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  • Comic Sans is a Dark Art that we here do not meddle with. Begone, child of Sa[r]tan!

  • Iocun said:
    @Erikka: Speaking of rules, there should be one against Comic Sans!
    If you can read and understand what I wrote, so there is no need to be a rule against the font I'm using.

    You notice a terrible smell in the air and see that Zoot, a leafy humgii is trying to look inconspicuous.
    A Tsol'aa archer exclaims, " nice to breathe the fresh air of the forest!"

  • As a designer my eyes automatically ignore and denies the existence of anything written in Comic Sans MS...moreso after it was used for the Higgs Boson Announcement :(
    "Faded away like the stars in the morning,
     Losing their light in the glorious sun,
     Thus would we pass from this earth and its toiling,
     Only remembered for what we have done."

  • heh, turns out that stylebot automatically makes any font written on the forums into whatever I choose. I had to go to the page in explorer to see the comic sans

  • Sarapis is awesome, badass, good-looking, etc. It's not fair to the rest of us. Way too awesome.

    Does it work in reverse? Truefavours for raving about the divine?
  • You never know. Years ago as a mortal, I got a TF from Sarapis for posting something funny on the forums!

    (but I wouldn't count on this happening with other gods)
  • I usually want to grief people ICly over things they've said on the forums anyway. Two thumbs up, please don't kill me.
  • I used to Guide at AOL before it was universally hated (which tells you how long ago that was).

    One thing we were told, and which I taught as I trained new "generations" of Hosts/Volunteers/Guides was to "smile from the wrist down."

    When we had TOS training we were instructed that the Members were allowed to "call AOL an ass, but not each other."

    That "AOL" did encompass the Volunteer Staff. 

    We were there because we loved it, loved what we were doing, loved helping.

    And yeah, we were often bashed, often inappropriately or illegitimately.

    So what?

    I like the newer version of the rule - we should be able to say, and even encourage, "So and so Deity seems to have mishandled this situation, what do all of you think?" while "Such and Such Deity is a jerk and I wish they would shrivel up and die" is something we would all like to see less often, but sometimes, just as in game, people need assistance in learning to effectively communicate.

    I loved that the Logos sought input from us all - and the underpaid and overworked volunteer staff are there because they have shown a love for Achaea and wish it to be the best environment possible, right? So.... they will sometimes need to hear when their good intentions are not working out as well as they would have liked.

    - To love another person is to see the face of G/d
    - Let me get my hat and my knife
    - It's your apple, take a bite
    - Don't dream it ... be it

  • PainePaine Prime Material
    edited September 2012
    I remember one incident from the old old old forums where the player got banned and character got shrubbed because he kept going off on Sarapis. He deserved it, though. (Edit: The jerk, not Sarapis)

    Rule #1 would be the only rule anyone would ever need, except we know people are going to be jerks. So we make more rules, because we don't trust that everyone will follow Rule #1.

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