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Tekura seems to be a strange subject that my faction has a hard time being definite on.  I reached out and did not get the response I was looking for so I will ask here.  In regards to the artifact armband, what does it actually improve upon? Does it help with dodging? Does it help with Sweepkick? What exactly am I getting if I purchase this?

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2020/2/14/8:20 Sure! Tekura armbands are a boost to accuracy modifiers on your attacks.

I borrowed a set and couldn't figure how it was an improvement.  For $300 I would like to know.


  • PyoriPyori Member Posts: 2,052 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    It's exactly what Mak said. Though I'm not sure tekura really has problems hitting people anymore, except maybe high dex serpents. Dodging is what they helped with, yes.

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    Airlords and Serpents are what the armband is for. Airlords you'll typically have around a 50% miss rate with normal Tekura, but sweepkick doesn't miss and they can't mount, so you can just sweep hammerfist for a slower prep.

    Serpents with high dex are actually opressive to fight as a Tekura Monk. Santar, who has prioritized Dex and dodging traits, weaves and mounts, I have a 90%+ miss rate on with no armband in some fights. I've thrown four combos in a row and not landed a single hit.


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