• CaladbolgCaladbolg Campbell County TN
    Shuyin, Final fantasy 10-2 (Tidus was taken)
    Riku (Kingdom hearts)
    Vaan (FFX12)
    Impera (Made a newb killer, made the first three letters imp so when people had imp targeted it would attack me if there was no imp in the room)
    Caladbolg, (Tidus' legendary in ffx) I used this name (ment to mispell it) to confuse people. because I found long names that are hard to spell are harder to target. I named my Falcon Calad to people would attack my falcon instead of attacking me with out putting the full name in. 

    And my secret alt that I eventually got drunk and told people about but hell you guys likely don't remember it anyways, When Achaea had that promotion that let you send the same amount of credits you bought to a new char (new alts worked) I made an ashtani Serpent. with a certain person. alt was so fun to play back in the day. Especially when no one knew it was me. (except a select few people I trusted which was mainly for serpent advice) but got his name based off a serpent god in some other countries religions.

    If you're curious the reason I play Caladbolg over my other alts is because Draq wanted me to play his son. Also Caladbolg is the scottish version of the Excalibur from what i've read and actually makes me feel like my name is pretty cool for the classes I typically play. (Also the guy who used Caladbolg was named Fergus which I named my pegasus)

  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    I had a dear friend once, a brown terrier; 'Skye' they called her. She was so fond of me that she never would sleep out of my stall; she made her bed under the manger, and there she had a litter of five as pretty little puppies as need be; none were drowned, for they were a valuable kind, and how pleased she was with them!

    Yeah... the first time I ever encountered the name Skye was when I was a kid reading Black Beauty. But I loved the name and it's stuck with me since. Skye's kinda like a terrier anyway haha

  • I like Q names. And double letters. And one syllable names. 

    But, like anytime I make a new character, I just start with the alphabet. I make one name per letter until I hit on something that says, "MAKE ME REAL." I think with Quisse, I was working from Z to A. :)
  • I made up the name Nicaara a billion years ago when I played neopets. It was actually Nicara but somehow that was taken,  so I threw another A in there. And it's been my Internet name since. Since playing guild wars 2 WvW, with TeamSpeak and all, I'll respond to it IRL as if you said my real name haha
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    Double post
  • Caladbolg said:
    This was my inspiration: 

  • So I met this guy from a camp, and he was like "YOU MUST TRY THIS GAME". Naturally I was terrified with his demands. Anyways, I told him I would. I could not think of any name outside of things relating to Harry Potter. (This was back in High School) I told him and he told me to try "Taraza" I asked him where he got it from and he said the Dune series and I better kick butt because this character was awesome. 

    Yeah....Went with Taraza due to his suggestions.

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    @Taraza What happened to your friend after that? Did you kick his butt? 

    For Szareine, I wanted a kind of a sort of uppity/princessy name for a girl who doesn't look like a princess (maybe just at first glance). I had a couple of inspirations, but ultimately I liked Czarina, just didn't want a name ending in '-a'.
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    Geras is the God of Old Age in the Greek Mythology, but also a virtue that means you possess more fame, excellence and courage etc. Must be cause I recently turned 30 and started feeling old IRL... :disappointed: 
  • Kitiara said:
    Kitiara is from one of my favorite book series: Dragonlance. She's my second favorite character in the book, my first being Raistlin however I didnt want to cross-play :)
    Read those so many times when I was younger, especially Chronicles and Legends.
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    </shame> I am not very creative, and it's so cute, how could it not be my favorite? ;o;

  • @Aquil That is actually my favorite Pokemon, beside Mismagius :P

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    Ognog just popped into my noggin (head). I have a theme going for my surname and ship name(s??) though. Negai is pretty close to my IRL surname, and also happens to be the Japanese word for "wish" or "desire". The Japanese also have a tradition of appending the word "Maru" (meaning "circle" or sometimes a castle's moat) to ship names, so my windcutter is the "Negai Maru". If I get a war galley it will be called "Adauchi Maru", "adauchi" being the Japanese word for "vengeance".

    I haven't written the background for Ognog yet but I envisage that he arrived by sea as a refugee orphan from a distant island where he escaped a brutal and feudalistic "shogun".

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    bashed my head against a wall repeatedly and recorded the first thing that came out of my mouth
    edit: oh god, just googled snapple and found out it's a drink I swear by all that is I didn't know
    tyvm 2 bill gates & the gamecube paint 4 my profile pic
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    The first name I picked was Ivandurak, since I like Russian Literature, and the idea of an 'evil' Ivan the Fool sounded hilarious, but people in Mhaldor called me out on the lack of originality instantly...

    So I just figured I wanted a name that sounded like the sort of thing one of those henchmen who's name you only see in the credits at the end of the movie would have. Then, I decided it would be two-syllables....

    Then I sat in front of my laptop in a library making funny faces, and occasional "MUU" BLAA" "ARR" ROOD" noises until I came up with "Multon" and realized that everyone was staring at me.

    Thus Multon was born.
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