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  • AmunetAmunet Spokane, Washington, USAMember Posts: 752 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    Full Name: Amunet Neferkheremet Viatrix (previously Eruu'Yul, Shiva, Van Helsing, Stryganis, Cyndane-Keyte, but she prefers to forget about the lot of them.)

    Occupation: Historian, ritualist, rhetorist, and theologian; former Demiurge (House Leader) of the Occultists, and current Keeper of the Iron Crown (one of the co-Orderheads of the Cult of Babel).

    Age: A gentleman never asks, and a lady never tells.

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Class: Occultist

    Residence: Ashtan - more specifically, Fruitless Orchards.

    House: The Occultists

    Appearance: She is a human. Her milk-white complexion, blessedly bereft of imperfections, stands in ghostly contrast to the jet-black tresses coiled into an elegant chignon at the base of her skull. Her eyes are large and round, set beneath slim brows and fringed sumptuously by ebon lashes, with chocolate irises that seem to smoulder against her high cheekbones. A third eye, sanguineous and imposing, peers from the apex of her forehead, crowning her brow like a blood-red jewel as it glances about with an eerie, prescient air. A pert, aristocratic nose slopes gracefully down the centre of her heart-shaped face, complementing the full lips perched imperiously above her chin. Platinum bars, their diamond-capped ends glittering wickedly, pierce the flesh between each of the vertebra of her spine, forming a decadent ladder that runs from the nape of her neck to the small of her back. Her regal carriage effortlessly makes the most of her winsome figure, belying, in tandem with the heeled shoes she often favours, her rather diminutive height. The Mark of the Twin stands out against the snowy flesh of her forearm, its lines precise and controlled, healed long ago into pearlescent scars.

    Personality: Amunet is a bitch. There is really no sugar-coating it. She is every bit a lady, and will begin any interaction with a warm and welcoming mien, but, as her patience wanes, so does her composure. Subtle insults will begin to snake their way into her conversation, growing ever more blatant until finally she says something crass and has the offending party removed from her presence. Those who can endure her irascibility, however, soon come to find that she is not so bad in a private setting. She has a soft spot for her Occultist children, as well as for her proteges and her friends. Once you have earned Amunet's respect and loyalty, you have done so for life. This is part of why she finds betrayal (I'm looking at you, @Mathonwy, @Sothantos, and @Aodfionn!) so difficult to stomach. With those she cares about, she is, by turns, demanding and indulgent. She expects nothing short of excellence from those who surround her, but she is also willing to do, quite literally, whatever it takes to help them to realise their ambitions. She is a lifelong Occultist whose ferocious dedication and seemingly interminable service to the House has earned her a hardline reputation when it comes to the Oath, but recognition as one of the foremost ritualists and historians in Ashtan, if not Sapience as a whole. She is a devout Nihilist and a dedicated priestess of Babel whose religion plays a very important role in her daily life. She is respected as a stateswoman and politician, having served Ashtan in Ministry and Council capacities numerous times over the course of her life. Her public image, however, is somewhat marred by her temper and her alcoholism. Her open disdain for other religious traditions, and her passively racist tendencies, have likewise not done her any favours.

    Notable friends: Dagon the barkeep, @Orklanishkal, @Icaru, @Flair, @Taraus, @Dunn, @Imyrr, @Grom, @Herenicus, @Zulah, @Aodfionn, @Arditi, @Tanris (may he rest in peace). 

    Beloved Relatives: @Morro, @Mariya, @Colivar, @Orfantal, @Sybilla (a protege and ward, whose adoption is officially acknowledged).

    Parents: Beldaran and Lucid, but they are estranged.

    Rivals/Enemies: Formerly there was a laundry list, but since her return, there are none of whom to speak...yet. 

    Faction Attitude: Chaos and Oblivion

    Opposite Faction Attitude: Amunet tends to roll her eyes at other factions, finding their paradigms both shortsighted and lacking in ambition. She does not possess a seething hatred for any of her opposition, contrary to popular belief - merely an overwhelming sense of ennui.

    Loves: Absinthe, Shala'jen 199, bliss, books, travel, poetry, art, performing rituals, meddling in politics, spending time in the chapel or the caverns of Enheduanna, and expensive things - as a Nihilist, Amunet understands the truth in the words, "You can't take it with you," and, thus, spends money like it is going out of style. She also loves to gamble, and will often make casual bets on the outcomes of world games, elections, and marriages. 

    Hates: Non-alcoholic beverages, most red meats, most Sirens and women of ill repute (@Taraus being a notable exception. ;) ), and the men who keep their company; spiders, jesters, and most Horkvals.

    Quotes: Too many to list.

    My avatar is an image created by this very talented gentleman, of whose work I am extremely jealous. It was not originally a picture of Amunet, but it certainly looks a great deal like how I envision her!
  • TukiyoTukiyo Member Posts: 5

    Without a history section some of this may not make much sense, or feel incomplete but I’m going to leave pieces like parts of her personality out for ingame discovery.She is also mostly developed but I left room for others to influence her growth, so her personality may seem shorter then it really is.


    Full Name:  Tukiyo

    Occupation:  Mercenary
    Age:  18
    Gender:  Female
    Race:  Human
    Class:  Blademaster
    Residence:  Wherever her contract takes her
    House:  None

    Appearance:  Dark brown bordering on black hair is cut at a mid-length that is brought back cleanly and tied together. The short length sprouting from the cord tying her hair together flares out into an almost flower like effect. Her face is soft with lips shy of full but that fit more appropriately on her appearance. The brown eyes staring out at the world, sharp with thick lashes and full brows. Her soft brown skin is decorated with a number of small scars that range from small dots of a healed bite mark or cuts and burns. Taunt muscles are balanced with fair curves that still give her a feminine appearance despite her athletic form. Sitting at a solid five foot five inches, this woman is toned with little fat for padding. Broad shoulders give her form a larger appearance as it leads into those arms reinforced with solid cords of muscle. Built, thick thighs that lead into solid calves speak to her leg strength. Her core loses to few as the definition of her decorates her stomach with clear lines to outline her abdominals. Despite the blatant work put into building the physical strength of her body, it is still kept proportional, toned and not in the slightest bulky. A black tattoo that is a bit hard to see against her tan skin is placed on her right shoulder. The design simple and straight forward, being a sword with two curved lines from the guard to the tip.

    (I hate descs. I swear there are more typos in my desc then anything I’ve ever written)

    Personality:  Overly formal at times, Tukiyo was raised as a very specific type of mercenary. Her childhood to adulthood a long training session of a professional warrior. As such she takes the professionalism seriously and takes her contracts as almost unrelenting doctrine. Despite the loss of her company, she has chosen to stick with the path for personal reasons rather than join a city or change paths.


    Dangerously stubborn, she will get herself killed and then train constantly until she manages to complete her contract. On the same vein as this, she is extremely goal oriented and has already planned out much of her goals for the next few years. There are a few exclusions however to this stubbornness. She will not chase those for a conversation if they make it troublesome to talk to them. If she feels like she is putting far more effort than her counterpart then she will quickly lose interest, despite how much she enjoys a pleasant conversation.

    Notable Friends:  Currently Lexa, and potentially Shirszae

    Relatives:  Orphan, as far as she cares she has no family with her company dead.

    Parents: None Known
    Rivals/ Enemies:  Colchis and Umbrin for personal reasons.
    Opposite Faction Attitude:  Neutral due to her profession

    Loves:  Fine drinks, nice clothing, honour, letters, tradition, poker, chess, her sword Noble Storm, strength

    Hates:  Passive aggressiveness, wasting time, flat conversations, impersonal forms of communication(tells, messages, market, so forth. She finds them unsatisfying and disconnecting.), those who take her prey(Cyrenian’s are getting on her list slowly)

    Motivation:  At her base, there are two main motivations. Pride(by extension, a very strict honor code and loyalty) and survival.

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