Wish List - New Achaean Class



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    I know about customisations, but thanks for trying to help 🙂

    To clarify, I'm talking about faction wide aesthetics, not individually personalised ones (that's what customisation is for). This already exists with falcons, for example. Having this aspect of the game developed more widely would be really nice, imo.

  • That would be pretty cool. I think the closest we have are the city forging descriptors. You could do a lot at the player level with clothing and jewellery to create thematic looks, but a distinctly Eleusian, or Mhaldorian set of armour could be really interesting.

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    Completely agree. I'd love to see more than just armour expanded upon like this, but also certain class skills as well. Faction tailored instakills, hunting attacks, things like that. Not too much, just the odd tweak here and there to add factional flavour. The mechanics behind each skill wouldn't have to be changed, only the read 'descriptions' of them in action. That's what I meant to get across in my first post but clearly failed to, lol ☺️

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