weapon and armor stats

The stats don't seem to be much different on the various weapons and armor of the same class despite the big price difference for the different named items. for instance 

a grooved suit of intimidating full plate 50915gp Cutting%   52;  Blunt%   51;  Magic%  n/a

n alabaster suit of spiked full plate   76670gp  Cutting%   51;  Blunt%   51;  Magic%  n/a

Am I missing something? Is there a better way then "weapons probe" to look at a item? Or are you just paying more to look good? which is fine.







  • KlendathuKlendathu Eye of the Storm
    Weapons and armour stats were normalised a while ago. You can pay a premium for 1 or 2 points in a given stat, otherwise it's the descriptor that's costing the most

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    There is likely a difference in descriptor's there that made one cost drastically more as Klendathu mentioned. Though sometimes there may be a slight markup if an item has ideal stats or whatever, but it should never be too drastic. There are no breakpoints in the standardized items that allow you to do things that previously were not possible in combat that I know of. The exception to stats is if something has the "training" descriptor. Then it gains a lot of to-hit and loses speed and damage. I made a script to quickly compare forged items for raw stats when viewing wares you can find here if you're on Mudlet, but it's simple enough to just buy something affordable and move on.
  • I guess that’s not to bad, I don’t have to stress about always looking for a better weapon. 
  • I think some of the expensive armor has paragon slots if I'm not mistaken
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