War: a contest.



  • Mhaldor: (I did it two different ways. I like the latter better to be honest.)

    <Slain Person's> screams are drowned out by the sounds of tearing flesh and bones snapping as <Killer> prepares the corpse for future provisions.

    Screams of agony are drowned out by the haunting melody of flesh tearing and bone snapping as <Killer> prepares <Slain Person's> body for future provisions towards the Northern Isle's War effort.


    Chaos hounds hungrily surround <Slain Person's> body, tearing the corpse asunder as <Killer> takes another unwavering step towards Ascension.

    (A special one that only shows for enemies killed within the City itself)
    <Killer> leaves <Slain Person's> corpse lying in the streets of Ashtan, his|her pockets emptied quickly by the cautious/opportunistic street urchins.


    <Killer> has evidenced great understanding of Nature's bounty being found in all places, having hoisted the corpse of <Slain Person> up onto his|her shoulder in preparation of future fertilisation.


    The sleeping giant roused to action, <Killer,> of Cyrene, has put an end to <Slain Person>'s interruption of the peace and quiet.

    Upon successful completion of one of the auto bounties generated on City leadership during War:

    <Killer> has demonstrated what political weakness looks like by ending the life of <Name of City leadership person> to ensure the victory of <Killer's City> in the war.

    I didn't really read rules or anything about these so I hope they all work lmao
  • Eleusian slain in Eleusis:
    The Great Oak trembles in fury as <Eleusian> is returned to Nature's Embrace.

    Eleusian killing:
    "Returned Nature's embrace to begin the cycle anew.", <Eleusian> states as <target> is sent to his death.
  • But what if you're in a silence vibe?
  • Armali said:
    But what if you're in a silence vibe?
    -Mumbling something incoherent, <Eleusian> sends <target> to his/her death.
  • Silently pantomiming a tree, Eleusian sends target to his/her death.
  • Eleusis:

    A murder of crows gathers overhead, eager to aid Nature in Her cycles, as <killer> strikes <killee> asunder to be reclaimed by the blood-drenched earth.

  • Cyrene, joke:

    Amused chuckling is heard from the Heart of the Vashnars as Zbaco Silvertongue strikes <target> down with a massive feesh.

  • Wolves emerge from the under brush eagerly eyeing <killer> as <he|she> returns <killee> to Nature, eager to do their part in Nature's cycle of life and death

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    Desperate screams of utter madness precedes the elimination of $killee at the hands of $killer, unable to withstand the unstoppable advance of Chaos.

    The radiant image of a phoenix rises from the flame-engulfed body of $killee as $killer cleanses Creation of his|her existence.

    The earth quakes and the skies trembles, roaring with lightning in Cataclysmic fury as $killer eliminates $killee in a savage display of Nature's wrath.

    Showing the undeniable superiority of the Truths over his|her heathen's beliefs, $killer teaches $killee a lesson in Evil.

    $killer eradicates $killee from His world as pesky attempts of escaping Subjugation proves futile.

    $killer has ensured that $killee is ready to be used as the Shadow Court's next experiment.

    You notice a terrible smell in the air and see that Zoot, a leafy humgii is trying to look inconspicuous.
    A Tsol'aa archer exclaims, "Ahhh...how nice to breathe the fresh air of the forest!"

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    With skills honed by the wilds, rangor efficiently sends mizik to an early grave.

    With skills honed in the eleusian rangers, rangor expertly sends mizik to an early grave.
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    Infernal howls arise from the deepest pits of the earth as <killer> soaks it with <victim>'s blood.

    In want of a wartime trophy, <killer> marks <victim>'s head for the pyramid of skulls.

    <victim> submits to a merciless death, <his/her> last breaths dictated by <killer>'s cruel hand.


    <killer> brings <victim> to a swift and ruinous end, violently freeing <him/her> from the clutches of life.


    The knights of Cyrene bang sword against shield to salute the peacekeeping efforts of <killer>, secured with <victim>'s death.


    Tooth and claw trail the bloody remains of <victim> through the forests, unmade by the savagery of <killer>.


    Shutting <victim>'s blank eyes with grim efficiency, <killer> consigns <him/her> to the dark.


    With militant zeal, <killer> cuts short the unvirtuous life of the transgressor <victim>.

    Reaching down with a massive hand, Sartan lifts your head and draws a taloned finger across your throat, the wound closing as He does so.

  • Ashtan:

    Raucous black crows wheel in the roiling sky above the corpse of <victim>, turned to carrion by <killer>.

    <killer> transforms <victim> into so much nothing, decimating <his/her> will from the inside.


    History is written by the victors, as told valiantly by <killer> in <victim>'s epitaph.

    The still waters of the Muurn swell to receive <victim>, <his/her> life ebbing away before <killer>.


    Nature lays claim to the gnawed red bones of <victim>, a gift to the cycle from <killer>.

    Standing in the way of the threshers' blades, <killer> has fed <victim> to <his/her> machines of war and industry.


    The stars and planets aligned, <killer> seals the fate of <victim> with a mystic smile.

    The shadows maintain their silent vigil around <killer>, creeping in to subsume the last of <victim>.


    Creation blazes with fulsome white light as <killer> removes the obstacle of <victim> from its path.

    Rebuking <victim> for <his/her> sins, <killer> offers a glimpse of redemption by destroying <him/her> utterly.

    Reaching down with a massive hand, Sartan lifts your head and draws a taloned finger across your throat, the wound closing as He does so.

  • Eleusis

    Killer forcefully returns to Nature the gift of life that was given to Victim

    The trees shake with fury as Killer removes Victims abused gift of life.


    Killer barely glances at Victims corpse, having been proven unworthy of service in His name.

    Red fog consolidates around the corpse of Victim, tribute of Killer to the Lord of Evil.


    Killer kneels besides Victims corpse, purging thier heretical briefs in Fire and Light.


    Cloaked in Darkness, Killer brings the enlightenment of Progress to Victim, overwhelming them in the process.


    The ghostly ring of a clocktower rings out in victory as Killer displays the fortitude of Cyrene upon Victims dying breath.


    With choatic frenzy, Killer shows Victim the Freedom that only death can bring.

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    Excited chatter quickly spreads through Cyrene's bustling market at the news of <killer's> triumph over <killee>.

    <Killee> has met a storied end at the hands of <killer>, brought low by a talon of the Dragon of the South.
  • One more for Cyrene:

    In a scene sure to be remembered in song, the final act of <killee's> life has been brought to a close by <killer's> elegant deathblow.
  • I hope we have a few more days to submit this... I'm still work shopping some.

    (E1) Attempting to threaten the natural world, VICTIM is returned to their place in the cycle by KILLER's overwhelming fury.
    (E2) VICTIM's civilized blood soaks the earth, torn asunder by the savage might of KILLER's rage.

    (H1) KILLER's meticulous examination has concluded that VICTIM's strategy is obsolete and efficiently disposes of the body.

    (T1) Light bursts over the eastern horizon as a chorus heralds VICTIM's fall before KILLER's righteous fury.
    (T2) KILLER shines the light upon VICTIM's broken body, proving that the dawn shall overcome all threats.

    (M1) A flash of red and echoes of malevolent laughter roll across the firmament as KILLER's cruelty snuffs out the weakness that is VICTIM.
    (M2) VICTIM fails to become stronger under the incredible hardship of KILLER's assault and crumples into weakness.

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    -Woe and infernal ruin spread by the indomitable might of His legion, the harsh cries of a $Army_rank proclaiming $Killer_his/killer_her superiority upon a blood-soaked field.

    -Muffled footsteps and the bitter tang of blood on the air precede a swift hail of arrows as the red-shrouded Insidari efficiently remove another undeserving soul from His world.

    -Shrill cries of terror and harsh chanting mix thorough the streets and alleys of $CITY as the last defender falls, and the Mhaldorian contingent puts every man, woman, and child to the sword.

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • Standard are simple A kills B
    Hidden only show the killee, since I REALLY like some of the options available with these (and they can be fun!)


    Resisting subjugation, ( Killee ) has instead been used as a stepping stone for ( Killer's ) pursuit for mortal perfection.

    A miasma of red fog subsumes the corpse of ( Killee ), induced by the the Master of Malevolence's own ( Killer ).

    Hands from beyond the grave tear apart the leftover remains of ( Killee )


    A resounding thunderclap from the Court heralds the demise of ( Killee ) by the hands of ( Killer ).

    Soul-piercing howls emanate from the bog hounds of the bog in unison of ( Killers ) obliteration of ( Killee ).


    Entropic remains are all that are left of ( Killee ).


    ( Killer ) scatters the remains of ( Killee ) upon the earth, an offering for Nature's bounty.

    Enduring their disdain for nature no more, ( Killer ) has left the thorny remains of ( Killee ) 


    ( Killee ) is consumed wholly by the rampant growth of nature.


    Shadows pervade your mind as the vision of ( Killees ) demise at the hands of ( Killer ) envelopes your mind's eye.

    ( Killee's ) life has been eclipsed by the might of ( Killer ).


    A great sense of unease overcomes you as ( killee ) was there and then, not. 


    Relentless in ( Killer's ) fanatical pursuit of sanctity, ( Killee ) has been cleansed from creation.

    Judgement hath come for ( Killee ), a sentence decreed by the righteous might of ( Killer ).


    A radiant burst of light consumes ( killee ), leaving nought but a smouldering waste.


    ( Killer's ) hand has been forced by ( killee ), the peace of the Jewel preserved once more.

    Dismissing the burden of paperwork, ( Killer ) has decided instead to cut down ( Killee ) instead.


    The streets of Cyrene cheer in unison at the welcome death of ( Killee ) 

  • So. I've been thinking about it for a bit now.

    I like the idea of each city actually having 3 deathsights. How it chooses which deathsight is based on your current area.

    Your City / City Sewer = [DEFENSE]
    Other City / City Sewer = [OFFENSE]
    All Other Areas = [COMBAT]

    [Defense] - Tales of $Killer's heroism is recounted by bards and citizens, having slain $Victim in defense of Cyrene.
    [Offense] - Cyrenian reports from the battlefield tell of $Killer's victory over $Victim.
    [Combat] - Showing the determination of the Heart of the Vashnars, $Killer has put an end to $Victim.

    [Defense] - $Victim's blood spills into the Silverveil River, $Killer's fervour having never falted.
    [Offense] - Uttering a quick prayer to the Bloodsworn Divine, $Killer has shown $Victim the path to Redemption.
    [Combat] - As the dust settles, $Killer has brought the Light and Fire to bear upon $Victim.

    [Defense] - The mangy mutts of Hashan feast well upon the corpse of $Victim, a gift from $Killer.
    [Offense] - A smile forms upon a spy's lips as he reads aloud the report of $Victim's death at the hands of $Killer.
    [Combat] - $Killer has taught $Victim that sacrifices must be made in the name of $Progress.

    [Defense] - Blood soaks into the soil as $Killer has made $Victim into food for Nature.
    [Offense] - Showing the Wrath of Nature on full display, $Killer has shown that Nature will always prevail.
    [Combat] - Treating them like the poison they are, $Killer has cut $Victim from life.
  • Did this contest ever have its winners announced? If so, can someone point me to the news or forums post? Thanks!
  • Bump for an answer to Truax's question.

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

  • Answer: The war system is never going to be used so the contest was cancelled?
  • I issued about this and was told: "They'll be announced when that stuff all goes live, just to not give away anything early!"
    I'm sure they're working on it.

  • Maajida said:
    I'm sure they're working on it.

    I'll take "Famous Last Words" for $500  =)
  • Did this ever become live in game? Might have missed it while I was away.
  • lol I was right!
  • Thaisen said:
    lol I was right!

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