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mushclient plugin GMCP_to_world - IRE.Target.Info

MeliniMelini Member Posts: 9

Any idea why the mushclient plugin GMCP_to_world is not receiving the GMCP message IRE.Target.Info ?

(It's listed within the supported messages inside the plugin)


  • VinzentVinzent Member Posts: 363 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    As far as I'm aware it's a module you need to enable.
  • MeliniMelini Member Posts: 9
    Hi Vinzent.  Thanks for the response.  Do you know how to enable modules?  Is it like a GMCP message I need to send to the Achaea server to let it know I can handle the IRE.Target.Info messages?
  • VinzentVinzent Member Posts: 363 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Yeah, but I have no clue how to do so with MUSH. The respective function in Mudlet would be sendGMCP().
  • MeliniMelini Member Posts: 9

    I wonder if IRE's gmcp specification document has been updated since the 11th March 2014 as the document that appears to have this date on IRE's website doesn't even mention IRE.Target.Info.

    Also, the Core.Supports.Set GMCP message sent by my client includes IRE.Target in the list of supported modules.

    Perhaps someone from IRE could comment?  (Do they respond to forum messages or do I have to submit a ticket or something?)
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  • CaelanCaelan Member Posts: 2,846 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Something like     sendGMCP([[Core.Supports.Add ["IRE.Target 1"] ]])  for Mudlet.  I would imagine it would be similar in MUSH. 

  • MeliniMelini Member Posts: 9
    This is what is being sent already:

        supports = {"Char 1", "Char.Skills 1", "Char.Items 1", "Comm.Channel 1", "IRE.Rift 1", "IRE.FileStore 1", "Room 1", "IRE.Composer 1", "Redirect 1", "IRE.Display 3", "IRE.Tasks 1", "IRE.Sound 1", "IRE.Misc 1", "IRE.Time 1", "IRE.Target 1"};

        SendGMCPPacket("Core.Supports.Set " .. json.encode(supports))
  • MeliniMelini Member Posts: 9

    It's not working as I want it to, but I have at least received at least one IRE.Target.Info GMCP message so the module seems to be enabled.  I don't know what woke it up, but I think it's a client/server exchange thing.  I found something that seems relevant in the Lusternia forum.  (Thank you Google!)

    (It's almost at the bottom of the first page)

    This is assuming IRE have GMCP coded the same in both games, which seems reasonble.   Differing data sets for sure, but those that are named the same probably behave the same.
  • MeliniMelini Member Posts: 9
    Update #2:

    Seems to work fine so long as I manually set my target before entering combat with the 'settarget' / 'st' command.

    It's a bit cumbersome, but it's worth the effort to be able to track my target's health.

    Thank you all.
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