IRE: Origins



  • First played Achaea in 2003. I retired that char a few years back and am now trying to get back into it. Played a bit of Aardwolf, Imperian and MKO. It's great to be back though
  • Started way back in '97 or '98 with a paladin that later got wiped during a purge. My aunt was a Celani or Builder of some kind and was always playing it, when I asked her about it she just moved over and made me make my own character. I remember the tutorial had me following a paladin down into Azdun and getting murdered by a goblin, useful herbs like bloodroot costing like 150-250gp a piece and credits costed something like 2k-3kgp. There were no maps and you could literally lose lessons by not eating myrrh gum when learning if I recall...

    I didn't play the game much until maybe 2006, during some darker times in my life, where I could just escape from reality into a world I had always loved.  I had 4 characters all Logasion or higher and at least cityrank 2 in Mhaldor, Shallam and Ashtan, that I would rotate between over the years.  My bedroom wall was pretty much always plastered with hand-drawn maps, quests and character art. Like some kind of madman no doubt.

    I left again for a long time and haven't touched it in probably 5 or 6 years, but something about Achaea will never truly let me go...
  • I remember those days, @Ginarrbrik. Good times.

    I used to roleplay in yahoo chatrooms, and one day I was like, "Wouldn't it be cool if there were games that were like this, only they had like actual attacks and stuff?"

    Some friend of mine on there mentioned MUDs being a thing, and I never looked back.

    I started in 02 or 03, made a couple characters that didn't stick around for long. I remember having a Priest guild character where I actually was like, "Oh wait, I can't use Judgement on someone unless they've committed a crime!"  =)

    But then I settled on this character in 03 or 04 maybe? And, well, the rest is history.
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