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First up, I've never posted anything on a forum so I'm sorry if I stuff anything up. Secondly, I apologise in advance for any unnecessary / convoluted information (I have a tendency to ramble).

So, obviously, I'm a newbie and I'm struggling with picking and sticking with a class. I've already switched once & haven't embraced any but my feelings are still conflicted.

In terms of characters, Villoy is a siren in Hashan and that's about that (in case that influences anything). In terms of me, personally, I'm a mega newbie on this game and my inexperience & lack of knowledge makes me nervous about choosing any of them, honestly. I also don't have the money to spare for this game and can't spend extended periods of time on it, though I can come on relatively regularly for a couple of hours (so something that is manageable without needing both of these would be handy). I have a low attention span so the more engaging / interesting / room for growth & change, the better. I quite like community, but people also make me nervous so really I'm good with either. Combat is something I'm iffy on: due to my lack of experience, I'm pretty sucky with it but I'm happy to learn & die a couple (or a lot) of times while doing so.

Jester and Serpents have both caught my eye, but I'm also not sure. Again, my inexperience makes me wonder if I have the RP abilities to carry these. With Jester, I'm not 100% my wit could carry me and I'm not sure how acceptable a nervous, stage-fright Jester is haha; with Serpents, there's just something about their characterisation that makes me nervous (can't quite place it though). (On a side note, if anyone can give me anyone pointers or direct me to some good posts for RP, that'd be great!)

So I guess my question(s) is: Is the Jester or Serpent class manageable for me / based off what I've said, is one better than the other? If not, what others ones should I consider?

Once again, I apologise for the state of this question. I honestly don't know what is necessary and unnecessary information. And thank you in advance.


  • Ok, so by the sounds of it RP is the biggest factor for you, which means that, realistically, either class shouldn't matter, you can use the tools to your disposal (such as illusions) to do some fun tricks and really make a splash either as a sneaky saboteur or a colourful fool. So for that area, you are good to go on either, though I find serpent more appealing! 

    for combat, Siren is "ok" for both, but definitely not the prime choice for either. Serpent is super reliant on dexterity, while jester really wants that constitution, siren is able to get 14 on either depending on spec, which is still solid, so if you want Siren for RP you can make it work. Combat will take a lot of time to learn, but if you ask a lot of questions, read the technical help stuff and ask in city (should have a combat clan I'm sure) you'll be wading into group combat rather quickly. 1v1 and small scale will take a lot longer, but as long as you are prepared to eat dirt A LOT at first you'll be fine, it takes a lot of time fine tuning and learning, but it's definitely manageable on a short schedule.

    Financially, if you can manage just Iron elite, you'll be golden. It takes time, but each year you get 1800 credits from it, add in house and city sales, leveling up and things like the wheel promo you'll build up over time. Don't stress if people with a lot more toys moosh you at first, most people will be happy to even the playing field on smaller scale (such as duels) until you get your feet in. 

    The best advice I can give is try both without embracing, and see which one clicks better thematically and skillwise with what you have, it takes some time to get the hang of it but it is definitely the best way to figure out which one fits you better! If you have any more questions yell at me in game or message me there or the forums too, or post here and I'll try to help.
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    You can RP whatever you want as any class that isn't factional (paladin, priest, infernal, apostate, sylvan, druid, sentinel and sort of occultist. Occultist is still factional but it's a lot less restrictive).

    If you're not all that interested in combat, I'd pick based on flavor and utility, and jester/serpent have a lot of utility. Other classes with high utility are the forestal classes (but you'd have to join Eleusis), occultist (which is really good for Siren combat-wise, and is also just fine in Hashan).

    From these, the classes that need the least investment to do well in combat (should you ever be interested in combat) are probably... jester I guess. The others need some artefacts to excel but this is really only relevant if you're planning to do high level 1v1 pvp combat.
  • Having been many classes and being Jester I would think that out of the two Serpent sounds more like something you would want for the skillset. Jester is fun, versatile and never gets boring as you have endless opportunities, but it can get a bit much at times, and with Serpent you can just evade and phase away along with other neat tricks. There is a larger playerbase of serpents and very few Jesters around at the moment.
  • Highly recommend figuring out what type of character you want to be and making your choice based on that.  Making decisions for RP purposes is what this game is all about!
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  • Torinn said:
    Highly recommend figuring out what type of character you want to be and making your choice based on that.  Making decisions for RP purposes is what this game is all about!
    Or so you say.

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  • My advice is to pick a class you like mechanically. You can RP as a serious jester or a joker of a knight, no problem, but you can't RP around mechanics that you hate.
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