Potential Mafia Sign-Up Thread?

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Lookin' at you, @Adesh
[He will probably be the game master, if this works.]

1. Nylili


  • Can you specify more details? There's actually a Targossian variant of Mafia in-game called New Dawn which is very "robust" and I attempted my own version of mafia which many in Hashan found fun called New Moon.

    Either way, sign me up as interested (time zone difference might be an issue).
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  • Putting me on the spot here much, Nylili?

    I don't have anything new prepared at the moment, but guess I still have my notes from last two games I ran on the Lusternia forums? One is very power heavy with a very silly theme based on Homestuck Intermission characters, no idea if that's to people's tastes here. The other is focused on a twist of the Cult role though honestly wanted to work on that one more before running it again.

    I would actually be super interested to hear about in-game Mafia. Couldn't find any help scrolls on it so I guess it's something players put together? 
  • I have no idea what you crazy kids are talking about.  Mafia means one thing.

  • What does it mean to you?
  • We used to crack out a basic variant in Cyrene if this is what I'd call Mafia/Salem/Murder in the goddamn dark (the true name for coolest kids).

    If it helps I'm game. 

  • Over on Lusternia's forums, we have a long history of wild and wacky mafia games With themes and custom roles based around anything from Pokemon to the Manhattan Project.  So Mafia has a pretty broad meaning for me.

    Though I could certainly also run a more standard game with basic roles.

    @Vender in regards to timezones, if we're doing it on the forums I typically let the day phases run for 2-3 days. Everybody gets their chance to talk then. 
  • Sorry I haven't updated the list yet, I can't edit from mobile and I keep forgetting when I'm home
  • well nevermind I actually can't edit it at all so here's the thing

    1. Nylili
    2. Vender
    3. Finchy
    4. Caelan??
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