom cradling a trillion-cut gemstone, a hallmark of the designer.

    APPEARANCE: a long black restraint ribbon

    EXAMINED: Measuring five feet in length, one-quarter of an inch thick, and just under three inches in width, this stygian ribbon of blended cashmere and silk is exceptionally versatile. The size and tincture of the ribbon make it a worthy accessory for even the most unorthodox occasions, while its fabric is strong enough to restrain or even drag something or someone. Crafted with great deliberation, the ribbon has been hemmed with a fell seam technique, thus reducing the likelihood that its edges will fray while increasing its aesthetic appeal. Comprised of caliginous taffeta silk that shimmers when touched by the light, a tiny illustration of a rose bloom cradling a trillion-cut gemstone is tactfully embroidered onto the ribbon.

    APPEARANCE: formal white trousers with black titanium buttons

    EXAMINED: Reminiscent of immaculately white bone bleached by the desert sun, the soft yet durable exterior of these dress trousers has been cropped from two sheets of alabaster spider silk. Devoid of blacks and greys, each thread’s whiteness is bested only by pure light. Shimmering chenille silk of stygian cast comprises the thin interior of the trousers, providing luxurious softness and warmth to the wearer. Crafted with active lifestyles and rough terrain in mind, the hems, knees, and inseam have been doubly reinforced without harming the overall aesthetics of the trousers. Seven thin belt loops ring the top hem and are interiorly armoured with white titanium chain mail. The mail acts as a guard for when daggers or stiletto blades are kept in the loops for quick access. Three circular buttons of atrous titanium close the considerately sized fly. Each button has been assiduously engraved with a remarkably detailed image of a rose bloom cradling a trillion-cut gemstone, the insignia of the designer.

    APPEARANCE: lustrous cufflinks of premium black titanium

    EXAMINED: Comprised of impeccably burnished black titanium and embossed with a stunningly realistic black hydra, these triangular cufflinks are designed for scrupulous tastes. Razor-sharp teeth and claws Superior to most other metals in terms of both aesthetic and physical integrity, the metal of these prestigious fasteners will allow them to retain their appeal for many decades to come. Deeply engraved into the ventral side of each cufflink is a strikingly detailed illustration of a rose bloom cradling a trillion-cut gemstone. An inscription inlaid with molten platinum neighbors each opus.

    APPEARANCE: a titanium-armoured Baalzadeen mask

    EXAMINED: Its long black barbs kept intact, the nightmarish face of a malefic Baalzadeen has been surgically removed and accented with argent titanium to create this sinister mask. The fires of the Inferno dancing within them, cabochons of pleochroic black opal have replaced the stygian demon’s eyes beneath a titanium visor. Concentrated lacerations form small grates on either side of the demon’s covered nose, the ripped flesh allowing the wearer to see the world through a vile perspective. Almost as if the demonic servitor is coming to reclaim its face, its thin lips and razor-like, titanium-coated teeth form a baleful grin, the gleaming needles obscuring the nose and mouth of the wearer. When worn, the mask’s forehead aligns perfectly with its host’s hairline. Titanium encases the creature’s jaw, shielding both the creature and its wearer from uppercuts and similar blows. Devoid of its powerful torso, the abomination’s once sinewy neck has been severed and cauterised just above the manubrium. Four thin ropes of silver hydra leather keep the mask secured, and an image of a rose bloom cradling a trillion-cut gemstone in its centre has been deeply branded into the cruel beast’s throat.

    APPEARANCE: an assassin’s sarong infested with shadows

    EXAMINED: Crafted from a textile blend of pashmina and linen, this durable, floor-length sarong possesses a bottom quarter inundated by atrous murk. Their body below their necks invisible, seven argent hydra heads sprout from the pitch to devour an unseen prey hovering above the wearer’s knees. Serpentine tongues lick at the smoky cinereous sky dominating the remainder of the sarong. Designed to be suspended at the waist, the garment keeps the legs warm and concealed. Suitable for both grueling combat and drawn-out assassinations, the fabric fails to produce noise even while the wearer is sprinting. When wrapped and secured properly, the sarong allows enough leg movement for feats such as axe kicks and cartwheels. Tactfully embroidered into the interior with argent silk threading is a barely noticeable rose bloom bearing a trillion-cut black diamond in its centre.

    APPEARANCE: a razor fiend headdress

    EXAMINED: Blood-shot, glassy eyes gaze upon the world with lifeless abandon, belonging to the silver razor fiend posed to form this wanton headdress. One gnarled, clawed hand is placed over the eyes of the wearer, thin slots between the bony fingers allowing one final glimpse before death. Grinning with murderous contempt even in death, the lesser daemon threatens to slice the throat of the wearer with its nocuous claws stained by the blood of past victims. As dry and sticky as cooled resin, effervescent saliva blacker than ink glistens as it leaks from crevices between the fiend’s knife-like teeth. The creature’s emaciated abdomen and torso are held away from the wearer’s head by knobby legs. An image of a rose bloom cradling a trillion-cut gemstone in its centre has been deeply branded into the cruel beast’s throat.

  • MishgulMishgul Trondheim, Norway



    One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important

    As drawn by Shayde
    hic locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae
  • @Mishgul, a while ago you had "Liked" Trey's comment ("How silly of me, this isn't gaudy.") so I figured you agreed with him. If you didn't/don't agree with him, then you're exempt. 

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    I didn't have the final version of the cufflinks in my MSWord file at the time of my last post. Here is the correct description...

    Comprised of impeccably burnished black titanium and embossed with a stunningly realistic black hydra, these triangular cufflinks are designed for scrupulous tastes. Several sets of nocuous claws and teeth lend the legendary beast ferocity true to its nature. Superior to most other metals in terms of both aesthetic and physical integrity, the metal of these prestigious fasteners will allow them to retain their appeal for many decades to come. Deeply engraved into the ventral side of each cufflink is a strikingly detailed illustration of a rose bloom cradling a trillion-cut gemstone. An inscription inlaid with molten platinum encircles each elegant opus.

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    'cause I can. To date, one of my own favourites:

    a sand-filled amulet strung on silken cord

    An amulet fashioned from a tiny bottle has been tossed here, the cork preventing the contents from spilling.

    Suspended from a thin cord of ebon silk, a translucent glass amulet has been carefully blown into the shape of a bottle. Within the confines, several different types of sand have been carefully layered, displaying a veritable rainbow. The bottom is gritty, interspersed with flecks of glistening salt, heralding the shores of Tapoa. The next layer consists of somewhat finer grains, shards of quartz winking from amidst the sienna tone. The third course is little more than silt, but the tiny hints of iridescent pearl belie the origin of Lothos. The following tiers are a sharp contrast: the pristine white granules gathered from Zanzibaar stand starkly out against the black volcanic sand harvested from Polyargos. The remainder of the space is filled with what is scarcely more than finely crushed gravel, the coarse, unforgiving particles liberated from the famed Shipwreck Isle. A tiny silver bell has been fastened to the neck of the bottle, and the mouth is stoppered with a sliver of cork still redolent of rum.


    Oh and also*:

    a sinister ring depicting a savage beast of legend

    Lurking in the shadows, a ring twisted into a mythical beast lies here, awaiting an unfortunate finger.

    Forged in the depths of some lunatic mind, this twisted piece of steel has been carefully crafted to resemble the mythical beast of legend: a creature with the head of a shark, the body of a bear and the menacing, sucker-laden tentacles of an octopus. Several inches in length, the ring spans three-quarters of a finger, the tentacles twisting downward to form the band to hold the jewelry in place. The haunches and back of the furry carnivore hunker against the knuckle, the intricate engraving turning the pelt into a series of needle-sharp spikes. Extending towards the tip of the finger, the massive mouth of the cold-blooded predator yawns open, row upon row of tiny ivory teeth visible in its gaping maw. Two miniscule obsidian beads represent the glass-like, emotionless eyes of the marine terrorist, finishing off this sinister depiction of the fabled nightmare-inducing creature.

    *I tried to sneak 'bearsharktopus' into the dropped desc, but they wouldn't let me :(

  • No no Taraus, that's ok, but this was  a far better piece of your work IMO.


    A spyglass crafted from salvaged wreckage


     A sinister spyglass rolls on the ground here, fallen from the pirate's hand


    Pieced together by an innovative hand, this portentous spyglass hosts a variety
    of disparate materials, each originating from a different source. Crafted from
    the salvaged wreckage of sunken vessels, each part serves as testament to the
    skill of the captain who sent the protesting bones beneath. The nesting,
    graduated tubes that form the lens shaft have been made from several slender
    strips of wood, each differing in hue and grain quality. The miniature staves
    have been carefully fitted to form the sleek barrel shape, and tiny bands of
    copper and brass hold the cylinders together. Like the natural material of the
    body, the metals used on the spyglass vary in colour and texture; brightly
    polished and glinting in some places, heavily pocked and verdigrised in others.
    Three tendril-thin strips of sail canvas have been braided to form a fine rope,
    the lanyard fastened to one end of the glass, allowing it to be hung from a belt
    or wrist.

  • So many pretty things, so little time!

  • DaslinDaslin The place with the oxygen

    Oi! @Coeur, come back.

  • If there are any designers out there offering their services, I have a couple of artefacts I'd like to get customisations for. I'm willing to pay, if it's within reason. Send me a message, or a tell, or a letter. Heck, send a pigeon if you want.
    I do have specific ideas in mind for what I want, so if you can work with me, that is a bonus.
  • AmunetAmunet Spokane, Washington, USA
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    My biggest problem with designing is that I will look back through my old, preserved designs, and spot glaring errors, or better ways to have worded something. I end up hating literally everything that I create. Still, there are a few designs whose concepts I still love, even if I desperately wish I could change the description. Maybe I'll submit new, revised ones as separate designs.

    a pair of black gloves plated with iron
    A pair of iron-plated gloves have been abandoned here by their overlord.
    Pieced together from the most impenetrable bits of a wyvern's hide, these gloves encase the hands of their wearer in unparalleled protection from the elements. Thick plates of gleaming black iron have been affixed to the topside of the metacarpal region, perfect for backhanding one's underlings and intimidating those serfs who have been incised to rebel. The fingers have been likewise wrapped in metal, with hinges placed at the joint of each phalange to accommodate ease of movement. The plates end in razor-sharp, yet elegant points jutting slightly passed the fingertip, adding an air of aristocracy to the menace these gloves inspire.
    a vexatious shirt of drab, brown hair
    A hair shirt has been blissfully discarded.
    Crafted as a symbol of its wearer's devotion, this utilitarian garment looks decidedly uncomfortable. Filthy bristles of wiry, brown hair have been spun into stiff threads, which are woven tightly together to create a rough, unrefined fabric that will undoubtedly irritate the skin beneath it. The simple scoop neckline rests high against the wearer's clavicles, stretching into long, loose sleeves that end just below the wrists. No fastenings mar the shirt's uniformity, but an embroidery of sorts winds its way through the disgusting material. Rendered in thick, greasy strands of black and grey, the mark of the twin has been haphazardly stitched in sloppy, uneven rows, covering the surface in endless repetition.
    a platinum devotional medallion
    A devotional medallion lies here, abandoned by a heretic.
    A slim chain of platinum suspends a thin oval of like metal over the centre of the wearer's chest. The handsome figure of a barkeep has been painstakingly etched into its surface, every detail of his appearance rendered with impeccable clarity to ensure his identity cannot be mistaken. Bottles of liquor, varying in their dimensions, span the width of the medallion, attractively arranged upon a tidy counter. The barkeep stands proudly behind the array, a cocktail glass and polishing rag combined within his capable hands.

    And, this one wasn't done by me, but @Morro designed it, and @Orklanishkal proposed with it:

    a flimsy tin engagement ring
    A cheap ring blends in among debris. 
    Crafted from a meagre strip of tin, this dented band has been thoroughly polished on one side in an attempt to mimic the glisten of more precious metals. The other half remains appallingly dingy, as if its crafter merely gave up. Four rusted steel prongs rest at the ring's apex, holding aloft a shard of glass cut to roughly resemble a jewel of modest proportions. Deep green in colour and sharp to the touch, the glass possesses the faint, yet sour aroma of stale alcohol. Its jagged surface emits a dull and uninspiring glitter, apparent whenever the stone wiggles within its shoddy setting.

    My avatar is an image created by this very talented gentleman, of whose work I am extremely jealous. It was not originally a picture of Amunet, but it certainly looks a great deal like how I envision her!
  • TarausTaraus The Gypsy Wind
    so after years of doing it for everyone else, I finally caved and custo'd one of my own arties (credit to @Trey for inspiration):

    a motley guttersnipe's bow

    Dropped by a flagrant vagrant, feather and bell decorate this motley bow.

    Fit for a cad's wielding, an array of disparate materials have been cobbled together, crafting a deadly, if motley, recurve bow. The sinister arc of upper and lower limbs are created by mercilessly bent switches of young bamboo and osage orange, the still-green timber flexed to retain the taut curve. The mismatched woods meet in discordant harmony, joined by a handle hewn from a chunk of driftwood. A series of intricate, whimsical carvings scrimshaw the smooth surface of the weatherworn tidewrack, with a scrap of patchwork bandana tied around the grip as a cushioning afterthought. A thin, resilient cord of twisted horsehair spans the nocks, an entwined tendril of platinum throwing a glinting sparkle from the otherwise dull bowstring, and a jade bead rests at the centre to guide a drawn arrow. A single, slate-hued falcon feather spins from the top, the windcatcher plumage serving as a tell, and a shining silver bell dangles beneath, each fired projectile accompanied by a tell-tale jingle.

  • The robes which I maxed the examined out on. I was shocked. 

    sinister assassins robes with an eagle beak hood

    Dark as night, a set of assassins robes lie here.

    Blending elegance with ominous intent, these assassins robes are crafted of durable fabric 
    dyed a sooty piceous hue. A burst of colour frames the face from the scarlet fabric which 
    lines the hood's interior. The inlays lurid hue is predominantly visible around the jaw 
    and neck, casting a suppressed blood-red flush to the flesh. The voluminous cowl covers 
    the head fully, and droops down across the forehead and brow to end at the bridge of the 
    nose, flowing to a sharp beak-like point. It is the avian look of the mantle which reveals 
    the nature of the thick embroidery stitched upon it, the pattern a stylised rendition of 
    an eagle. The same charcoal decoration continues down the length of the robes, presenting 
    in a variety of styles and emblems: from an insignia of an assassin on the right shoulder, 
    to runic-esque symbols around the robes uneven, the Bastion is fully represented. The 
    decorative flourishes keep these robes from being too plain, maintaining a fine balance 
    between simplicity and ostentatious design suitable for an assassin servicing a royal 
    court. The robes fit tautly from the shoulders to waist in an unbroken obsidian embrace, 
    before the fit eases at the waist and ripples to mid-calf. Below the waist, the centre of 
    the robes are layered and worn open, affording an efficiency of easy movement when needed, 
    and freeing the legs from any hindrance. The bottom layer of the robes are cut in a 
    rounded hemline across the shins. The next layer is sharply-tapered and intricately 
    embroidered, the applique reminiscent of a blade's curving edge, while the uppermost layer 
    is a short decoration which frames the waist, ending a few inches above the pelvis. The 
    back of the robes lie in two layers, the bottom hemline stretches almost to the ankles, 
    while the waist-length layer from the front folds around the hips, and extends in tear-
    shaped lapels to the back of the knee. The full-length sleeves mould tautly to the arms, 
    ending at the wrist with enough room to fit a dagger sheathe beneath.

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