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The person who played Aurora.



  • AhmetAhmet Wherever I wanna beMember Posts: 3,370 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I'm honestly speechless. I don't even know what to say. We interacted regularly a long time ago, and while I'd never thought we were close enough to be friends, you never failed to bring a smile to my face. I wish you and your daughter all the best.
    Huh. Neat.
  • AnkhareoutefAnkhareoutef Member Posts: 347 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    You were the first Divine with which I have ever interacted, and that interaction has stayed with me to this day. (Granted, this was on another character.)

    I love you. The Light will forever guide us. <3
  • AlleneAllene Member Posts: 15
    You and I spoke only once that was memorable, in which there was 'smack' about Melodie! Good times. I have also been 'dying of cancer' once. It's enlightening. You learn very quickly who and what are important. I didn't want pity or sympathy either. I totally get it. May you have the best end of life ever, if that is your fate! Know that the love and care you gave will live on, as will your memory. Live and love as hard as you can handle. You have made more than one world more awesome! <3
  • SienaSiena Member Posts: 202 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    edited August 2017
    Japanese speak English funny

    Human Tetris Game show Japan

    Silent Library Gameshow, do not make noise while you are punished! 

    I also have some funny memories at anime conventions if that is your thing...like from voice actors and cosplayers. 


  • DraqoomDraqoom CyreneMember Posts: 480 ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    edited August 2017
    My time in Achaea was most enjoyable with you and interacting with you.

    Now I am just a drunk.

    I'd give you some super amazing rumours and stuff to chow down on some popcorn and whatnot but I mean, I'm lazy and see above :)

    Edit: Oh, and I love you

  • ReysonReyson Member Posts: 551 ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    Okay. No one's dared to say it yet, so I will.

    Goddamnit, Kard!

    (I kid. Kard's good people)

    I wish I had something better to say. I love you :(
  • TahquilTahquil Member Posts: 4,374 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    You know, I'm sure I don't need all these bones I have. Would 100% donate a little finger or cuts from bones for some sort of medicine magic to grow new healthy ones.
  • CaelanCaelan Member Posts: 1,953 @ - Epic Achaean
    I will troll my logs and probably have old AIM logs for ya.  :-)

  • SkyeSkye The Duchess BellatereMember, Seafaring Liason Posts: 3,054 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    Someone asked, I was kinda fishing for ideas.

  • SkyeSkye The Duchess BellatereMember, Seafaring Liason Posts: 3,054 @@ - Legendary Achaean

    I heard she liked cake. Especially those amazing god-approved products from your local Targbucks (buy today!)

  • TelinusTelinus Member Posts: 271 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    Pink matching sweaters and hats for the 3 boys. Should hopefully remember what I'm talking about.

    Amazing person to interact with and play with, one of a kind, and always made it fun and exciting.
  • JeramiJerami Member Posts: 3
    Here's something that you might like.

    It's my stuffed animal collection.  See, this is what I have after only getting a couple of more after I got rid of over half of the ones that I had... Yeah, some of us have major addictions.

    I'd add in my rubber duckies, but the problem with having cats is... well, you get the idea.  They know that they own everything, even humans.
           __/   -*-
         ,d08b.  '|`
         `9MMP'     Here, have a bomb.

  • MagentaMagenta EuropeMember Posts: 160 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    You know, @Aurora - I do not know you as well as some people here do. I may not have shared the past experiences with them, but I do share some past experiences with you personally, and I know that the people who have interacted with you have done so with a loving thought. You're a loving person, and you are not just loving, but also loved. People love you because you are who you are. You've always been a caring and loving person. Please know that people love you. You've done a great deal for many people. You've moved people, you've made a difference. We'll always carry your torch, Lindsey.
  • CaelanCaelan Member Posts: 1,953 @ - Epic Achaean
    Sobriquet said:
    I've only met 3 people from Achaea in the flesh and Lyndsey is one of those people, in turn I also met Aimee on a number of occasions. I always remember meeting up in the Fish and Chip shop she worked in at the time, so here, have a comedy Chippy name :)

  • BronkusBronkus Member Posts: 1
    Greeting! This be Bronkus. Although Bronkus never meet Aurora, Bronkus notice she sometime appreciate good pun. So! As many know, Bronkus all about the bad jokes.

    Why it bad form hunt baby deer in Targossas?

    Because, everyone know they not approve of that light harted stuff...

    As for stories of divine, I would have to delve into older characters. Beniah's mom became a divine long ago, although I have no clue which one. ShanShan was the best. The funny story though actually involved Beniah's fiance, known as the cookie queen. She used a shouting horn to cry out her claim of royal cookie sovereignty, and shortly after a giant cookie descended into either Eleusis or Shallam I forget. Several novices ate some cookie and quickly died of poison... She felt so guilty.
  • DetheaDethea Member Posts: 115 ✭✭✭ - Distinguished
    It's been years and years but I miss hanging out with you. You're a strong and amazing person!

    For something funny:

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