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[Nexus] nexMap a Map GUI using the Achaea CrowdMap

Khaseem Member Posts: 8

As a Nexus client user I have never felt limited by the client compared to mudlet, except when it comes to the map. With that in mind I have put together a package to bring the functionality of the Achaea crowd map, popular with mudlet users, to the Nexus client. nexMap loads the crowd map into a separate tab in the Nexus client. It is intentionally styled it similar to the default Nexus map for ease of transition.

So, a new map package that looks just like the default map, what's the big deal? A quick overview of some of the other features:

  • Most importantly, nexMap will display many rooms in the game that are omitted in the Nexus map. All Nexus users are familiar with the image below of "(unknown area)".
  • This map is fully functional (pan/zoom/fit) and will track the player's movement like normal. Rooms can also be selected via mouse click to begin pathing to the selected location.
  • The second major improvement for Nexus users is nexMap will utilize wormholes and clouds for pathing! Pathing can be started indoors/underground and the path will use wings at the first outdoor room.
  • These options may be configured by the user depending on their character's capabilities. (Note the cloud commands can be customized for air lords as well.)
  • For those without the ability to use wormholes (me) or wings; the pathing options are still improved. The new pathing has no 100 room limit like the standard paths in Nexus.
  • With the larger database of rooms available, the find room capabilities have improved now as well. nexMap allows for searching by string for room names with click to go functionality.
  • Lastly, there is also included integration with Farsee and the same click to go function.
  • Oh and of course there is the standard "nm goto <room id>" to manually path anywhere.

The package can be downloaded with the link below or via github. After loading the package into Nexus simply run "nm load" and you should be off and running (knock on wood).

Direct download

Website for fun

This is version 1.0 of the package. There may be some bugs that show up from having a variety of different users; let me know if there are any issues so I can address them. Also, I am still working on the code and additional features. I welcome any feature requests or suggestions for improvement!




  • Ada
    Ada Member Posts: 221 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent

    This is one of the best things to happen to Nexus! No more fumbling around 😁

    Consider putting the nxs file in a github repository for people to contribute too!

  • Khaseem
    Khaseem Member Posts: 8

    *** UPDATE ***

    I just pushed an update. The download link in the original post has been updated with the newest .nxs version. This should be a simple process of removing the nexMap package from your client settings, downloading the new package and importing it. All of your settings are saved to the server so everything should be pretty seamless (I hope).

    Minor things:

    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent the map from recentering on changing areas.
    • Polished a lot of the code related to changing rooms, should feel slightly more responsive.

    Major things:

    • Add "nm goto <string>" for pathing to areas by name. So "nm goto ashtan" for example. If there is no exact match for the area name entered partial matches will be displayed in a table.
    • Along with this there is now a command for "nm area <string>" to search a list of areas, with the same click to go function.
    • Added a landmark system to nexMap. Marks are created with "nm mark <string>" which will store the room you are currently in as a landmark.
    • Landmarks can be travelled to using the same "nm goto <string>". The goto command will always check your saved landmarks first, then areas if no mark is found. So while "nm goto mhaldor" will take you to the gates of Mhaldor, you could store a mark at the Crossroads as "nm mark mhaldor", in which case goto would target the Crossroads.
    • Mark names can be full strings as seen below. Example: "nm goto foray board".

    Enjoy! Let me know if there are any issues with the update process.

  • Khaseem
    Khaseem Member Posts: 8

    *** UPDATE ***

    Version 1.2 released. Original download links updated. Delete old Nexus package and load new.

    Minor changes:

    • Configuration menu and options have changed, nexMap will automatically open the configuration window on first load.
    • All exits displayed in the map tab are now clickable.
    • Changed the mouse over labels to show room name instead of previously showing room number.
    • Crowd map had numerous exits with custom mudlet scripts as the exit command; all except two were translated.
    • Room symbol formatting adjusted slightly to (hopefully) make them more readable/visible with different background colors.

    MAJOR CHANGES (Pathing Logic):

    • Configuration options for clouds changed. Toggles are now used to note if you own the listed wing artifact.
    • The "Wing command(s)" configuration option is strictly for those who like to store their wings between use (get wings from pack\wear wings\say duanathar\remove wings\put wings in pack) Do not change for air lord commands.
    • Pathing will now automatically consider "Pierce the veil" for use if you are in dragon form.
    • Pathing will now automatically consider using "Aero low/high/stratosphere" for use if you are in air lord. This will always use your wing artifact if toggled over the associated aero low/high level, but still consider using aero stratosphere.

    Let me know if there are any issues. Enjoy!

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