Talisman Market

NizarisNizaris The Holy City of Mhaldor
To improve liquidity, market efficiency, price consistency, and gold sinking: A market system for talisman pieces and/or completed talismans.

Shopper Commands

Displays a list of talismans being sold. Note: This command does not output individual sales, but only a list of items being sold; ie. if there are five different sales for dragonskin packs, all five will be represented by a single line.

Displays all talismans being sold, sorted by price from lowest to highest. By default, TALISMAN SHOP <talisman> without the optional [COMPLETE|PIECES|ALL] defaults to ALL. ALL displays both completed talismans and pieces. COMPLETE and PIECES show only individual pieces. This list shows both auction price and "buy now" price. It also displays time left on the auction. Each auction has an ID number.

TALISMAN SHOP BID <auction_id> <price>
Places a bid on the completed talisman, or a talisman piece.

TALISMAN SHOP BUY <auction_id>
Pays the "buy now" price, and receives the talisman piece/completed talisman.

Seller Commands

TALISMAN SELL <talisman_item_number>
Sets up a talisman auction, but not yet ready for sale. Returns the auction_id.

TALISMAN SELL CONFIG <auction_id> BID <opening_bid>
Mandatory config. Sets the opening bid price.

TALISMAN SELL CONFIG <auction_id> BUYNOW <buy_now_price>
Optional config. Sets the buynow price.

TALISMAN SELL CONFIG <auction_id> TIME <# months>
Mandatory config. Set the number of Achaean months before the auction expires.

TALISMAN SELL CONFIG <auction_id> RESERVE <reserve_threshold>.
Optional config. If the auction fails to rise to the reserve threshold, then the auction is canceled and the item returned to you.

Places talisman for sale with the current config.

Cancels the auction.


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