Houston, Tx



  • Cooper said:
    Trey said:
    Mathonwy said:
    I'm in Dallas -- depending on workload and schedule I'm down to make a drive.
    That's what you said about the Ann Arbor meet, you dick.
    If it makes you feel better, I bailed on Mathonwy last weekend and felt like a huge dick.
    The weekend before last weekend, we actually bailed on each other, fun fact.

    Maybe I'm just addicted to disappointing people!
    Saeva said:
    If Mathonwy is 2006 I wish 2007 had never come.
    Xenomorph said:
    heh. Mathowned.
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  • I'm in Texas as well and pretty near Houston. I think I have to make a brief trip to Galveston this weekend, actually.
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    Okay!! I'll be in Houston starting on the 9th and I leave on the 11th. I have familial obligations on the 9th. The 10th is best for me best because i have to drive back to Austin on the 11th. I can stay out until midnightish and still function in the morning so, any happy hour/dinner/bar suggestions?? I'll be at Rice for my class. I haven't been out in Houston in a long while and in college my go to was house of pies because I couldn't drink. Let's have fun!!!

    @Tasus @Jiraishin @Jursi @Peak @Mathonwy

    Sorry if I forgot folks!!
  • I'll do what I can to be there. It's been years since I've met any Achaeans

    cough @Cooper
  • Any location suggestions???
  • So this trip was super short!! Maybe we'll plan something closer to the fall when Houston doesn't feel like pea soup!
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    No idea why I don’t check this more often but I’m in the Houston area and am usually free to meet up! If y’all do something, message me in game so I know!
  • Bump. I live here now.
  • Woo! We still live here. 🤭
  • Sasaki on Westheimer has the most authentic sushi I've ever had and I think it's important for people to know
  • Maybe we could do something this weekend if anyone is available! I can bring Arctanin and Laleh with me… maybe Anastacia. 
  • Can't this weekend (irl bashing - turkey season opens 4/1)
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