Lesson "Efficiency" for first class


Newb here, encountering a problem that people with power have acknowledged as problematic: New players and first class. As a class that requires the penultimate ability in all three class skills to have my basic killpath, I feel this keenly: My colleagues of the same age and monetary investment are jumping in the arena and doing all sorts of fun things in raid defense while I bashing attack the enemy. Not as fun!

An ideal solution, as I see it, would meet the following criteria: 
A. Assist first class in reaching tri-trans in a reasonable time period, WHILE
B. Not interfering with other mechanics.

More credits could potentially be -part- of a solution, but that's a broad approach that might impact other things. What we need is a laser precise solution, so I propose the following:

a 1.5-2x (or whatever is determined to be best!) multiplier on lessons spent on first class skills. LEARN 20 OCCULTISM has now netted me, say, 30 lessons worth in the skill. With this, I can confidently say that the math would check out to having me tri-trans with Parrying in Weaponry and a few lessons in Tattoos for extra slots by 80. I would be -almost kinda sorta- combat-ready by 80. With the change to Survival, this becomes more appealing. "You want to combat? You'll have your basics at Logosian."

No-brainer lesson packages are still worthy investments, too. Avoidance, Philosophy, Fitness, so on and so forth are still rocking their full costs, and you can't say those aren't nice to have.

I have checked using the handy-dandy search function at the top and haven't found anything akin to this. 

I think it's a solid idea, so I'm throwing it into the void of the internet.


  • I have been thinking about this for a little while, too.

    I think the Occultist skills could be rearranged a little to allow for earlier combat access, but also working Domination into your lesson plan earlier might be a partial solution. 
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    Not a lot of traction, so I'm bumping with another idea that I'm not as fond of: Increased lesson gain on level.

    Especially when you're hitting those higher levels, it can be some amount of work put in to achieve it. As a class that bashes well, you can earn the gold to buy a single credit off CFS or market in a fraction of a percent, and quickly at that. It's non-consequential to gain 5 lessons. 

    I propose scaling lesson gain. 1-10, 5 lessons, sure. But let's make it 10 for 11-20, and 20 for 21-30. Cap it at some point; I'd love to see 50 lessons a level. When it takes over five-thousand lessons to tri-trans, 50 is still a drop in the ocean, but it's a drop of a magnitude larger, which I think all the newbs can appreciate.

    What I'm trying to do:
    Make combat more accessible
    Make it feel less of a grind
    Increase newb retention.

    What I'm NOT trying to do:
    Get everything for free
    Cut into monetization

    If this and "lesson efficiency" were implemented, and adventures tweaked to enable more reasonable cappings, the number of potential lessons would be just... crazy. But, 5.2k lessons for tri-trans at 5 lessons a level is just as crazy, and not in a good way.
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