• Yes, the angry little man is perfect.
    *Animated Signature*

  • CaoimhaenCaoimhaen Targossas
    Orzaansyn said:

    Found a cool online tool to create strips. For now only took characters for @Sherazad, @Ruth, @Zii, @Carmain, @Jurixe but others may appear later (if there is a "later")





    Lol! @zii oh gosh. Now when you make zii raid hashan...all I can see is this cartoon version

  • Xer said:
    Things get funny at the earlier stages of sleep deprivation. I remember attempting once (in the name of SCIENCE) to see how far I can get without sleep. Managed 4 days and 15 hours before I collapsed. I experienced auditory hallucinations (I heard a really quiet One-Winged Angel coming from my bathroom tap while I was trying to do homework on my laptop in my room, full choir and everything. I even got up and went to investigate and it just kept going, getting only slightly louder as I went to the tap. Have no clue how that works D:), but no visual hallucinations, which was what I wanted to try and experience (because I think it would be cool to see one lol... XD). But yeah, things got scary at the end and I just slept. My friend managed to last another 8 hours and said he had a visual hallucination. So jelly. But yah, never doing that again. Was like, the worst four days of my life hehe.
    I think I will try this four days prior to the CTF.
  • There will be a new cartoon later, assuming I can get to the scanner. I really hope I can, because tomorrow I am going on a trip for five days and it will have to remain unscanned until I return.

    This one will not be in color because I am seriously pressed for time and I chose today to draw a cartoon with eleven panels (they're little panels, though).
    The soul of Ashmond says, "Always with the sniping."

    (Clan): Ictinus says, "Stop it Jiraishin, you're making me like you."
  • AmunetAmunet Spokane, Washington, USA
    IT'S SO TRUE. The silence burns!
    My avatar is an image created by this very talented gentleman, of whose work I am extremely jealous. It was not originally a picture of Amunet, but it certainly looks a great deal like how I envision her!
  • Who knew that @Jiraishin was Garak of Achaea.  Awesome!
    Janeway: Tuvok! *clapclap* Release my hounds!
    Krenim: Hounds? How cliche.
    Janeway: Tuvok! *clapclap* Release my rape gorilla!
    Krenim: ...We'll show ourselves out.
  • Garak is without a doubt my favorite DS9 character.
    The soul of Ashmond says, "Always with the sniping."

    (Clan): Ictinus says, "Stop it Jiraishin, you're making me like you."
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