[Mudlet] Another denizen targeting script



  • Keneanung said:
    @Aesgar use the 'simplereverse' rage strategy
    I am. But rather, its using the wrong ability. It should be using shock not punishment @Keneanung

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    I've set this up to use SimpleReverse battlerage strategy, but it doesn't appear to be using any battlerage attacks. Also, when trying to initiate with F2, it says nothing like that can be seen. I have to manually attack, then press F2 to start. If there are more than one target in the room, it tries to move to the second one, but again says it cannot be found until I manually attack.

  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    Scratch that, restarted and came back later and seems to be working fine now.

  • Only problem I'm having, is when I begin the hunt and what have you, SVOF stops transmuting. Any idea why @Keneanung

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  • Yes and the issue will be fixed in the next release. You have two options: turn off batching in svof or update to a pre-release
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    Thanks for this, it's a really helpful script - combined with @Trevize's goldtracker, it has made bashing something other than a grindey chore!

    I'm trying to set up a trigger to re-def sulphur if it's gone down and there are no more targets in a room.  I have a HaveSulphur variable - what I'd like is, at the point when the priority list changes to become empty, a check to whether HaveSulphur is 0, and if not, add it to the do queue.


    if HaveSulphur == 0 then
        send("queue add eqbal educe sulphur")
    And something similar with mercury.

    Where do I put something like this?  I'm guessing it's something to do with the keneanung.bashing.prioListChangedCallback script, but I'm not sure where exactly I need to put it, or what I should do...
  • You are correct, creating a script with the keneanung.bashing.prioListChangedCallback is the right way to go.

    -- script name: redefPrimes
    -- registered event handlers: keneanung.bashing.prioListChangedCallback   
    function redefPrimes()
      if #keneanung.bashing.targetList == 0 then
        if HaveSulphur == 0 then
          send("queue add eqbal educe sulphur")
        if HaveMercury == 0 then
          send("queue add eqbal educe mercury")

    One more advice: Make the haveXYZ variables a boolean (true or false values) makes it usually more clear what should go into those variables. And you can shorten if clauses to something like "if haveXYZ then"

  • AnnwylAnnwyl Vancouver, B.C.
    I have the script and it looks great, but it ignores Battlerage completely whether set to "simple" or "simple reverse." Both strategies behave the same way as "none." Am I doing something wrong?
  • Have you restarted mudlet after installing?
  • AnnwylAnnwyl Vancouver, B.C.
    Yes, several times.
  • AnnwylAnnwyl Vancouver, B.C.
    And I've now downloaded the latest version, again, and installed it, restarted Mudlet--same results.
  • TharvisTharvis The Land of Beer and Chocolate!
    Is that the only thing that's broken? It's possible you have another script clashing with Keneanung's - this'd explain only the battlerage functions being affected
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  • AnnwylAnnwyl Vancouver, B.C.
    I found that SVO had created two folders in which to store the F2 keybinding. I had disabled the first one. I disabled the second, but it didn't stay disabled after I saved it and restarted Mudlet, so I deleted both folders.

    The Bashing script still won't work, though. When I press F2, it tells me:
    (svof): Do-Repeat enabled; will repeat kill grizzly forever

    It does use the correct custom attack, which is combination &tar slice/smash. But it never switches to anything else nor does it recognize when a denizen raises a shield, even though I've entered the custom attack for that. 

  • KlendathuKlendathu Eye of the Storm
    Mudlet compiles the scripts when it starts up the profile. Even if you delete the script, Mudlet still remembers it until you restart. This could be why F2 is still running dor...

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  • AnnwylAnnwyl Vancouver, B.C.
    I'm not clear about the F2 keybinding. I thought that Keneanung's script replaced SVO's keybinding with its own. But does it? I still have the message that it will kill the target forever. I've restarted Mudlet completely several times and it no longer reactivates the SVO keybinding, but Battlerage doesn't work automatically.
  • It doesn't replace it, but it adds another F2 key binding, which admittedly is stupid in hindsight. Mine's the one in the "Bashing" top level folder.
    Maybe I should add a "disableKey" into my script....
  • AnnwylAnnwyl Vancouver, B.C.
    The F2 keybinding does the same thing as the SFO F2 keybinding, yes? It repeats the command forever until you stop it.

    And it doesn't initiate Battlerage, for me. It just uses my basic command over and over, ignoring Battlerage completely. That's the problem I don't know how to fix.

  • No, it does not do the same. The Basher has a lot more logic behind it. svof simply activates 'dor kill'
  • AnnwylAnnwyl Vancouver, B.C.
    Okay. Well, I've removed the SVO F2 keybinding. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the bashing script several times, now, and restarted Mudlet over and over again. The bashing script continues to ignore battlerage.

  • Okay, installed this to replace my old hunting script, two things, one I don't like, one is an issue.

    Flay target shield, how do I get it to register the target is in the middle, not at the end?

    Also is there any way of making this auto start when you enter a room with remembered denizens? My old script just relied on dor and I used rage manually, but I kind of preferred that to having to start it every time I enter a room. I guess I could override that part, but both would be even better!

  • You can include &tar anywhere in the command. This will be replaced by the actual target.

    The second option is not possible right now.
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    Weird, I swear I tried that. Working now, thanks! Might just experiment with switching the turn on key/alias around, the current one I find a bit annoying.

    Overall I love it, thank you!

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    Ugh, okay another issue... it seems to be taking 2-3 seconds to attack on occasion, (after balance regain) which is huge. No idea what's causing this.

  • The only thing I can imagine having an effect (other than svof being slow/dumb) is that there is a tempTimer of 0.5 seconds that will block outgoing attacks... I put that in because svof expected the "balance lost" prompt immediately after sending the attack command, but there were other lines in between and thus it kinda spammed the attack, which was annoying.
  •  -------------------------------------------------
     -------------------------------------------------  (1.782s)
    You must be standing first.
    3949h, 4378m, 11645e, 12136w 54% 25% cexkdb[pr]-(stand)
    You stand up. (0.241s)
    3949h, 4378m, 11645e, 12136w 54% 25% cexkdb-
    A drudge goon batters you repeatedly with his three arms.
    2924h, 4378m, 11645e, 12136w 54% 25% cexkdb-(-1025h, 21.9%)
    You may drink another health or mana elixir. (4.053s)
    2924h, 4378m, 11655e, 12148w 54% 25% cexkdb-(sip health)
    You take a drink from an oaken vial.
    The elixir heals and soothes you.
    3970h, 4378m, 11655e, 12148w 54% 25% cexkdb-(+1046h, 22.3%)
    You bleed 40 health.
    3930h, 4378m, 11655e, 12148w 54% 25% cexkdb-(-40h, 0.9%)
    You slip behind a drudge goon and garrote him with your whip.

    I think it's to do with standing, or at least this instance was... but there's 4.6 seconds between balance and that attack finally working. 3.2 between standing and the attack going through.

  •  -------------------------------------------------
    [System]: Running queued eqbal command: GET GOLD
    You pick up 276 gold sovereigns.
    [System]: Running queued eqbal command: PUT GOLD IN SCROLLCASE
    You put 276 gold sovereigns in a black leather scroll case capped with gold. (1.923s)
    3959h, 4378m, 11658e, 12808w 89% 26% cexkdb-
    A suit of guardian armour rears back and slams his helmet into your forehead, blurring your vision
    with the impact.
    3343h, 4378m, 11658e, 12820w 89% 26% cexkdb-(-616h, 13.2%)
    You bleed 39 health.
    3304h, 4378m, 11658e, 12820w 89% 26% cexkdb-(-39h, 0.8%)
    You may drink another health or mana elixir. (4.487s)
    3304h, 4378m, 11658e, 12820w 89% 26% cexkdb-(sip health)
    You take a drink from an oaken vial.
    The elixir heals and soothes you.
    4220h, 4378m, 11658e, 12820w 89% 26% cexkdb-(+916h, 19.6%)
    A suit of guardian armour rears back and slams his helmet into your forehead, blurring your vision
    with the impact.
    3600h, 4378m, 11658e, 12820w 89% 26% cexkdb-(-620h, 13.2%)
    A loud humming rattles a suit of guardian armour before his gauntlet slams into your gut, doubling
    you over.
    3108h, 4378m, 11668e, 12832w 89% 26% cexkdb-(-492h, 10.5%)
    You bleed 51 health.
    3057h, 4378m, 11668e, 12832w 89% 26% cexkdb-(-51h, 1.1%)

    No, here we go, not knocked down this time, 6 seconds between balance and the attack this time.

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    Doing it again... 6.5 seconds between balance and attack for no discernible reason.

    I just switched from old svo to the latest svof, could be some sort of conflict I guess?

  • Not that I know of. Those logs honestly don't show much except that it doesn't attack. But not what happens before and after and whether svof thinks you have some kind of affliction or tried to send something else before...
  • I know, I was basically just showing there's nothing else obvious to explain it, that's why I gave the timer.

  • No, no afflictions, not trying to send anything else, at least not that I can see. That's just getting balance back from garotte, then finally hitting again.

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