Fighting Prep Classes

Those of you who have fought me in the past know I'm a trashcan, but my worst times are against prep classes. I feel like it is just a fight with a timer and if they hit their prep before they die, they win.

I know that isn't true because I see people cure out of breaks and fight on. So my question to you more advanced fighters is: how?

My self limb tracking is very unreliable since it seems people hit breaks at different "amounts of hits". Some classes like dragon you know you are getting broke at 4 so it's easy to at least predict when you are prepped and then react, but what about other classes? SnB is a good example where different artifact levels and str amounts seem to change when you break. What's the strategy to know when to go defensive?

When going defensive whats the "rule of thumb"? I know that is a huge question and I don't expect a book on how to cure against each class, but what's the general rules to follow?


  • There's no real fast track to understanding it, except lots of practice. And I guess alerts to tell you when you're (getting) in danger.

    As for SnB in particular, I've found that ((Hp/450)+1 or 2 || 1 for Runewarden) has been a 'safe' rule for predicting limb hits. It's not perfect but it's a start, particularly since the difference between forged and Lv3 isn't that significant. (EG: at 6000 hp it would work out to ~15 hits which is about right, or 14 for Runewardens). For DWC I've followed a similar pattern and it's worked okay in most cases. Strength doesn't affect limb damage, by the way.

    A lot of defense strategies can also be very person-specific. What works against Proficy may not work against Farrah... Similarly, because of how they may react, what works against Farrah might not work against Proficy. Knowing when to (or when not to) tumble is a good start (as well as when to cancel tumble).

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  • The best rule of thumb for surviving limb setups is to keep up as many obstacles you can to tumble past (icewall - everyone has, iceground - artie available but obv not everyone has, runes/traps/rubble/piety/etc. - class based) and tumble in the direction of those obstacles as soon as you get a leg broken. This is very general advice, and there are a lot more specifics per class, but it helps against most classes.

    The main exception that comes to mind is infernal where you usually want to hold your balance for restore use and not tumble.

    I can tell you I don't even have a self limb tracker, so it's not necessary (though I'm sure it helps). I just tend to guess when I'm getting close to breaking based on how much I've been seeing my limbs get hit. If it's a torso break/dsb type situation, I tend to either start liberally applying restoration to torso or diagnosing a lot when I think torso is getting close to breaking.

    Another general tip I guess is to de-prio paralysis if you're prone with a resto leg break. That will help with the more AFF based limb setups, but what exactly you should prio is more class specific.

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