How do you pronounce your character's name?



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    Tla-lie-ad is how I pronounce it.
  • Shub said:
    really surprised it hasn't been brought up in this thread yet, but

    how do you pronounce "Tlalaiad"
    I'm not saying this is the right way, but in my head I say something like 'Tuh - Lie - Add'. 

    Now that I am trying to say the name properly out loud, 'Tih-lall-ee-add'.

    Shouldn't have tried figuring that out, my brain hurts now.

  • Tlal eyy add
  • is 'eyy' like the fonzie 'ehhh'?

  • Long or short a? I’m thinking long a, since that rolls off the tongue similar to other TT names. Ahdd instead of add

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.

  • I just wanted to say ayyyyy

  • "Ball so hard motherf**kers wanna fine me, that sh*t Kray"
  • Atlatl AIDS

  • "Seleucar"

    Sell you car

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