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The Music Thread



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    Liked that:

      hard work breeds success 
      and although I'm in labour
      with ha' I'ma need a midwife
      there's so much pressure to deliver

      (talking about snitching)
      the Titanic ain't going down because of me
      see I can't swim but I be the anchor for the seen
      see how did they expect musicians to stay afloat
      when all our sales keep going down the stream

    While I cannot relate to what they do, I do appreciate what they do with words more than what popular and less popular songs/genres do.

    There are some pretty witty lines out there if you listen:

      i'm better with the delivery, punch lines, lyrically,
      these mortals want to combat, won't make it to the Trilogy
      you want a shootout, cool, go get your heat,
      i go get my gun, you the first b*** to run, Hillary
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    I dunno how I only just came across this song.

    Guns N' Roses-Civil War w/Lyrics - YouTube 

    eta: gdi why do edited posts lost their embedding.

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