racial traits - what does X do?

Please tell me what the following racial traits do, and whether they are at all useful:

Satyr - headstomp???
Xoran - flame
Troll - stun on blunt (the WHAT is obvious, but how useful?)
Raja - corpse eating (is this any corpse? Does it substitute for food?)
Raja - dodge chance (is it noticeable/useful?)
Siren - seduce/beguile (whut?)

Some might seem obvious, like xoran's flame, but (for example) ages ago in Aetolia it was actually useful because it could melt icewalls. Not hugely useful as it was only saving the cost of a firelash wand, but it was still better than just a flavour fire damage attack. 

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    Satyr - headstomp - flavour damage attack, @Sobriquet has used it more than once as a finisher
    Xoran - flame - can light pipes and melt firewalls, can also be used to set adventurers on fire
    Troll - stun on blunt - any blunt attack has small chance to stun. Useful for monks / DWB, not for other classes
    Raja - corpse eating - don't need to buy food, can devour a corpse instead
    Raja - dodge chance - low chance, but hey, it all adds up
    Siren - seduce/beguile - can give peace affliction to male adventurers

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  • siren - 
    seduce can give lovers affliction to all adventurers (we're all secretly bisexual?)
    beguile is a channeled beckon type move that only works on undeaf people
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