Is Mudpie to silly a name?

So I was asked ingame to change my name from Mudpie to something else, and was given the option Kyrran because it matched the Achaea aesthetic. 

Background: I just started playing muds 2 days ago and thought Mudpie was a great name to have.

What actually happened: A player asked, on behalf of another player, to change my name since it was silly. I asked for options and he suggested three and I chose Kyrran because it was the least silliest to me. But I made my name Kyrranmudpie since I really wanted to have mudpie.
After that another player asked me if Juliet had forced me to changed my name. I said no, and explained what happened. She told me that I could have Mudpie as a title and Kyrran as the name. She got Juliet to give me  another name change and I changed it to just Kyrran in the hopes that someday I could earn the title Mudpie.

Why I care: Turns out you have to log in with your character name. I reallllly don't want to have to type in Kyrran each time and am wondering if I should suicide (delete) my account and start over as Mudpie. Or should I suicide (delete) my account and find a suitably Achaea name (I think there is a random name generator Achaea gives you when you create a character).

Note: To delete an account permanently you use the suicide command.

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    First of all - welcome to Achaea!

    Mudpie as your official Achaean name seems a bit silly, to be entirely honest. You should use Kyrran to explore and get a basic understanding of the realms before you create your first "real" character! I think I played a few test characters for a couple RL months before creating Dairon. 

    The game also enables organizations to "title" characters. For example, you could end up being "Mudpie" Kyrran. You'll need to progress within your house/city before getting custom titles, but this is also an option. 

    I hope you enjoy the game. Don't be discouraged! 


  • @kyrra I think you are folk lore now :D
  • I think @Kyrran is a great name.
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  • Man, this thread gave me flashbacks to when @Amanda used to give me subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) digs to get a namechange.

    I think Kyrran's a pretty decent name and agree very much with Telendrieth. Hope you stick around!
  • This is a troll, right?

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    Thanks for all the feedback, I'll take Dairon's advice and play with Kyrran to get a feel for a "basic understanding of the realms" and then make an actual roleplay character. I guess mudpie is indeed to silly.
  • A few years ago there was this druid character in Lusternia who was named "Twiggle" or something like that. Everyone thought it was just some silly lolalt and dismissed the character, until he came on his first fight and basically rekt.


    My point is, you can get Mudpie as a name, and be a jolly joker fellow, but also try and be formidable in a way. It doesn't have to be combat, mind you. Maybe be super Socratic witty or somesuch. Welcome to Achaea!
  • I think we have Lobstergolem or similar lately. Oh and Grumpykitty. 

    Kyrran is a good name. Sounds like an assassin to me. 
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