Mortal's Gambit

Personally I wanted to put this in the NoT section, but it'd probably have been moved here anyway. Also probably could have put this out like a week or so ago now, but lazy. :[

Sorry Nexus users, this is for Mudlet only unless @Khaseem wants to try and convert this as well 😉



Initially this just started as a 'I wonder if I can do this...' type project. After sharing snippets, and seeing people seem to like the prospect of it, I decided to go actually follow through and finish it, since a number of people expressed a desire to play. I'm just glad for, because it simplified the main part of the game. Initially I was gonna use ascii art instead, which would've taken way longer.


So what is this "Mortal's Gambit"? - If you've ever played Triple Triad in Final Fantasy 8 or 14, it's my Achaea rendition of that. Much to @Imyrr 's dismay, it's only the standard ruleset for now, because the others frankly would take a ton of time to do (and would require me to also rewrite the basic logic already in the game).

As for the name, it was simple. A) Nobody provided a non-troll alternative. B) I felt it fit. It's played by Mortals (achaean adventurers), and winning involves making calculated moves! But enough of that, download links are below.

-First one you'll need are the assets. These need to be extracted to your mudlet profile folder. The end filepath being something like C:/Users/<name>/.config/mudlet/profiles/<profile>/ACGAssets

(if you have two ACGAssets folders in the filepath, you did it wrong!)

-Second one you'll need is the package itself. This you can simply install with the package manager.

Once that's done, you can use acg help for the rest of the commands on how to play. Yes, it's mandatory that you type out the full numbers! one, two, three etc. Not 1, 2, 3. The game is played via emotes, and I didn't want to write a conversion function for integers to work.


In closing I will say this, as something of a 'warning' ... Since all the code is fully visible, playing with other players is of course going to be reliant on good will between one another, to not cheat your hand. Such is the nature of how I had to set this up, hopefully nobody stoops that low; it's just something fun to be played.

Here is a sample game played between myself and Imyrr, in case anyone was further curious before trying it.

Disappearing from Achaea for now. See you, space cowboy.

smileyface#8048 if you wanna chat.


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