Next Big Thing: Engagement!

Hi folks!

We wanted to make you aware of the "next big project" that we're working on, as well as invite you to get involved in helping design some of the specifics (and even naming the system)!

Allow me to introduce Engagement tasks! (This name is very much a placeholder, but I'll get to that).

Essentially this will work similarly to a daily / weekly / bimonthly task system which will bring with it its own rewards and incentives.

Our goal here is to provide a strong incentive for you guys to go out into the world and engage with all the various content that Achaea has to offer which might or might not feature in your every day play. These might be as simple as writing a newspost, or as convoluted as bringing about one of the (MANY) rare events scattered out in the game world's villages and towns.

Think of it as experiencing more of what the world has to offer - on any possible scale.

While we are in the early stages of setting up and designing this system, your input is highly valued! What we'd most like to hear are suggestions for these tasks - again, they can be as simple or as involved as you want, and cover absolutely anything in the world that might happen (e.g maybe witnessing someone get absolved would be an interesting experience, or participating in a chorale and so on - the sky's the limit).

Most importantly is the type of engagement we want to encourage. We're not interested in adding a daily login and grind for x minutes, then qq to repeat on an alt in order to get a reward, we want to encourage and reward people for playing a character in Achaea, to engage with the game world and the other people playing, rather than an automated daily quest.

So for part 1, this thread will be open to accept and discuss all of your task ideas and suggestions!

Part 2 is just as important, the system needs a great name!

It's important that we state our intentions clearly: we are not attempting to recreate the daily grind or mindless repetition that you find in MMOs, and so "Dailies" or anything similar won't be accepted.

Put your name suggestions in this thread and whoever supplies the best name will win 100 credits!

Timeline going forward:
This thread will stay open for the next two weeks, it is an important topic for us so derailing, distracting, and non-constructive posts will simply be deleted. Don't be that person.
When the thread is closed we'll announce the system name and the winning player will get their 100 credits.
We'll also go through all of the task suggestions and announce a date when you can expect this system to be live!
Then implementation will begin!
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    Right off the top of my head: if you don't want it to have the connotation of being a big randomized list of tasks Todd Howard added to the game to keep everyone busy, give it a name and tie in to the story that makes sense, some kind of path metaphor or walk of Nicator or something, with a specific point to completing lots of them, or completing particular kinds of tasks, or something. 

    No idea how you'd do it, but if you want a way to involve people in house/city/official player-run thing then give the elect/autocrat/ministries involved the ability to "tick off" completion of tasks. Attend a yearly city festival, take part in a house goat sacrifice, watching a hard-coded ritual only means we'll end up doing MARKET LOOKING FOR SERPENT TO MILK THEIR TEATS, this way not only are we involved in new experiences, we're in charge of running those experiences, the experiences that only a MUD can really bring to the table in my personal experience. 

    Any worry about abuse has to be mitigated by just ruining our lives for abusing that and/or the merit of having a system that encourages activity from new and older players, and older players to newer players. 

    Haven't thought about any of above, might all be terrible. Please don't call it Walk of Nicator. 

    EDIT: Specific example: People watching the old rite of devotion initially because its free experience and benefits the player then because its an interesting event, then getting involved in the story itself. Tasks that get people involved for a mechanical benefit that also have a RP/Organisational point are your hook to both encourage attendance but participation. 

  • [  ] Retrieve a corpse from each island that cannot be reached by ferry.
  • I think it should be called Percipience


    1. good understanding of things; perceptiveness.
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    Immersion Campaigns

    EnVents - Engagement Ventures

    Experience Weaving



  • Part 2: Call them "Exploits"! It works both ways as a noun and a verb


    Dictionary result for exploit

    1. 1.
      make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource).
      "500 companies sprang up to exploit this new technology"
      synonyms:utilize, make use of, put to use, use, use to good advantage, turn/put to good use, make the most of, capitalize on, benefit from, turn to account, draw on; More
    1. 1.
      a bold or daring feat.
      "the most heroic and secretive exploits of the war"
      synonyms:feat, deed, act, adventure, stunt, escapade, maneuver, enterprise, undertaking, move;More
  • As for suggestions... at least for smaller tasks.

    How about when players help others ink tattoos, sketch runes, empower, cast a reflection, etc. 

    Or when someone immolates a corpse.  :)
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    Mmm, initially I was wondering how does this fit into your usual objective based systems of tasks/quests/resolutions, but from the sound of it you're simply looking to expand players awareness of the nuanced secrets the world has to offer.

    I'm familiar with setting people discoveries to teach and learn the world, something I fondly call adventuring, or indivual adventures.

    if I am on track with this, I think hints to what people can find is a good opportunity. Riding the elevator in Creville, assembling the telescope in Valho. jumping off the duckie wheel in Delos, starting a snowball fight in a blizzard. These are low end ideas though I fear the enormity of having to commit to constantly expanding such a system, good luck at the very least!
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    I, for one like the idea of dynamic (either worldwide collaborative or factional competitive) events. The current state of rotating monthly promos in their current state isn't a very engaging system from an RP standpoint. I for one was happy to see something roll out for the Feb promo for folks who didn't intend to pay.

    I'd like to see a shift more towards content based promos than just variations on credit sales. I understand that the business model is one that favors microtransactions but there are plenty of games that self sustain on their own merits without having to dangle an ever larger shinier stick of wtfpwnery  to coax out the almighty visa.

     A frame of reference for this would be a game like Guild Wars 2 which their World V World game mode tracks faction contribution towards competitive goals over the course of a season. This could be expanded within world based themes including ongoing or rotating world events, factional conflict (nature vs red fog for example). One of the attractive things about Achaea is the immersion of the world and feeling like there is some lasting impact. Artefacts are a mostly purchase based rewards system. Many other games have found ways to encourage gameplay and not just card swiping for their promos that should be the basis for gameplay.

    I think one great example of this from Achaea's history was landmarking and the icon systems , and to a lesser extend the crusade system. I'm sure there were reasons to do away with these, but I for one would love a shot for exterminations and vivifications to have more impact and would love to see this system expanded upon.
  • I agree with some of the above sentiments, I'm really not sure how this is meant to differ from quests, tasks, resolutions, monthly participation events, and storyline events.
  • When someone asks me what they can do in the game, either on their own or with a friend, I try to give suggestions that aren't always readily apparent.

    - play Paehe's game or help Jitaka write a story
    - play a game of chess or one of the board games found in Thera
    - ride a toboggan
    - send a folded letter from Josie's shop
    - make wine at the winery
    - ducky wheel as Mindshell mentioned
    - telescope in Cyrene 
    - candy shop in Tasur'ke
    - diving off the board in Vundamere
    - experience the universal membrane
    - massage or acupuncture in Ashtan
    - build a snowman
    - seek out Rurin and ask him about crafting
    - rps
    - learn a new language
    - dig for treasure on the wilderness map of islands or dive for treasure

    and likely more I am just not thinking of right now. 
  • It's great to promote RP but it's hard to put a checkbox next to "did it" when it's so open ended.  Not only that but is it compelling RP when the person is ooc "lol I just put in minimum effort cuz rp is for nerds"?  It's a very difficult balance because RP for rewards necessarily cheapens it in most cases.
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  • If we do have more dynamic events to participate in like some people are suggesting, can we please have more that aren't on Friday nights or Saturdays? I know the return of Eros wasn't, and I really appreciated that.
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  • I just challenge uppity novices to kill the wasp queen on Harae.

    And then get upset when they do so.
  • Jadys said:

    - massage or acupuncture in Ashtan
    Only Ashtan can do this I think
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    First off, great idea!!

    The Ashtani Culture ministry has been doing this IC since before I joined the city. CHELP WHEELEVENTS has often kept me engaged with both the city, and players that I don't usually participate with regularly in raids and skirmishes. They begin every other IG year, and are tailored to the different workings of chaos. For that, I'd shoutout to @Truax and @Lilas and the many other people who have been putting time and effort into that. I know for a fact that some novices and veteran adventurers have engaged with them and gotten pretty cool rewards (Unique items, Credit Rewards). It simply makes the city seem more active (as a whole) and offers those who don't like to raid, a way to engage with a group on a cool activity for some worthwhile. 

    For my advice on content to focus on, I would offer the following suggestions:

    1. Quests: One of the things hat has really changed my gameplay recently has been doing all of the intricate quests that I didn't bother to do as a novice. What a bunch of cool information and worldbuilding! Perhaps you could change the quests to offer additional rewards such as a unique item that decays in x number of days, provides y experience, gold/riftables/comms/credits depending on how hard it is. Just a new line of dialogue helps and makes the game more alive!
    2. Room/NPC reactions: Another thing I've gotten into recently is ritualism with the city and house members (who have all helped me enormously!), and I'm in love with different rooms reacting to certain keywords and emotes. Perhaps if you were really doing 'mini-events' to highlight certain areas, you could add a reward into doing a small ritual in a specific location. 
    3. Lootboxes. Ok, Ok. I know it sounds like I'm asking for free stuff, but one of my favorite things about Skyrim is the fact that if you explore randomly, you will find something cool. Be it a quest, a chest, or some kind of amusing easter egg.

    I'll be frank, while I like the many intricate features Achaea has, I don't think anything tops Events. I would have some sort of mini-event put into place, or chests/lootbox scavenging in certain areas, certain times of the year. 

    As for a name, I'd call them, "Objectives", and have some sort of reward for completion. 

    Just spitballing here. I honestly don't see static (non-changing, repeatable, set reward) Resolutions/Quests having the heavy impact that it sounds like you're looking for! Feel free to disagree, lots of good thoughts going around !

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  • I like the idea of more dynamic events that don’t require an insane amount of health to participate in. When there are events with aggressive mobs, sometimes those prevent a person from doing anything else than said event if there was a workaround for that it’d be great. I’ve always thought treasure hunts were fun. Maybe on a much less grand scale than having the upper end artefacts in if they were going to be more frequent. Also for the engagement tasks for lower level players bigger amounts of gold would always help. Along with maybe supplies like extra curatives. Gold as a newbie and getting supplies can be a struggle!
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    What about a mechanical way to work toward favor with a Divine without having to be in Their order, and more meaningful than offering essence?  This would be interesting because it'd open up some options for non-city divine, such as the ulaiaiaiaiad dude.  A "divine reputation" system maybe?
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  • If it doesn't directly engage another live person, then it'll just become another series of automated steps.
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    I have a few opinions and suggestions.

    I think avoiding "fetch quests" and similar mmo norms would keep the new system alive much longer. I also agree that npc interaction would be very exciting and would add a lot of depth to the world if done right. For example, some of the tasks may involve a particular npc bringing up an event in history that they remember, which new players may find interesting while those that were a part of the event might enjoy hearing about and reminiscing. Achaea is about living a different life in a fantasy world for many players. The more you can immerse them in the world the better.

    Another thing I would like to see with this is a physical way to receive the tasks. Perhaps implementing an adventurer's guild where tasks can be given by an NPC in Thera based on the players level. Or even weave this system into the current taverns that already exist in the world. Let the Barkeeps tell players about "rumors" and let the task start there. This would allow for city specific tasks as well as non-city specific ones based on where you choose to go. 

    The more RP and npc interaction the better imo.

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  • Other name possibilities: Enterprise, Initiative, Ventures
  • Armali said:
    If it doesn't directly engage another live person, then it'll just become another series of automated steps.
    True, but we can't have all the steps require human interaction.  The playerbase isn't as large as it used to be (not to mention timezone issues).  I think a mix would be appropriate
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  • I was thinking the "Daily Melee" but I guess that pretty much is exactly what you are looking to avoid.  Back to the drawing board.
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