Body block, Evade block, and Hunting

I've been hunting now for many moons, with either or both of the blocks active for most of it, and have not seen any messages indicating they're doing anything to help me. Now, all my attacks and battlerage and multiple denizens in combat and so on can make for quite a lot of spam, but I would expect I would have seen something by now, even if just a glimmer. Do the blocks only work against Adventurers and I've been waiting my MP/Willpower keeping up blocks that aren't helping while hunting?


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    Yes, blocks only work vs adventurers, as per the ABs

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    Bodyblock gives some flat physical mitigation against mobs, evadeblock does nothing though. You won't see the firing message for bodyblock that you do for players since it's just straight resistance on every attack (for players it's a chance to halve damage).

  • Klendathu said:
    Yes, blocks only work vs adventurers, as per the ABs
    Bodyblock was changed to give some denizen resistance a while back.

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    Lol that's funny. I used both in hunting when I had a monk alt a while back. Do the ab scrolls not specify, or did I just not read them carefully enough?
  • I carefully re-read the AB scrolls for Bodyblock and Evadeblock yesterday, and there's no mention of Adventurers or Denizens. The "Works on/against" line says "self", which makes sense since a block protects yourself rather than attacking. However, Pinch does say that it works against Adventurers despite being a block, so I guess the devs could clarify the information somehow.
  • Yeah, the AB files could do with some updates. I do have a saved message to confirm this though!

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    2016/12/31/16:09 It does. Bodyblock vs players is a 50% reduction when it fires, its just some flat
    mitigation vs mobs which is probably where some of the confusion springs from.

  • Don't trust AB. 
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