Wishlist: Quality of Life



  • Vhaith said:

    * The ability to learn more than 20 lessons at a time. In Imperian certain City tutors will teach you 90+ lessons at once. This would be great.
    In Starmourn, you can learn any number of lessons at once, even if it's 2833. It's uh-ma-zing. :heart:
  • You can already learn more than 20 lessons at once here... It just requires you to invest thousands of credits into having multiple classes.


  • I would not mind having something like an anonymous CT channel. (Been away a long time so perhaps something similar exists?)

    Perhaps only accesible after reaching a certain age or after being a citizen of your chosen city for a certain number of years, limited posts per day etc etc to prevent abuse. I realise you can post anon on boards, however a city channel will be a more open, organic discussion I think.

    Should be treated as IC communication only and not a OOC chat.
    I think this will allow more people to openly voice their opinions on city matters, leadership issues, events etc etc without opening themselves up to ridicule,exclusion or petty bickering. 
    It can further be used for quick votes or polls on minor matters to estimate how a city feels about a particular topic.

    And I can already imagine all the speculation, info seeking and venting here on the forums by those who feel hard done by on ANONCT...glorious.

  • Auria said:
    Allow Air Lords to soar to the stratosphere from Arcadia and the north of Sapience. We can do it from Meropis, another of our exits, so why not those two as well?
    Sounds like a BUG or a classlead.
  • Say you draw a diagram or something and need to show it to others IG, maybe we could get some way to mxp link people to in-character pictures? I dunno, that might not be reasonable. Ascii art in letters is the current workaround.

  • Give smithing something that makes it worth the millions of gold you have to invest to it.
  • I'd like if servants were expanded more.

    Clan interaction, like sending CLT messages or inducting people, would be neat for OOS housing used to represent a clan headquarters.

    Better item handling might be neat, for example being able to give items as an action.

    A guard-type servant that deals more damage would be nice too. People tried to dissuade this by saying they'd be bashed, but normal servants can be bashed too, so whatever.

    Events that happen on random intervals would be nice too, especially given how many denizens already have this feature.
  • Stheno said:
    1. Properly shared housing. Let deeds be drawn up, cosigned, and transferred. Please extend this to shared clan ownership, so family clans and estates aren't sitting empty for decades. I'd like to describe my attic without having to wake up someone dormant. Better thread here.
    2. More creative leeway with artefact pets, which cost a small fortune. We have giant versions of mounts, like hornets and albatrosses. Why not here?
    3. Smart items. If I have a list of letters and only one contains an item, GET X FROM LETTER would ideally check the list for the item flag. If there are two letters with items, it takes from the top letter, and so on.
    4. Those little paper cocktail umbrellas.
    5. Peepee Teepees
  • Reasonable trade-in values for shop of wonders items
    Better morphing armour that will keep a description on it without resetting.
    Better rewards in Annwyn and/or Underworld to foster more small scale PVP
    Better rewards for raiding or detonating a tank

    Only the armour thing is QoL really. Morphing Armour handling sucks.  The rest is a wishlist though!
  • Longer life for armour and weapons created by those who have reached the highest smithing levels. Say an extra twenty percent or so, due to their skill in craftsmanship making them more durable. This would give them a perk that they could charge a premium for, considering the costs it takes to get that level of skill built up.
  • That's an okay idea in theory Mroxyl, but realistically forgers will make 0 extra gold off of it.

    When embrasuring was released, THAT was meant to be how forgers earned their gold/credits back. People were charging 50-100 credits per embrasure.

    But within a couple of RL days, the absolute idiots who have no clue how to value their time entirely ruined the embrasure market. Now if you have to pay more than comm costs people get pissed off about it.

    The same thing will happen with that idea. As has been proven by harvesting, inkmilling, embrasures, augmentation, clothing designs, cooking, conjuration, jewellery, remedies, transmutation, and toxicology.

    "I spent 2 hours writing, designing, submitting, re-submitting, gathering the ingredients for, making, and pricing in a shop...I wonder how much gold I should charge? 200 gold? Sounds good!"

  • I still charge 200k per embrasure.

    Most people won't pay that much, but occasionally someone does. :)
  • Rather silly, maybe. I really wish we could ask fishing denizens like Crathen about the big one that got away. This way we could go hunt it down for a higher chance at catching a record-breaking fish. 
  • RyxRyx North of Northreach
    Something like UPCOMING, but like News is filled by players and has different categories which can be ignorable, like Public, City, House, et cetera.
  • NeraeosNeraeos The Garden
    Upcoming already operates that way aside from the public portion.
  • Depending on what exactly you want Ryx, a project or clan could work for what you're wanting too.

  • RyxRyx North of Northreach
    Neraeos said:
    Upcoming already operates that way aside from the public portion.
    So it does. Apologies, I got the impression otherwise because mine is usually empty or mostly empty -- I guess Eleusis hasn't been making much use of it.
  • I wish the admin team didn't make cards that can randomly create private designs. :/
  • Lenn said:
    I wish the admin team didn't make cards that can randomly create private designs. :/
    Which card can do that?

  • RyxRyx North of Northreach
    Cooper said:
    Lenn said:
    I wish the admin team didn't make cards that can randomly create private designs. :/
    Which card can do that?
    Just heard a complaint about this about the Reinhold card.
  • Reinhold
  • Cooper said:
    Lenn said:
    I wish the admin team didn't make cards that can randomly create private designs. :/
    Which card can do that?
    Yeah, Reinhold can pull private cooking designs as well as public ones.
  • Oh duh, I knew that. Just had a major brain fart.

    Yes, I 100% agree on that! It should only be able to pull from the public list, it is very unfair to have the private designs available.

  • SophiSophi Rally Point
    Walk to <mob name> should be disabled though.
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