Elemental Lords and their Skills



  • Lol that won’t get you shrubbed. 

  • I know it was mentioned here as a potential change, but can confirm that fire lord incandescence is actually using the fire lords health thresholds to decide whether or not it transfixes or instas. That makes it infinitely cooler and more dangerous so be careful with spicy Cheeto bois out there. 

  • KryptonKrypton shi-Khurena
    By becoming a conduet for Kkractle's power, you may surround yourself in the terrible incandescence of the Primal Fire, immediately slaying any that dare look upon your brilliance(*) providing your fires rage sufficiently(**). If your aggressor is not vulnerable enough to be slain, they will be transfixed instead. 

    * For the purposes of this, it is anyone that performs a hostile act against your person. 
    ** Below 25% of your maximum health.
    The line about "your aggressor's vulnerability" is the problem, if your aggressor's health has zero bearing on it.
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    Yeah I think the AB initially was written as your aggressors health and got partially changed. @Makarios with the conduit typo too

  • Looks like they updated the file in the past day or two but only one sentence got quick fixed, the rest of the scroll needs to be updated to better reflect. A lot of the Fire Lord help files were still outdated when people first got the class, written to reflect, what I assume is, how the skill previously interacted.

    I've had a couple typos submitted where something wasn't working as the scroll mentioned, and got a response saying woops shouldn't say that in the AB File anymore.

    Incandescence is much better like this, a fun and risky tool to pull off! 
  • We almost lost a tank last night due to it. Saw it go up, looked at my health, shrugged, died twice. GG

  • Yes, Rhianna OP.
  • Asmodron said:
    Yes, Rhianna OP.

    Penwize has cowardly forfeited the challenge to mortal combat issued by Atalkez.
  • Still wants coalesce back to outside cave...
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    I support elemental lords having a natural parry ability.

    Unless such an inferior defence is of no benefit to one such as you.

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