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The person who played Aurora.

SarapisSarapis Member, Administrator Posts: 3,402 Achaean staff
I come bearing very bad news unfortunately. I'm just going to repost (with her permission) what she posted, as word is going to get around quickly anyway:

Disclaimer: Do not dare feel sorry or sad, that is not the purpose of this little tale. It's more that I would rather friends hear this from me than some random chat and then feel upset I hadn't told them.

A bit of background: after struggling on and off for a while with back issues, and after finally thinking it was sorted, some months ago I began to get shoulder and hip pains. As you do, you trust your healthcare system, and I went through several avenues for advice and treatment. Most gently suggested losing weight and exercising would be beneficial, copious amounts of meds switched hands etc etc and still things went from bad to worse. 2.5 weeks ago I had just received acupuncture, more advice on meds, and bought an exercise bike.

2 weeks ago yesterday I was rushed into hospital with 8 days of vomiting, the latter 2 unable to keep liquids down. Imagine my shock 8 hours later when I was informed I had lesions on my shoulder which was an indication of bone cancer, and would need admitting for more tests...

So here I am, 3 weeks on. I have primary breast cancer which has then spread into bones - both shoulders, several vertebrae and, the worst area, my right hip. The bones are being eaten away by some tiny pacman who seems to like chomping on them. I have so little bone in my right hip that I'm on permanent bed rest until they can work out what the hell they can do.

It is Not curable. 
They can treat it (at this point anyway) and hope to manage it to give me more time.
I do not know how much time I have but I plan to feel blessed for every day.
A simple X-ray could have brought this to light months ago.
Don't ever accept brush offs or be made to feel it is in your head and not really bad, from medical personnel.
Don't be as nice as I was, and accept people telling you it's ok when you know it's not.

Anyway, I'm still in hospital, I have my iPhone, pad, and a big smile. Some days are ok and some days, when my calcium levels go sky high, I am ill and don't want to talk.

I don't need sympathy. I need gossip, funny stories, grumbles, anything really apart from people wanting to feel upset at my situation. As a wise friend told me yesterday "people being upset at you are people who make it all about themselves when it should be about you." I just want smiles and laughter!

Go home tonight and hug your family. Don't hold grudges till the end of time. Tell your kids and parents you love them. Time is too short to waste being angry, and I plan on spending my time being happy.

That's all, folks.




  • KoganKogan Member Posts: 401 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    Thanks so much for having the strength to share this with all of us. I am sure I'm on board with the rest of the community when I say we're appreciative of all you did to make this a fun breathing world. I never got the chance to interact with you but I've read about those who have and I know you made a huge impact on them both here and in their daily lives. I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers. @Sarapis please keep us updated on the fund. I am definitely interested in helping how I can!
  • AralayaAralaya Member Posts: 1,224 @ - Epic Achaean
    After Aralaya got married and was having a party, @Aurora and @Deucalion gave her a favor, helped get me to 78 :D

    Tecton-Today at 6:17 PM

    teehee b.u.t.t. pirates
  • PrythePrythe Member Posts: 518 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    Wow. What everybody else is saying.

    Just wow.

    - To love another person is to see the face of G/d
    - Let me get my hat and my knife
    - It's your apple, take a bite
    - Don't dream it ... be it

  • FirefoxFirefox Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2017
    You weren't the Aurora that I harassed and gave a hard time, so I'm sorry we didn't have that fun. But you were excellent, and even in how little time I had during your reign, you made an impression. My best to you.


    And all of Aetolia passes on hugs. Scary vampire hugs are what we have, but we give them.
  • OceanaOceana North SeaMember Posts: 898 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    I think you felt bad for stealing Oceana's son Moco as he went to Targossas, and made sure there was a wonderful garden where she could visit him. Thank you for caring so much. 
  • AereidhnaAereidhna DallasMember Posts: 682 ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    I never got to know you ICly, but my heart is with you and your family.
  • JurixeJurixe Where you least expect itMember Posts: 1,741 @@ - Legendary Achaean
    Jurixe will never forgive you for stealing her Mhaldorian serpent BFFs!

    But also in other news, I just wanted to share that I used to write stories, even as a child of 4-5, and my school had them laminated. One of my stories went along these lines:

    One day I was walking on the sidewalk. Then suddenly I looked down and saw an ant. I went home and got on a plane and flew to Australia.

    I remember why I chose Australia, too - it was the only country I knew that started with A and A is for ant so of course it had to make sense like that, you know. It seemed sound to five year old me!

    Sending good (and funny) thoughts. Thank you for all you did for Achaea.
    If you like my stories, you can find them here:
    Stories by Jurixe and Stories by Jurixe 2 

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  • FrederichFrederich Member Posts: 1,243 @ - Epic Achaean
    I never really got to meet you, Rory, but I think I met you in passing once.  You inclined your head politely to me, a random Cyrenian in Targossas.

    It was awesome.

    Mean girls esque stuff aside, it's really sad to hear about this sort of shit.  I've had to deal with it before, and last you I had to just be away for awhile due to it.  I'm on a bit of a break from the game to really try and recollect myself, but that's besides the point.

    We challenged Mhaldor to war and won!  It was really well organized by Farrah and pretty much everyone in the Garden (and everyone else too!)
    I got inducted into the Caefir, and have been having a wonderful time with everyone here in Targossas and I just can't begin to fathom how Targossas would be right now without you.  You've done a wonderful job, and I can't wait to see how this all unfolds going further.

    I also met my boyfriend through Achaea, and we're still happily going on for almost a year now!  So, I hope you enjoyed hearing, at least a little bit, about what's been going on with us!
  • SolnirSolnir Member Posts: 749 ✭✭✭✭✭ - Grand Achaean
    I second the thoughts of those who never got the pleasure to really speak with you, but know that you made a positive difference in enough people's lives that .. well, here's hoping you find everything you're looking for. You're missed.
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