Lack of roleplay?

I've been playing Achaea for about two years, I think. I majorly came here for roleplay experiences, and I quickly got on board when I saw the extent of imaginative beauty in this game. I was not an avid MUD player because I got a sense of stagnation in them, but it feels far more vibrant here, and I expected similar from the playerbase, but this place seems more distant and confusing to me than what I was expecting.

I'm not complaining about the playerbase or anyone in particular by any measure; on an OOC basis, everyone I've met has been so helpful and kind that I can't really argue about that facet of the game's community. But roleplay-wise, it feels like a lot of interaction between people is just OOC with In-Character flair as per the game's rules. Maybe I'm coming from a different place because I'm more into heavy RP. I like to imagine my character's mindset and personality as something alien and strange (because he's, well, a giant talking insect), and I feel giddy just imagining what opportunities could be open to him in terms of story. But I'm forced to limit myself because I feel like if I'm too In-Character, I'll make them uncomfortable and waste their time or something to that effect. When I happen upon a group of people in my home city, I usually see them idling or talking to each other about things that go completely over my head, and it makes me anxious trying to initiate conversation. It has me feeling somewhat depressed because I feel like I'll never get to experience actual roleplay.

Am I alone feeling this way? Or is there just something about Achaea's atmosphere that I'm just not understanding?


  • Might be Cyrene. But in Targossas I've had a lot of pretty deep RP. I feel like I experience the same thing you are when I go to Cyrene.  
  • Sylphie said:
    Might be Cyrene. But in Targossas I've had a lot of pretty deep RP. I feel like I experience the same thing you are when I go to Cyrene.  
     I actually thought about joining Targossas to remedy it. Cyrene has never felt too lively for me.
  • I think Targossas is a good RP environment,  but it has a much smaller population than Cyrene. I think it's the same with Mhaldor.
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    I think any of the themed cities would be good for RP. It gives you and everyone else a base to start from.
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  • You're in  one of the laxer cities for RP is the problem, yeah. I'd say Mhaldor and Targossas have more of the deeper RP, with my bias saying Mhaldor edges out. That said, many of the orders tend to have that kind of environment, too, but orders are smaller usually.
  • Definitely check Targossas out. All your character needs to get started there is curiosity. You don't need to suddenly embrace Good in some radical paradigm shift. Plenty of people will talk you through any questions in as much depth as you like, and despite there being an official world view a citizen is expected to adopt, you'll find there are various interpretations to be made and all kinds of characters and personalities. 

    Ironically, I'm literally overwhelmed with how much RP there is in Targ and how deep it is. I have a functional disability which makes it difficult to process information on the fly and be able to communicate spontaneously with any depth. The RP is a delcious flavour with plenty of rituals and gatherings and an inclusive atmosphere that lets different characters, including newcomers, express their individual personalities, and get involved but it's a bit much for me.
  • When I began playing, it wasn't long before I started making alts. Oops, I didn't ace that test? Make an alt! Oops, I didn't do that as best I thought (from my history as a player of only singleplayer games) that I should have? Time to make an alt!

    If I could go back in time and send that version of me a message, it's that I already knew what I should have done - not made alts!

    Seventh grade is an awkward year. My sister was so traumatised by hers that she homeschooled her only son (my only nephew) when it was his turn.

    Mine sucked. But.

    Mom never had money for things like yearbooks. So I wouldn't have one. Unfazed, I snagged a children's book about the many breeds of cats (with pictures!) that was about the same size and shape from our bookshelf, and took it to school, treating it approximately as I saw other students treating their yearbooks.


    I didn't only go to people who'd been nice to me for them to sign it. I asked everyone! I actually walked right up to the person who'd clearly liked me least, and asked her to write something rude in it. Because... a yearbook is for memories, right? Shouldn't we remember things warts-and-all? And, shouldn't we (try to) play our characters warts-and-all?

    My 'cats' yearbook is the best yearbook ever. It's the only one that tells a story that wasn't originally in it despite that it was never a 'blank' book. And some random classmates' having gone through and put heart-shaped marks around the cutest cats, enhanced it.

    I can't go back in time and do it another way. The way I did, annoyed people because I can't multiplay for crap; it's SO obvious when it's me! This is not a thing I seek to change.

    If this message benefits anyone, yay! If not... at least I hope it was an entertaining read.

    tl;dr: control alts: delete. (Yeah, I said that one before.)
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  • @Tyrmalon I enjoyed pretending I couldn't understand you.  Harder to do than you might think haha.  Hopefully you're having fun!
    Deucalion says, "Torinn is quite nice."
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    I can't speak for Mhaldor or Targ as I've never played as one (though my few interactions with them have been fun) but there are some folks in Ashtan that like roleplay as well. I myself came from another MUD that was RP only and while problems have slowed down the amount of time I spend present lately I still absolutely love roleplaying and getting into character. I've made some of the observations you have; about a lot of folks being pretty laid back about how in-character they tend to be. I find that changing your own tempo helps with engaging them, and bringing out your own RP flavor can help break them out of their shell and get them to try to be more in character. 

  • KriemhildeKriemhilde California, US
    Mixing RP with pvp is pretty great too. 
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    A lot of RP is what you make it. Hang out with the Virtuosi, have someone tell you about their favorite sculpture or piece they have made, join one of their poetry creation games. Speak to some of the people that follow different Divine, have them tell their stories (there are a lot of really cool ones!), go on an exploration adventure, or watch two knights duel to the death as part of an old Runewarden ritual. 

    Honestly if I find myself bored or not finding engaging role play, it is usually because I am being lazy (totally guilty of this), you will at times have to go out on your own to find this and there are a lot of Cyrenians guilty of just standing around forever. But as an example, I went to Mhaldor last night to listen to @Vika talk about her history using different items to represent different stories. It's out there, you just have to look.

    Edit: Shout out to @Aeryllin, @Voc, @Eril, @Roselie, @Shirszae, @Ayani, @Laedha
    @Mazel, @Melodie, @Zerda, and a bunch of others for providing some really enjoyable RP, it has been the highlight of my time in Achaea.
  • Yeah I echo @Salisa.  For instance, Lord Deucalion has tons of history and stories surrounding multi-planar travel.  Surprising, eh?
    Deucalion says, "Torinn is quite nice."
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    I've had great success with roleplay in Ashtan and within Aegis' Order. The histories and interactions have been wonderful - I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I've been playing Tru. She still feels brand new and exciting in so many ways!

    RP is definitely something you need to actively engage in yourself and look for others who wish to do so as well.

    My best advice is to be patient. Not everyone is "RP ON" all the time in any city that I've tried though and you can't expect them to be. There are things that need to be done to keep cities and Orders working well and those tasks take some adventurers' time and attention. 
  • It takes awhile to find the right niche wherever you are. And I think most people reserve putting forth a lot of effort into interacting with someone they're not familiar with. Especially if they're busy or don't have a lot of time to spare. 

    In a big city like Cyrene it's easy to get lost in the crowd.

    Echoing what the others said, if you're patient, willing to put yourself out there, and find a friend or a group of people interested in the same things. You'll have a decent foothold to prosper with.  :)
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