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As a newbie I been adding triggers as I go. I am not that far along as most of what I have is anti-theft and standing reflexes. Does anyone have a list of trigger lines?


  • I can't help you with a list of triggers, but just in case you didn't know - Achaea has a built in curing system that you can read about by looking at HELP CURING SYSTEM. I think using the CURING command will also pull up a list of commands you can use, CURING ON being the most basic.

  • If you are looking for lines for specific things, I would recommend looking through some of the publicly available scripts like SVOF or AK affliction tracking. They have most of the lines you would probably want, if you are intent on making your own stuff.
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    Another alternative to triggering every single line, is to use the game's built-in GMCP.   There is also a CONFIG option,  I think it is CONFIG AFFLICTIONMESSAGESHOW <ON/OFF> that will display every time you get/cure an affliction. 

    Options avaiable (in order from most difficult to get going to least...):

    - Trigger every single affliction message line, including symptoms of each.  Use that to cure. (Problem here is new classes mean you need all new trigger lines and might miss some)

    - Let the game tell you what you have been afflicted with, using GMCP notifications (note: a select few affs don't give GMCP notification).  Use that to cure/build your own curing system. (Saves you from the above issue and you just need to worry about new afflictions like 'wreckedliver' or whatever the new class can do.  This option saves you from needing to know what every class' multiple different paralysis triggers look like.)

    - Use the AFFLICTIONMESSAGESHOW toggle and cure based off what it tells you that you were just afflicted with (basically this just displays the GMCP info, but can be handy.  However some people find it a bit spammy, and you still have to figure out what to do with the afflictions, but at least you know you have them)

    - Use the built-in CURING ON/OFF to set which afflictions you want to heal in what order, when to use tree tattoo, focus, etc...

    - Just use someone else's system and routinely ask others how to fix issues you're having.

    Late edit: If you're using Mudlet, you can use the Lua alias that's around (see below) to see all the stuff that is tracked/trackable on GMCP.  Just go to the Mudlet SETTINGS in your profile and tick 'Enable GMCP".  Make an alias ^lua (.*)$ that does:
    <div>local f, e = loadstring("return "..matches[2])<br>if not f then<br>&nbsp; f, e = assert(loadstring(matches[2]))<br>end<br><br>local r =<br>&nbsp; function(...)<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; if not table.is_empty({...}) then<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; display(...)<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; end<br>&nbsp; end<br>r(f())<br></div><br>

    Then you can enter 'lua gmcp' on the command line to see what all can be tracked.  Some categories you can drill down on to see more specifically.

    'lua gmcp.Room.Players' will show you everyone in the room, etc.

  • Alternatively, you can automate trigger collection on either Mudlet or Nexus if you're crazy enough. ;)
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  • Thank you, all of you. I now have some reading to do and am going to play around with my curing system.
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