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  • And to get the necessary attack lines

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    (Edit, sorry, for some reason on my phone my paragraphs aren't working)-------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for all the work! I am a relatively new player (couple months now) love the game. I went from absolutely no knowledge of the game to, learning I need scripts so I have been researching scripts for nexus for awhile and decided I wanted to try help building scripts for nexus instead of going to mudlet because of the lack of nexus scripts. The last few days I have been trying to learn the basics of JavaScript. Not much success but, I have managed to make a few little scripts that work for me for auto gold picking-up, and gold counting, and how to toggle gold counting on and off and have it reset. I have done that all with the simplified scripting settings nexus provides (though I am sure what I have done is crude and not done effectively). Tried to make one for using my battle rage abilities (before I even tried learning about JavaScript), and was moderately successful after making 20+ triggers that worked probably 80% of the time using nexus's simplified scripting settings. I tried to consolidate it and make it more effective but then Achaea told me I was inputting 200+ commands in under a second and sent me a notice saying that one of my scripts was probably going crazy lol.-------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyways, I am still planning on learning JavaScript so eventually I can do similar things by myself, however this is great! Currently I understand the basics of the format but am not sure how to implement it into the current nexus simplified scripting or how to start from scratch or do anything with the GMCP or whatever it's called. Anyways.--------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a huge help! I can't wait to check it out once I get home! Not sure if there is, but if there's a way to see all your coding it would be a huge help in my learning so I can perhaps help add to the nexus script database available. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks from a newer player, this certainly helps and I appreciate it!------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Suggestions are: scripts for using battle rage abilities automatically (based on how much battle rage you have, and what's most important (like if the dezien has a shield or something)) not based on triggers reacting to " is now available" lol <---not the best idea. If the names of the abilities are specific to each class perhaps just a base script and instructions on how to input your class specific ability names into the script to get it working.---------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- And of corse, an advanced curing system, it's probably already out there but based on this discussion it seems maybe it's not? -------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- But I love what you have already done with the group targeting (been trying to figure that out myself for a little bit, I think I could have done it but im sure yours is much better with the ability to switch leaders) and the gold pickup if you kill it (also been trying to figure that out for the last couple days but just settled to being able to turn it off and on when needed). I'll keep thinking of things that I want so you know from a new player what I would like to see available for nexus! I'll give feedback once I figure it all out when I have time to. ------------- Thanks thanks thanks thanks! Mucho mucho.
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  • Hi, Mishack!

    All the coding in Bip-core, which includes simplified scripting, JavaScript, triggers, aliases, functions, the works.. is all open and available within Bip-core itself. Part of the purpose of my creating Bip-core was exactly for this reason - you can see how it all works with working examples that you can emulate and expand.

    For Battlerage abilities I'd probably prefer that to be implemented within a PVE (bashing) system for each class module. It would need to account for the different abilities each class brings - ability 1 is either a Damage over Time or a small damage, ability 4 is usually a larger damage dealer.. there is usually one ability that breaks shields.. but it tends to be different for each class.

    Curing systems tend to get very complicated.. I personally use server-side curing. In the future, it might be useful for Bip-core to have commands to more easily change server-side curing options, change curing priorities, percentages/limits, and so on.. but at this time I have no desire to create a full curing system. That isn't to say someone else can't make a curing module compatible with Bip-core, though! I'd welcome that for sure.

    I'm still thinking about releasing a framework for the Occultist class. It wouldn't include decision trees (when to use which entity, when to use which attack/method/etc) but would have a few examples of how to check for number and type of enemy affliction and so on.

    I'm glad you're finding Bip-core useful. Thank you for the suggestions and feedback!

  • Hey Bip,

    How do you look at the coding of your package? I am assuming I would have to open it with some kind of application...figured I would ask though. I don't see any way to do it within the nexus settings.

  • Mishack, click on the gear on the bottom right of the window to go to settings. Then click on Reflexes. On the reflex drop-down on the left, choose Bip-core. All the code and reflects are then listed below the drop-down (hit the plusses to open folders, click on things for them to show up in the window to the right).
  • Just wanted to drop a note - I have several work and personal-related things that recently popped up in my life that require near-constant attention for a while. I can drop into the code to make bug fixes if they are brought to my attention, however new features are not likely to be released any time soon.

    Please let me know if you find any problems with Bip-core while I deal with these other events.

  • Thank you so much for providing us this amazing package. It has already helped a lot!

    That said, I do want to ask for some help on a few errors I keep receiving.

    Each time I summon my snake OUTSIDE of my inventory it says:
    Error in Function [onGMCP]:
    TypeError: Cannot read property 'push' of undefined
    I searched the bip-core script and found that "push" shows up in regards to room info but don't know where to go from there.

    I also get a similar error but it says 'length' instead of 'push'. This happens when using the leader targeting, I believe.

    The last issue I have encountered is targeting a homunculus over the player. That is an ugly one! lol

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! 
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