Do you know what a 'rakehell' is?

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I'm butting heads with customisation and they're claiming it's obscure. I know what it means, I've seen it in contemporary literature with a somewhat regular frequency, and a simple Google search yields six results for books with rakehell in the -title- on the first page alone.


  • No, I didn't, but I don't see why that's a problem. 
  • I've read it in books before, though I can't remember exactly where.
  • It's a pirate shirt! 
  • KezKez
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    I knew rake, but not rakehell until I googled it just now. It's the same word, so why not just go with rake if they'll allow it?

    Edit: Not sure when obscure words became a problem though.
  • rakehell


    a dissolute man; rake


    profligate; dissolute

    Word Origin
    C16: from rake 1 + hell ; but compare Middle English rakel rash

  • Yes, but I see it rarely enough, compared with "rake", that I felt the need to double-check that I was right before chiming in.  
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    According to, few English speakers likely know this word.

    Also, based on browsing through a few words, is usually pretty optimistic with how many people know a word. It says "most English speakers know this word" with some words I definitely think would throw most of my friends for a loop.

    So when it says "few", well, it's a pretty rare word. The community for Achaea probably has a lot higher average vocabulary than the average person, though.

    To answer the thread: I didn't know the word. And apparently neither did Herenicus. And that guy pretty much talks in riddles non-stop.


  • HaldonHaldon I forgot...
    In truth I only know rakehell from when I was looking up the definition of another word. I've never seen it in anything I've read before or since. Sounds like a Stephen Donaldson word.
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  • KlendathuKlendathu Eye of the Storm
    Few people know it, have it in your description and a few more people will know it.

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  • HalosHalos The Reaches
    I know "rakish" as an adjective close to this meaning. I've only known rakes for yardwork though, and @Herenicus already posted my guess for the meaning of rakehell without googling it.

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  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    Eh, since when its a word being obscure a problem for a customisation? If its a valid word and it makes sense in context and valid for the setting then thats all that ought matter.

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  • A hell where instead of fire, you have to reside in an endless sea of extremely sharp rakes?

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  • I have heard "rake" used to mean this, but had no idea it was short for "rakehell."
  • I forgot to mention in my first post that I'm surprised this is a customization problem.  I thought it was crafting that has these problems of extreme nitpicking (probably because, as I'd never know until fairly recently, it's a player collective interpreting the rules as they see them). 

  • No. What's the argument, though?

  • None, now. We arrived at a healthy compromise.

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    Hadn't heard that one before, but then delightfully unusual words are commonplace in the verdant stygian prismatic cerulean world that is Achaea!

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  • I can't believe how many people don't know this word... *quietly packs away all her regency novels*
  • I knew it connotated something like vandal, rapscallion, or other nefarious type man so I guess close enough?
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