War: a contest.

We're currently working upon the war proposal from the other thread, and one of the small flavour powers will be to gain access to a war specific deathsight (think similar to divine order's crusade one). We were originally going to come up with them ourselves, but it occured to us that we could run a contest to pick the best ones instead.

- No more than 3 deathsights per org per person.
- You can post for cities your character isn't a member of.
- 200 credits per winning entry.

We'll run this for the next week!



  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol
    I'm guessing post them here?
  • Gunna jump the gun and throw this here while I'm inspired! No way I'll be able to come up with three though.

    Earning (his|her) seat as a (Lord|Lady) of the Court, KILLER ushers KILEE towards their entropic demise.

  • Ah, yes, post them here!

  • Suggestions for:

    > The clouds part as a ray of light graces KILLER's exuberant form, standing over the fallen KILLEE.

    > Discordant, shrill cries escape the withering lips of KILLEE, before KILLER rends them silent.

    > Bestowing an honourable demise, KILLER conquers KILLEE with knightly accord.

    > The Ithmia blossoms as KILLER bestows a new feast unto its soil, in the form of fallen KILLEE.

    > Sourceless commendations sound from the dark as KILLER unites KILLEE with the cold, hard ground.

    > Barely given a chance to cool, KILLEE's corpse is ingested by foul bloodworms at the behest of KILLER.
  • Targossas:
    Whispering soft prayers to Light and Fire, (Person) purges (Victim) from Creation.

    Letting none stand in the way of Progress, (Person) teaches (Victim) their folly.

    Succumbing to chaos, (Victim) has been a step forward for (Person)'s Ascension.

    Daring to defy the forces of Nature, (Person) reclaims (Victim)'s body to back to the earth.

    By purging (Victim)'s weakness from them, (Person) has shown the true teachings of Evil.


    Never bending to the horrors of the past, (person) slays (Victim) as a testament to Cyrene's fortitude.
  • Mhaldor:

    Exemplifying the Fifth Truth, Taryius has mercilessly dispatched Farrah.

    Triumphing easily over Farrah, Taryius has made clear; The body may be made stronger through combat.

    The art of the Fifth Truth lives onwards as Taryius engages Farrah, ending her life in service to Evil's city.
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    A radiant sunburst illuminates the skies as <killer> cleanses Creation  of <victim> with an exuberant and Righteous Fury.

    The maw of the ivory dragon and the flames of the eternal fire have erased every trace of <victim> from Creation at <killer>'s direction. 

    Accused, judged, and condemned, <victim> has been dispassionately destroyed, the latest victim of the Targossian inquisition brought to bear by <killer>. 

    Perishing utterly before the savage might of <killer>, <person>'s bones will gleam in the sun when the scavengers have finished with the carcass. 

    More beast than mortal, <killer> has brought Nature's killer nature to bear upon <victim>, leaving nothing but a bloodied and ruined carcass in the wake of <his|her> rampage.

    Ending the threat of <victim> before it even began, <person> has destroyed <him|her> with a rush of merciless fury in defence of <his|her> mountain home.

    Cold as the snows of <his|her> mountain home, <person> has brought the unforgiving justice of the Vashnars to bear upon <victim>.

    As the warrior of malevolent scripture felled every last one of his foes, <person> has dispatched <victim> without even the faintest trace of hesitation. 

    In <his|her> rage, <person> has become an unstoppable exemplar of Brutality, destroying <victim> utterly and wholly in the name of the Lord of Malevolence. 

    Relishing in the act of violence, <person> has broken <victim>, leaving behind nothing but a bloodied, ruined body in testament to the Strength afforded <him|her> by the Seven Truths. 

  • Gonna try and keep these short and sweet

    Cyrene: With artful ease, (killer) brings (killee) to a bloody denouement.

    Eleusis: (killer) has returned (killee) to the great cycle.

    Ashtan: Entropy's hand, (killer), brings (killee) to a chaotic end.

    Mhaldor: (killer) has shown (killee) their respective places under the Truths.

    Hashan: (killer) has ushered (killee) into the shadows.

    Targossas: (killee) has fallen to (killer)'s Righteous fury.
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    Whew. Tried to make them explicit/implicitly imply open warfare and that's not easy!

    Shadowy places fill with clandestine whispers telling of (Victim's) death at the hands of (Killer).

    Reminding all that, in war, a dagger always follows the cloak, (Killer) has dispatched (Victim).

    A thousand swords are spared as (Killer)'s knife finds (Victim) in the dark.

    The maddening din and chaos of battle accompanies the death of (Victim), lain low by (Killer).

    In pursuit of increased entropy, (Killer) has released (Victim)'s life energy from (his|her) body.

    Chaotic paroxysms wrack (Victim) as they become (Killer)'s newest victim on the field of battle.

    The loamy dirt will lay lightly over the body of (Victim), slain by (Killer) in open warfare.

    (Killer) slays (Victim), once more watering the ancient roots of the forest with the blood of Nature's enemy.

    Red in fang and claw, (Killer) has nipped (Victim)'s life in the bud as battle rages.

    The enslaved masses of Mhaldor pound the drums of war as (Killer) renders (Victim) a bloody corpse.

    Suffering builds Strength, and (Killer) has ensured (Victim) grew stronger prior to expiring.

    Foolishly standing in the way of (Killer)'s malevolent campaign, (Victim) has been shown Truth.

    Creation's design is furthered a step as (Killer) slaughters (Victim) on the field.

    Cries of victory rise out above the melee as (Killer) visits justice onto (Victim).

    Meeting the enemies of Creation head on in glorious battle, (Killer) has triumphed over (Victim).

    War, too, is an artform, demonstrated as (Victim) is put down by (Killer)'s masterstroke.

    A shouted salute from the Runic Knights accompanies (Killer)'s defeat of (Victim) in battle.

    Blows thunder from peak to peak before (Killer) triumphs mightily over (Victim).
  • Mhaldor:
    Face as cold as ice, <killer> casts the body of <killed> to the ground.
    With a sneer, <killer> dispatches <killed>, displaying to all the true might of evil’s teachings.
    <Killer> has shown <killed> that the forces of nature are greater than they had thought.
    With feral glee, <killer> has brutally torn the life from <killed>.
    Enraged at the exploitation of nature, <killer> savagely rips the life from <killed>.
    letting out a defiant cry, <killer> strikes down <killed> in defence of the city of Cyrene.
    <Killer strikes <killed> from creation, yet another victory for The Seat of Chaos.
    With a sudden strike from the shadows, <killer> swiftly ends the life of <killed>.
    With the enhanced scientific understanding of <killed’s> weaknesses, <killer> swiftly brings him/her down.
    <Killer> lifts his/her voice in a prayer to The Righteous fire as he/she strikes <Killed down.
    <Killer> cries out for the guidance of The Lightbringer as he/she passes judgement on <Killed’s> sins.
  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
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    The icy currents of Shuun'eludiela whisper the notes of $victim's death, drowned beneath the lashing storm of $killer's cold fury.

    Amidst flourishes of song and revelry troubadours sing a tale of war and woe, of $Killer, champion of the valley's starry walls, and the felling of $victim, Cyrene's foe.

    Excited giggles and childish horseplay follow a gaggle of children as they run along the length of Ministrickle Road, re-enacting the battle where $killer had slain a would-be invader.

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • Hashan:

    1. Deciding that they are an impediment to the Progress of the Shadow Court, $killer has removed the obstacle that was $victim.

    2. Another tally mark is added to the belt of Progress as $killer ends the life of $victim.

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    Some things I think would be cool that reflect war and location specifically.


    1) A chorus of cheers ripple across Blackstone Isle as the Faithful laud $Killer's victory over $Scrub.

    2) Cries of triumph ring out from Blackstone Isle, commemorating $Scrub's demise at the hands of $Killer.

    3) The banks of the Silverveil River churn as the Isles of Targossas reverberate with the warcries of the Faithful, celebrating $Killer's victory over $Scrub.
  • For group kills
    A group of <faction> has mobbed <target>  to death, with <killer> landing the final blow.

    A group of Targossians has mobbed Proficy to death, with Ismay landing the final blow.

    One on one kills
    The <faction> <killer> has slain the <faction2> <target> in single combat.

    The Mhaldorian Proficy has slain the Hashani Mezghar in single combat.

    Applicable for all factions

  • Furthering the Dominion of the Infernal Throne over the Prime, $Killer crushes $Killee beneath his|her fealty to the Imperator's Wheel.

    Continuing the traditions of the Imperator's Court, $Killer devours the existence of $Killee for the glory of Chaos.

    Culling Creation's ordered existence, $Killer brutally casts aside $Killee, manifesting the inevitability of Chaos' Dominion.

    I really enjoyed @Micaelis' location-specific ones, so here's one more in that vein:

    Creation shatters as lava erupts across the scorched isle of Ashtan in tumultuous response to $Killer's triumph over $Killee.

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    Oops, I was going to write them one at a time but I can't edit for that long. I'll post again, sorry! 
  • Hashan:

    Shadows enshroud the scene of Aegoth's demise, the source of his fate unknown.

  • Cyrene

    The white drakes of the mountains roar with approval as <killer> eliminates <killee> as a threat to the Vashnars.

    The icy mountain air steals away <killee’s> final breath as <he|she> falls in battle, <killer> dashing away to continue the fight for <her|his> City.

    With indignant rage, <killer> executes <killee> for bringing war to <his|her> mountain home.

  • Targossas
    Holy Flames encase the carcass of the heretic, KILLEE, leaving naught but cinders at the behest of KILLER.

    As an act of a Warden of Creation, KILLER conducts the final deliverance of KILLEE.

    Cheers erupt from Silverbright Square as it is heralded to the Dawnspear that KILLER, the ARMYRANK, has vanquished KILLEE, the ARMYRANK. 

    The Divine voice of Twilight echoes in your head, "See that it is. I espy a tithe of potential in your mortal soul, Astarod Blackstone. Let us hope that it flourishes and does not falter as so many do."

    Aegis, God of War says, "You are dismissed from My demense, Astarod. Go forth and fight well. Bleed fiercely, and climb the purpose you have sought to chase for."

    (Spring|Summer|Winter|Autumn) winds whistle through the forests of Sapience as $KILLER lays $KILLEE's corpse to rest in nature's embrace.

    -Changes based on the current IG season.


    A whispered invocation to <CHAOS LORD> escapes $KILLER's lips, as he brings $KILLEE's life to an abrupt conclusion.

    Whispering an invocation to <CHAOS LORD>, $KILLEE brings $KILLEE's life to an abrupt conclusion in service to the Court.

    -Idea being that the Chaos Lord would be randomly selected from the known pantheon of Chaos Lords, and therefor different every deathsight. For example it could be an invocation to Dameron, or maybe Lycantha or Palpatar, etc etc. How chaotic!-


    Crystalline waters spew skyward from the Unending Spring, an aqueous salute to $KILLER's triumph over $KILLEE.

  • For these kinds of deathsights, as they pertain specifically to declarations of war, I feel they should be based on such in order to standout in the spam of deaths.

    We already have statutes that have some pretty great patriotic elements, as well as -many- a flashy deathsight, so I went more with ones based on the idea of wartime.


    Paving the way for the Chaos Court, <killer> has eliminated <victim> in the Seat of Chaos' grim vision for Sapience.


    Declared a hindrance to the advancing forces of Progress, <victim> has been dispensed by <killer> per the Shadow Court's agenda.


    The marshaled legions of Evil roar out the name of <killer> as he enacts the Fifth Truth upon <victim> on the battlefield.


    Seeking to cleanse away the corrupt, <killer> has purged <victim> from existence in the crusade of the Dawnspear.


    By law of fang and claw, <victim>'s broken form lies before <killer> as Nature moves to reclaim the land.


    Charging valiantly to the fields, <killer> has brought low <victim> in order to eliminate any and all threats to the Heart of the Vashnars.
  • AchillesAchilles Los Angeles

    Cheers are heard from the Dawnspear, as *killer* has eradicated *killee*, rebuilding Creation under the banners of Light, Righteousness and Good
    Audible applause is heard from the Dawnspear, as they rejoice at the death of "killee" to "killer"
    Hundreds of arrows are seen over the Dawnspear, as the bow-maidens of the Dawnspear salute the triumph of "killer" over "killee"
  • Two additional for Targossas, since I only put one before:

    > Children's glee sounds out across the Mirror Isles as a storyteller reenacts the battle where [KILLER] felled [KILLEE].

    > Caliphan wets a quill with ink as he marks the victory of [KILLER] over [KILLEE] in the annals of Targossas' history.
  • Targossas:

    Uttering a prayer to the Bloodsworn with (his|her) victory, [Slayer] has removed [Slain] from the path of Creation's advancement.

    I personally like almost all of those by @Jurixe as well as @Taryius' 'Fifth Truth' deathsights.
  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol
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    Dawnblade -

    The legions of the Dawnblade advance, the boots of (killer) trampling the corpse of (killee) further into the mud and viscera.

    Luminai - 

    Truth has borne the weaknesses of (killee), as the Luminai subdue another target.

    Harbingers - 

    The censer of (killer) swings over the corpse of (killee), billowing holy smoke as the zealous prayers of the Harbingers chant praises to the strength of the Dawnspear.

    Targossas in general

    The piercing Light has revealed the Truth of (killee)'s folly, as (killer) strikes (him/her) down with Righteous fervor.

  • Cyrene:

    Slayer has proven to Slain that he|she is merely another obstacle that the Heart of the Vashnars can and will overcome.

    Slain crumples under the mountainous resolve of Slayer and the Heart of the Vashnars.

    If Slain is fortunate the artists of the Heart of the Vashnars will record his|her name in their works dedicated to the triumphs of Slayer.

    Slain should have taken the hint when Slayer gave their speech on the merits of extreme xenophobia.
  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    Vakvyr resumes his novel after being rudely interrupted by Archaeon's ill fated assault.
  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    Taryius has viciously pummeled Archaeon into submission before the Lord.
  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol

    Her hypothesis proving correct, Farrah has proven scientifically that she is the better of Archaeon. 
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