Elyons thread of serious concequences!



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    I may not do combat, but I know a lot about asses and baking to know when someone is acting like one.

  • @Tahquil the only half baked asses I can see seem to be the ones coming into my very serious thread to pass fatuous comments about aspects of the game they don't engage in.

    If you've got like some actual suggestion on how to improve combat beyond that you hold contempt for these people making suggestions in an attempt to improve the game please share it, otherwise take your bread ideals to the achaean chef thread please

    Clearly my suggestions weren't so far from what everyone wanted, and they are a clear follow up from criticisms I've heard lately

  • @Mili who are you?

  • @Elyon Not everyone in the game screams for attention at every waking moment.

  • Consequences should be like for like. You should have individual PK consequences for individually PKing, bashing consequences for bashing, raiding consequences for raiding, seafaring consequences for seafaring, theft consequences for theft.

    All of the ideas in the OP are PK consequences for non-PK activities. Thus you make anyone who would like to engage in them also have to be an avid PKer. There are places where it bleeds over, Annwyn and the Underworld for instance, and you find that they are vastly underutilized compared to equivalent places that don't have them.

    It is a game and people get to choose what they want to spend their time doing. Or they choose not to play at all when they find they are forced into activities that they don't like. You can see that when a city is raided constantly and the population drops off.

  • Everyone: "Consequences should be like for like."


  • @Caelan this is literally me trying to make that the case wtf

  • Lol you said ass and fat in the same sentence. Looool.

    My serious suggestions are in the other thread that you were attacking people personally in. Now you have a new thread I'm going to deal out some equal consequences.

    That is something I'm serious about.

  • @Tahquil

    Unintentional but well spotted.

    oh yes that other thread that was basically about me, yes I recall that one. Yeah, I told a lot of people that they didn't know what they were talking about there and clearly you don't seem to know much about any serious suggestions in this thread either, so congrats on that I suppose.

    Now, if you and maybe half the game like, try putting the effort that you want to use on forum posts to try to undermine or bother or whatever it actually is you're trying to do to me to use in game on... I don't know. Maybe anti theft or combat your points wouldn't seem so silly.

    But whilst we are here, I'm sure you'll be going through that thread to rectify every personal attack, right? You're going to make it totally even rather than looking like you have some pointless ooc vendetta with me or whatever.

    Hell, I don't ever remember robbing you so I'm going to guess its an ooc one but hey what do I know ?

  • Forget delete theft....maybe we just need a delete Elyon thread...

  • If you want to rant at one another take it to the sewers.

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