End of the Year rave/thank you/recap



  • @Verily this is my first OOC year as Jinsun, and you were the first person I really got to know in the house. You were the perfect mentor for Jinsun. stern, to the point, and demanding but always helpI'ful! You have saved my ass numerous times and lectured me more. Thank you so much for all that you do!

    @Wyntiri you are probably the most understanding person I've met in Achaea, and probably the perfect person to RP with Jinsun. You had to go for awhile, but I know everyone is glad you're back! I can't wait to see all the amazing things you're gonna do. It's always great to have you working just as hard on House and self improvement as I am.

    @Fitz you grumpy, grumpy man. By far, you are one of my favorite people to debate with, and you should come around and talk more! Thank you for all your help with research and projects!

    @Lianca You probably push me as much, if not more than, I push myself. I've always enjoyed that no matter how much other people compliment and say or how cocky I get, you're always going to remind me how bad I suck. Goals or difficult, but getting you to acknowledge them without a cross word is something to really strive for! You push me, and I'm so grateful for that. Also, you're a wonderful Demiurge! Most people don't know it, but you really helped me understand some combat things that I never could get before. Thank you.

    @Flair I miss you. Get your grodie ass back here.

    @Jozlyn I know I'm not always the best son, but you have been an amazing mom and friend. I love our ridiculous party chats and dj sessions. I also love our mutual love for rum, binge drinking, and cursing.

    @Sybilla My adopted sister! You are quick to correct me, and are always the hardest working member of our house. When I first got here, you were my proverbial benchmark. I just wanted to keep up with you! Little did I know, you can outwork the best of us. Thank you so much for our chats and for helping me whenever you can.

    @Baatti I lur you bebe.

    @Aelios Bitch. Infinite Bitch. SUCH A BITCH, but the one person who became a constant OOC friend despite hating each other IC. It's always fun to talk to you about fights after we die. Thanks for not being a twat.

    @Targossas @Santar @Mithridates @Aleksandra see above ^don't be a douche^ be nice when you get jumped like Aelios is to me.

    @Atalkez you are either the funniest or the dumbest person in Achaea, I haven't decided. However, I loved our talk right before you converted. It felt cool to take part in taking someone from targ. Sorry they sent you back to Minia.

    @Hirst, @Dunn, @Jhui, @Sohl, @Nemutaur, @Icaru thank you all so much for teaching me about combat. Jinsun is the first character I've ever had that didn't suck infinitely at fighting. I'm finally learning some things and I love it. Thank you all. Also, Hirst thanks for killing ours with me on a ship trade. Sorry that I'm an inept sailor.

    @Taraus I always love the way you interact with me. Probably one of the most interesting bonds I've made. Thank you for being my second mom.

    @Nieelensars thank you for being my cheerleader. It's nice to have one, haha.

    @Colivar sorry I laid into you earlier this year, and I'm sorry we manage ot piss each other off so much. I know your attitude is a major part of who you are, and I will probably always hate it.

    @Caladbolg @Saladbowl love you bro, but fuck blademasters.

    @Indaba Rabadaba, my old friend that most of Achaea probably doesn't even know I know. You are probably the nicest person in game and I'm almost always sad that Jinsun has virtually no ties to you. I love our random OOC talks and spam hellos.

    Sorry this is so incredibly wrong.

    TL;DR Ashtan Rox, a few people I like OOC including two Targossians and screw a few select Targossians. If I forgot someone, I'm sorry!
  • @Tanris I lost you this year, friend. I tried to talk you out of it, but you're a stubborn fucker. You probably won't even read this, but fuck you. I miss you.

    @Jarrod Best AFK earring NA. Been together since Mhaldor and I'm not going to delve into what goes on in the Overseer's office during our private Archon meetings.

    @Nemutaur ZE GERMAN. Shenanigans are always fun with you. You my dude.

    @Jhui @Gyrth @Yiwen @Narcos Best pickups 2013. Better than Jhui's luck with trades in fantasy football this year (SERIOUSLY WHY DID PEOPLE TRADE WITH HIM?). Love you dudes in the least platonic way possible and I dunno where we'd be without you all. We get into deep shit and pull eachother out somehow.

    @Triak You gotta stop bashing. The intervention is next week.

    @Kyrra <33333333333 You're crazy in the best way.

    @Sohl Quit the Navy please. Come back.

  • I didn't write a proper rave before, so here it is:

    @Sybilla For being awesome to RP with and just awesome in general. Thank you for all of it. Syb was a really unlikely friend for Jira, but it's turned out in such an interesting way.

    @Lianca For being lots of fun to play with, for the help transitioning, for being understanding, and for all the interesting RP. Also the only reason your Logosmas gift hasn't made the raves thread is because I intend to draw a cartoon about it.

    @Corbeaux You(r character) is a terrible, despicable person and I want him back :(

    @Babel After coming from years of having a dormant Patron, every denizen interaction felt really special, but even beyond that I loved how clever Setyond and his ravens were. Thank you.

    @Ourania You are always so much fun, and Skuld always brightens my day-- and Jiraishin's, which is hilarious to play.

    @Tvistor for being cool OOC

    @Amunet Come back!

    @Taraus and @Verily It's been fun connecting with both of you. You always make hanging out at the bar more interesting.

    @Alissan My loyal minion. I can't believe I missed you coming back while I was dormant. When you came back that first time after being dormant for ages, you don't know how delighted I was. You're always just so fun to play with. I have never regretted at all any of the late nights I spent RPing with you.

    @Herenicus It was nice to see you again. Maybe we'll be able to RP more in the future-- I regret somewhat that Jiraishin's personality kept him from talking much to you even when you were at Fire & Spice.

    @Chryenth I've said it before, but it bears repeating: I love your stories.

    Finally, a collective rave for everyone I forgot to put in the above list. Thank you, all of you.

    The soul of Ashmond says, "Always with the sniping."

    (Clan): Ictinus says, "Stop it Jiraishin, you're making me like you."
  • @Lachlan : For being the first person to talk to me after my 7 year RL absence from the game, showing me around Targossas and handling my onslaught of questions about things like: Why am I no longer in @Ourania's order? Where are the Dawnstriders? Wait what? Shallam's gone too!? You may pretend to be made of ice, but you've always been a dear to Siduri.

    @Kaiu : Sugah mommy, 'nuff said. I remember ratting in the subdivisions, then like an angel you appear out of nowhere and say: "Hi, I'm Kaiu, welcome to Targossas" Then proceed to fill my rift with all sort of goodies. Heck, I'm still running on those reserves today!

    @Bouff : Being a coding god, always jumping on every question I may have about mudlet, and basically helping me tons into the crafting of my new combat system.

    @Santar : Sniping with you is awesome, together we can do great things!

    @Tesha : For putting up with everything Siddy throws at you with a smile and a blush, even the less savory kind, and for all those priceless moments we've had messing with people. If I could say I have a partner in crime within Targossas, it'd be you.

    @Guy : I don't know where you went, kid, and Siddy's still a bit bitter about you chosing to be a Wintermourne over an Azagnanna, but I miss you lots. You're my pride and joy as a protege, don't forget this ever.

    @Gibbi : You make me smile, and are a great RPer along with a treasure trove of knowledge and discoveries, I look forward to working more with you.

    @Mica, @Elone and @Vaiwa : I know you don't read the forums, but I want to tag you in case you one day read this. You light up my day when I see you three, and I want to thank you for being the awesome family that you are.

    @Aurora and @Deucalion : Your active presence in the city, be it through small, hilarious events, or through constant guidance, is really shaping the way we perceive and interact with Sapience. Siduri had never been convinced by the likes of Lorielan, Mithraea, Miramar and Pentharian in the past, but you make the path of Good very clear and enjoyable.

    @Targossas for being the awesome beacon of Good we've been hoping to get for the last 15 RL years.

    @Hashan for the overall nice interactions I've had with all of those I've threatened to hunt and kill recently, you know who you are.

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    @Aurora and the Aarash Kheyr are the best thing :)

    And Thorge. And Triftee was a laugh :D

    ETA: Forgot Distuya and Baerunis, and that one dude that has a huge crush on @Halos. The one in the fancy suit. They're all aces, too :)
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    I've seen a lot of these being written and although I usually don't post. I like the idea of thanking those IG, so here is my contribution:


    @Daklore @Lisbethae - You guys have been the best, you listen to any problem I have and advise me when I ask for it. I could not ask for better IG Parents. No matter if you disagree with an action of mine, your always there for me and I just wanted to tell you how much I love and appreciate you and hope it'll last for many years to come.

    and now:

    @Samhadi - For showing me that life is all about perspective. You sooo need to come back!

    @Beorji - for being the best IG Husband ever and for actively accepting the craziness that can sometimes be the Etienne family.

    @Deeva - You showed me to hold my head high and be proud of myself even when people are talking rubbish behind my back. That some people will gossip just for the sake of something to do and I shouldn't let it bother me. I miss you!

    @Chryseas - for always making me smile and letting me be that little bit crazy when all else seemed to be getting at me. It good to have a friend that allows that part of you without judging. I love you lady!

    @Finchy - You are a great friend IG and OOC. Your always so supportive and well, just for being you! ;)

    @ Leinad - For always being the voice of reason and the neutral party. Also for that one moment I was so mad, I could of exploded. You took me aside, told me to draw my sword and get it out of my system. You'll always hold a special place in my heart.

    @Ruca & @Snaugh - For being the best kids ever, I adore you to pieces and you make me so happy when I get to see you. You've helped keep me sane and I'll forever love you guys.

    @Verrucht - Although people say you can be a grumpy git at times, I love that about you and you always tell me what your thinking. I appreciate your honesty. Don't Change!

    @Garao - Yes, we had our moments and at times I wanted to string you up but overall your a great guy and I hope that you finally find your calling and stick at it. You were a great help when it came to coding and gave me combat advise when I asked for it.

    @Carmain - for being a good friend during bad times, thanks man!

    There are a few more I'd like to thank but I'll be here all day at this rate, so to: @Naomh, @Allene, @Somerled, @Kardal, @Rinzai, @Daslin, @Khairt, @Keahi, @Anedhel, @Ferseth, @Souhi, @Isis and @Sevin - Thanks for making Achaea fun!

    Here's to 2014!

    Elaina x

  • None of you. Cept jovo
  • Seftin said:

    None of you. Cept jovo

    But I said Merry Christmas to you, @Seftin.

  • you lying son of a bitch.
  • Eleusis - Awesome place to be right now, I'm glad I get to be a part of everything on the horizon there. Everyone there is awesome, and I'm loving our developing combat force, you know who you are. Best village. Big ups to Rangor for my Logosmas hand-me-down too, hope I get to use it a shitton.

    @Ryuke @Kiah for being great buds and helping me give my character some character.
    @Cadarus I fight in your memory! Hope to see you ingame again some day
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  • I don't know what being a brick means. :(
  • @Orzaansyn What can I say here? I would love to write a gynormous paragraph that makes folks demand a tl;dr version, but I know you prefer such things said less publically.

    @Flair You are awesome, and I miss you.

    @Amunet You are awesome, and I miss you.

    @Lycon If you work through the new year on that inconsistency, you BETTER get serious overtime!

    @Maefeng You are awesome, and you didn't wander off anywhere. Better not be a 'yet!'

    @Herenicus It was great while it was. I want good things for you. NO PICKING ON HERENICUS! At least, not 'for' me.

    @Halos You let me write you into Bo's backstory, and I've been having Bo throw drama at you from time to time ever since. Hopefully you're not 100% annoyed by it all?

    @Lala I'm still going to make Lala lasagna!

    @Xuaco I am surprised and amused at your poetry-board contributions. You're an awesome son!

    @Fyn You are also an awesome son.

    @Zii All I can say here is, 'Slaughter!'

    @Sillias How the heck did you get to be Lord of the Carnival already?! Not complaining, just in awe of your success.

    @Carmell Thanks for helping me with @Rho, and all the other random moments.

    @Bonko You are my favourite troll. Sorry, @Vaehl! Where did you go?

    @Cesarina Chenubis! (You should undormant! Tell your brother I said so?)

    @Lynara Undormant? Please and thank you?

    @Foliana it was fun seeing you, however briefly.

    Everyone in my in-game family, whether or not they choose to be in its clan. @Nicia, @Aisling, @Mindry, and @Klochild, I'm looking at you.

    @Kohilo. :)

    ...Well, it's inevitable I'll forget somebody. @yournamehere, thank you!! <--There is very tiny minority to whom this does not apply. But that is not for here.
    Miin-aan baash kimini-sij-i-gan bitooyin sij-i-gan-i bukwayszhiigan = blueberry π
  • JurixeJurixe Where you least expect it
    Alynna said:

    I don't know what being a brick means. :(

    It means you help build houses, obviously. Can't build a fortress without bricks!

    It also means you are steady and dependable and won't let the house fall down!

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